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The seventh stage of WorldView is World Service lessons. It is distinguished by the lack of personality focus, for everything that is done reflects the whole. People operating at this stage realize how survival and success programming has distracted them from higher concerns. This is a stage of full creative manifestation where we are no longer limited by any personal Creative Expression, instead tune in and use any of the energies based on current circumstance. One aspect revealing this stage is the unification of life, love and light energy within us so we become a focal point of distribution of energies to everyone in our lives. This can have profoundly upsetting or transformative effects depending on the consciousness of others around us. The problem is making sure the others are not “losing themselves” in the experience of being with a person with a higher WorldView.

World Service lessons focus on the direct alignment of our creative self with the contribution we were born to make. This requires concentrated “one-pointedness” and discipline to bring everything we are engaging in life into full alignment. World Service can be verified when we realize that our personal stuff is no longer as important as what the world needs. In effect, we receive a calling to serve in a way that allows us to express our highest possibility verified by our sense of flow, authentic and creative capabilities and our ability to work effortlessly with others. For some, like Mother Teresa, this driving intent can appear extremely impersonal and uncaring to others who are not aligned with that vision. She was completely connected to her soul, and did not want to compromise this higher connection for a “personal” vision. Her commitment to the vision was total and not intermediated with others on a personality level. She had released her attachment to personality. When in World Service, we are in bliss, serving our constituents, because in their reflection of this gift we see the greatness of our Self. This process of Communion with others becomes an ongoing, daily experience where we are fully committed to making our contribution. When we are in our highest contribution, others are awakened to their highest contribution. This transmission process is one of the greatest gifts of individuals in World Service.

We learn a tremendous amount about detachment, holding a connection to the Universe and seeing the perfection of what is as a way of moving forward towards what will be. Being in World Service accentuates and develops our virtues and abilities. We are connected to the Universeand are invulnerable to things that would derail others. When we are in World Service, we experience our Self, others, our personal relationship to the truth, and our group experience to the truth. This empowers us to be group leaders, motivators and spiritual catalysts. Finally, as a World Server weare so engrossed in our “mission” that we commonly have very little personal life. This only occurs if we have completed and healed personal issues.

The more we are of service to others, the more we become aligned with Universal Intent. We are automatically drawn to fulfill whatever group purpose is in front of us. Our ability to consciously sacrifice our attachments accelerates our growth process as we begin to radiate our Being in the world. By choosing to unify our personal will with Universal Will, we manifest the power to express ourselves outside of typical human expectations. The more we are able to actualize Universal Intent, the more bliss and beauty we experience as we manifest the power of creation and destruction which occurs only after we have unified our personality, so it can act as a servant to our Creative Expression. We become a world citizen and are automatically drawn to where we can contribute the most.

When we are operating at the stage of World Service we are naturally humble, compassionate, serene, and committed to waking up others around us. Our vision is about a world that works for everyone. Our focus is on the humanity in everyone, which unifies, inspires and brings out the best in others in its purity and simplicity. Our challenge is to demonstrate unity and trust in a way that supports people around us to find their own path to greater self-awareness. We are identified by our inexhaustible energy and our incredible ability to connect personally to people even when they are working on an impersonal level. Another ability we demonstrate is to connect spirit to matter so we can manifest things wherever we place our attention. As an agent of creation, not separate from universal energy or intent, our example can guide and illuminate the path. We demand that others own their own power. We represent the direction and growth of our own transformative processes, particularly revealing how we need to unify ourselves with others. Ultimately, it becomes an honor to become a World Server by dedicating ourselves to serve the highest in our Self and others.


•    Operational status:World Orientation: detachment, spirituality, teaching. Connectedness, self-esteem. Prefers self-employment to corporate life. Inner-growth oriented. Becomes sensitive to natural energies.
•    Learning method: Takes a high and noble stand that compels others to do what they can to assist and heal everyone around them. The strategy in terms of the sea is to be a whale who is invulnerable to the dangers of the sea while they sing a song about the process of increasing consciousness. It is about getting the tribe together to celebrate life. It is a demonstration of how to engage life, knowing clearly their true purpose and how to express it. Expression is no longer based on others’ being there or not being there.
•    Dimensions of experience: Five. Me, You, Us, our personal relationship to the Truth, and our experience of Group Truth. Finally fully operational on all levels—able to see the sources of problems and provide insights that can support learning to resolve issues for themselves.
•    Focus: Working together with Universal Intent.
•    Responsive characteristics: Humble; demands the highest for others and personally supports everyone’s highest expression. Keeps everything simple and focused towards goals, are usually great examples of health and well-being for others to follow.

Percent of adult population falling into World Service group: 1%.

Examples:Mother Theresa, Mother Meera, Mahatma Gandhi, Shunryu Suzuki, LobsangGyatso, TarthangTulku, PaldenGyatso, Hazrat Khan, Yogananda, Sri Krishna, Saint Francis of Assisi, Albert Schweitzer, Meher Baba, Buddha, Jesus Christ, Lao Tsu, Confucius, Zarathustra,Rabindranath Tagore, Alice Bailey, Helena Roerich, Nicholas Roerich, JanuszKorczak, Viktor TihonovichChernovolenko, Rabbi Malka Drucker, Sogyal Rinpoche, Richard Wilhelm, Niels Bohr, Ivan Efremov, Galina Ulanova, Anna Pavlova, Maya Plisetskaya,ChögyamTrungpa, Mary Daly, Mary Baker Eddy, Aimee Semple McPherson, BhaktivedantaPrabuphada, ZalmanSchachter-Shalomi, Shirdi Sai Baba, Abdul Bahá, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Gustavo Gutiérrez, Martin Luther King Jr., Oscar Romero, Dalai Lama (Tenzin Gyatso), Abraham Joshua Heschel, Vivekananda, Hans Küng, Reinhold Niebuhr, Alexander Schmemann, Joseph Soloveitchik, Thomas Berry, Martin Buber, MirceaEliade, Abraham Isaac Kook, D. T. Suzuki, Simone Weil, Dorothy Day, Catherine de Hueck Doherty, MahaGhosananda, Mawlana Muhammad Ilyas, Walter Rauschenbusch, Robert Holbrook Smith, ThichNhatHanh, BawaMuhaiyaddeen, Black Elk, Bede Griffiths, HazratInayat Khan, J. Krishnamurti, Meher Baba, SeyyedHossein Nasr, ParamahansaYogananda,AjahnChah, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Thomas Merton, PemaChödrön, RamanaMaharshi, SeungSahn, Shunryu Suzuki.

World Service countries: There are no countries operating predominantly at this level of perceptivity.

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