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Who We Serve

Alignment Technologies serves fourteen different groups. Some people find themselves in more than one category. We have organized ourselves this way so that we can provide guidance on how to navigate our websites and get the information that most interests you in the easiest possible manner. As you might realize, we are always in a state of growth and evolution. We are just completing our first two websites, and we still have seven more main websites in process. We will try to keep this section updated so that people will always have a place they can come back to, to see what might be interesting to them.

The following areas of interest are covered in this website, and will be expanded upon in our other websites.

Identifying your interests and understanding the value of the information we are providing:  

General Interest Events include all of the basic Compatibility Factors, Motives, Attractions, Relationship Skills and Common Neutral Ground classes. These are designed for introductory to advanced students. Most individuals begin becoming familiar with this work by reading the Purpose sections and the Factor items, which explain their differences from others. This is a self-paced process because while some of these factors are deceptively simple, they have profound ramifications as you consider them more closely. For example, the concept of Pacing is not that difficult, but the application of Pacing in our life can create major breakthroughs in the way we engage others. After we read the Compatibility Factors, it would be best to start on the CNG section and try some webinars from the haevents.us website. If you want additional information, you can log in and become a free member of the site in exchange for the answers to a few questions. In this way, you can get free booklets sent to you.

Finding Partners is mostly for singles trying to determine the best partner framework for them. While it does focus on romantic partnerships, it can also include business partnering as well. Most individuals begin with a Mini-Creative Assessment and then validate what we say with their own experience. This creates enough confidence to read the Enlightened Dating website, and to order some of the small Enlightened Dating class downloads where we talk about Attractions and identify why certain relationships did not work for us. Eventually, we become more involved in shifting to new ways of identifying partners, but before we do this, we may need a period of reassessing our choices. In this case, we might recommend a coaching session so that you can see clearly the patterns that have not worked for you in the past and what might work for you now.

ALE (Authentic Life Expression) courses reflect the basics about ALE as well as various introductions and advanced topics regarding the actualization of each Creative Expression. We also provide classes about various career opportunities for each Creative Expression sequence. For individuals engaging the ALE process, it is important to spend time on the Primary and Secondary Creative Expression sections on this website. Eventually, we will have a website dedicated to ALE that will have much more information about the layers and levels of it. In the meantime, tune in to classes we are offering around ALE at haevents.us.

Parenting Events focus on parenting styles and the Creative Expressions of your children. We discuss how to resolve parenting styles between parents and customize your approach based on each child’s Creative Expression. We also include Imprinting classes because this is such a vital issue where we do not want to impose our structure upon our children. One of the main things that distinguishes this site from other parenting sites, is that we cover Sentient and Bio-Electric Creative Expressions, which are the basis of our Mental Body development. When children integrate these two factors into the Mental Body expression, they develop well-balanced lives. If they do not integrate them well, then it is harder for them to be autonomous and function effectively in the world. This is currently the least developed area in our many writings and therefore, is mostly accomplished in private coaching sessions. Eventually, we will have a C7i.org website, but in the short term, look for classes that talk about creative expressions, such as Creative Uniqueness, Loving Our Creative Self, Healing Imprinting and Advanced Defensive Healing, so you can become more informed about the differences between you and your children. This is greatly facilitated by having full profiles done of your children.

Differences (Working with Creative Differences) are courses that help individuals understand differences and uncomfortable similarities with others. This usually reflects incomplete or damaged parental patterns. Initially, we recommend reading about all of the Compatibility Factors so that you can come up with your own assessment. We then recommend a Full Compatibility Assessment with a coach so you can be validated and have a greater acceptance of what works and does not work for you. What is most useful is to provide pictures to the coach of some of the people who have most challenged you. This will enable a coach to talk about how your sensitivities and/or projections are causing more turbulence than necessary in your life.

Couples Discovery is a specialized process for optimizing opportunities to improve interactions. We practice Common Neutral Ground and forgive ourselves and our partners for any past issues. We learn how to accept the differences in our partner so that we do not build resentment or contempt that would destroy the relationship over time. It is about creating a space of forgiveness so that peacefulness can re-emerge. It is primarily for those couples that still have a strong desire to make the relationship work but just do not know how. We recommend the Creative Uniqueness, Defensive Healing, and Healing Idealization as well as the partnering courses at haevents.us. Finally, when you have had some exposure to the material, it is best to schedule a Couples Discovery coaching session.

Spiritual Seekers are individuals who want to maximize their spiritual development. We provide tools and techniques to clarify and passionately affirm our authentic expression. These courses focus on improving our WorldView and developing greater actualization for who we are by neutralizing our Defenses. The biggest issue for this group is to overcome their Defensive distortions, particularly Idealization, so that they can see themselves clearly, without projections. Idealization is the source of spiritual materialism where we derive our self-importance by how ‘spiritual’ we can prove ourselves to be. This group particularly enjoys seeing how Creative Expressions become actualized in the world and how it affects world events. Usually, these individuals begin with a coaching session, which helps them to personalize and make real their development path. Eventually, this leads them to the Common Neutral Ground courses.

Team Building provides compatibility insights as well as a Common Neutral Ground frameworks for business individuals or professionals so that we can express what we need to be effective. It is about learning how to be conscious about what we need versus the needs of others so we can optimize our mutual results. The primary value is to recognize how some people would uplift a group while others could compromise it. This is why we provide the service to analyze all new hires to see if they fit the group’s perspectives or will introduce greater competition, disharmony and conflict. The information for this area will be on the creativealignment.com website. It will be the anchor website for all business related development. Initially, we will do individual Creative Assessments on people in organizations to validate the usefulness of the assessment tools. This will lead to organizational leaders to purchase assessments for teams, groups, or the entire company. Our initial focus is for smaller (5 to 35) companies and professions, such as legal, dental, veterinarians, accounting, architectural, engineering etc. We currently have tools developed but they are not yet automated, and are therefore labor intensive.

Organizations (Organizational Transformation) is for founders, executive team members, or HR individuals seeking cultural tools to establish and build more conscious organizations. We focus on team size, the way they are managed, and how the organization guides its development process. The important aspect here is how we cultivate progressive, conscious and competent managers to deal with diverse types of employees. Our objective is to provide a framework for greater purpose, vision and accountability, particularly in the hiring of new individuals so we do not lose our intention by hiring people who are not aligned with us. We have a lot of writing on this and have twenty years of experience in this work with some large organizations and many small organizations.

Teachers need to be able to recognize differences in the Communication Process, Decision Making Style, and Pacing of their students and be able to integrate these with a student’s Creative Expressions. It is also helpful if they understand Imprinting, Pretenses and Defenses. This would also assist them in working with parents and their children. The core technology they need to learn are the Compatibility Factors, which are initially covered in the Creative Uniqueness class, and then in the Inner Seeing class. There is a special Inner Seeing for teachers, particularly working with middle school children so they can learn new calibration skills. The C7i.org website will eventually have more information.

Trial Prep (Legal) Using Compatibility Factors to assess the judge and select your counsel can impact the outcome by fifty percent. We are also slowly exploring the use of the Compatibility Factors in jury selection situations. Focusing on civil litigation, we help clients select their counsel based on the judges they have been assigned and their opposing counsel. This enables us to pick individuals who will automatically irritate the opposing counsel and find favor with the judge.  It is amazing how these unconscious factors can have a profound effect on an outcome. Longer term, our intention is to create a group of lawyers who understand how to use our services in jury selection so we can truly create a jury of our peers.

Script Casting - Success in entertainment takes a consistent script congruent with the cast. Being able to identify those individuals who would be the most successful with any particular script is a key advantage. This requires individuals to take our Inner Seeing and Creative Uniqueness programs. With a limited number of potential casting options, it is even more important to understand immediately which actors would fit a particular role. Inner Seeing teaches us not only how to identify these characteristics, but the real meaning of these differences in real time situations. Whenever there is a disconnect between the character we see and the role as it is written, it minimizes the believability of the performance. It is also important for scripts to actually convey possible character attributes that could be put together rather than something that seems impossible or unlikely.

Inner Seeing – If individuals wish to become facilitators or coaches, they need to be able to recognize patterns on demand. These courses provide tools for developing a mastery of the patterns of people and what you can expect in any situation. We recommend people start out by having a coaching session and then take whatever classes are available in that semester so that they are exposed to the wider range of individual differences and similarities. We particularly want them to do Creative Uniqueness, Owning Our Experience, Defensive Healing, Healing Idealization, Common Neutral Ground and various Inner Seeing classes. This is why the program usually takes two to three years.

Studies (Academic Studies) – Over time we will be testing various practices and principles in numerous environments. We will use this category to communicate results. We will also discuss various types of creative projects and how we can organize ourselves to maximize the results in our own circumstances. We have done classes on Alice Bailey, political events such as the national presidential elections, and are now doing classes about countries and the motivating forces behind various groups. In the future, we want to be able to create grants, which would allow us to be able to study Higher Alignment principles in schools.

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