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Web and Database Team

The Web and Database Team helps to provide the content and provide a framework for building membership and participation throughout the organization. This means we have several databases that are constantly being updated and managed so that everyone gets what they want when they want it. This group is currently taking on more responsibility for the development, distribution and feedback regarding Creative Assessments. Over time, they will be integrating and expanding online coaching appointment functionality and facilitating the availability of coaches to the larger group. We are thankful to these individuals for helping us get the work out to a larger audience.

Brian Young is currently leading the Web and Database Team and is responsible for the development of the Creative Assessment tools.

Tamzin Williams is our primary computer support person and helps with web issues.

Diane Whiddon is in charge of our Facebook and social media platforms, and blog content.

Tom Faggiano is the initial developer of our Creative Assessment database and currently chose the Zoom product for the webinar program.

Rakesh Kumar Khosla is our main Drupal developer and is responsible for the structure and design of our websites.

Joanne Mann is our data modeling guru and is overseeing the integration from all the locations into a central depository.

Sanjay Dey is our content presentation expert and makes sure that all of our graphics and text come together the way they should.

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