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Validating Worldview

Survival WorldView individuals can be identified by:

a)   How they are indifferent about people. (They cannot easily see differences or distinctions in people.)
b)   How they demonstrate an inability to connect, enjoy or really be with anyone.
c)   They have a prevailing belief in superstition.
d)   They lack color sensibility or coordination.
e)   They over-identify with nature to the point where they get lost in it.
f)   Primarily unconscious and non-responsive to all but survival issues.

Whimsically referred to as minnows.

Safety & Security WorldView individuals can be identified by:

a)   An emphasis on following suggested guidelines, actions and directions in order to guarantee or generate predictable results.
b)   An aversion to new, different or unproven ways of doing things.
c)   Attempts to overprotect children and over-direct other peers for the purpose of creating a false sense of safety and security by following the rules.
d)   Following predefined roles, while encouraging others to imitate them in order to create more stability within their community.
e)   Everything is seen in terms of black or white, with no shades of gray.
f)   Become self-conscious of instincts, operate primarily out of fear.

Whimsically referred to as carp.

Outer Success WorldView individuals can be identified by:

a)   They encourage technological breakthroughs, and accept new ways of doing things that add value or save time.
b)   They are ambitious, with a desire to maximize personal benefit in all situations.
c)   Frequently seen as self-centered or egotistical due to their immediate concerns about how any change affects them.
d)   Emphasis on what they know as a way of differentiating themselves from others.
e)   They are not emotionally connected or overly committed to others except where it serves their long-term interests. They end up objectifying relationships, seeking ways to leverage them.
f)   Their sense of aloneness, isolation, and independence.
g)   Become self-conscious of emotions, and self reflective about instincts.

Whimsically referred to as sharks.

Relationship WorldView individuals can be identified by:

a)   Their desire to be with others in an emotionally connected way to create a false sense of security.
b)   Their overly dramatic flair, sense of intensity, and desire to find a way to step out of the relationship patterns that control their lives drives them to try anything.
c)   Their commitment to attempt to resolve issues even if there seems to be no answer or way out highlights their hopefulness
d)   When they are in advanced relationship levels, they not only see the patterns in their relationships, but can release themselves from repeating them.
e)   Their desire for community, connection, exploration of mutual interests and desires are all expressions of their people focus.
f)   Become self-conscious of thought processes and self reflective about emotions. Start to make conscious choices in relationships, understanding the long-term consequences.

Whimsically referred to as salmon.

Inner Success WorldView individuals can be identified by:

a) Their introspection and desire to understand what is going on around them.
b) Their abilitynot to take the comments or criticisms of others personally, reflecting that other people’s stuff may not relate to them.
c) A greater capacity for self-observation and the ability to view their lives from a distance that enables them to see re-occurring themes they are acting out.
d) Their ability to see the consequences of the choices they make and the nature of how what they put out in the world comes back multiplied.
e) Their interest in unifying their friends in all walks of life to see what happens.
f) Their desire to balance work, primary relationship, and community in their life.
g) Become self-reflective about thought processes, detach from mass consciousness, define work on their own terms.

Whimsically referred to as seals.

Personality Integration WorldView individuals can be identified by:

a)   Their sense of detachment and the clarity they use to see others around them objectively.
b)   Their ability to see a person’s greatest gifts as well as acknowledge their greatest weaknesses demonstrates their ability to embrace paradox.
c)   They have compassion for people and the ability to empathize and communicate inclusively when tragedy strikes.
d)   They speak playfully and paradoxically, typically forgiving and acknowledging the fears and judgments of society as a whole.
e)   They are able to integrate and use their inner masculine and feminine simultaneously, enabling them to be powerful creators.
f)   They learn to operate without compromise by taking principled stands despite the consequences, realizing that to pull back denies their divinity.
g)   They learn to love themselves to the point where their inner life and light shines forth revealing a startling unity of purpose and ability to attract what’s needed to make their fullest contribution.
h)   Become self-conscious about internal mythology and begin to use abstract thinking to generate new ways to create. No longer limited to pre-existing group thought patterns. Can manifest unique insights.
i)   Sees all defensive structures as a balancing act where we use paradox to transcend the pairs of opposites that keep us identified and attached to our duality.

Whimsically referred to as dolphins.

World Service WorldView individuals can be identified by:

a)   They illustrate their lack of interest in personality expressions by a lack of small talk or conformance to social expectations. Can end up seeming aloof or arrogant and unavailable to lower-level expressions. They focus on their contribution as they see it, and not as others would wish it to be.
b)   They demonstrate an ability to differentiate the problems of others from their own, which can seem indifferent to the boundary issues and personality needs of others in lower WorldViews.
c)   They honor the free will of others over their own personality interests and will not try to convince others to do something without their express invitation. They realize that inner unity is achieved only through free will.
d)   Their focus is on bringing out people’s highest creativity, which initially may not have tangible form and structure, causing distress in some people by how they shift their reality so suddenly.
e)   They become examples of how to be of the greatest service by the way they design their lives. Others are encouraged to find their own gifts and are inspired to do so.
f)   Use pre-existing agreements to invert the way others perceive issues to teach a unified way out of the pain and self generated illusions.

Whimsically referred to as whales.

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