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Universal Dominion

Universal Dominion is a state of being where we create our own Safety internally, through conscious creative Presence, allowing Mutual Respect and Autonomy to manifest. When we are operating in Universal Dominion, we are able to embrace everyone where they are and to honor their presence with us. This only can occur when we are fully present within ourselves, enabling us to recognize where others are and how to meet them there. The experience of Universal Dominion means that we create our own Safety and we operate in cooperation with the Universe as a co-creator. This means we no longer see ourselves as only a limited physical form and can appreciate the metaphysical nature of our being. We no longer are attached to any possession or outer appearance, because “things” do not provide a true sense of Safety. For unconscious people Safety is created through appearances or by their possessions. With Universal Dominion we begin to appreciate how whatever is needed is always provided and that we do not have to possess objects in order to use them as a resource. We can identify people operating in Universal Dominion by their sense of Serenity and Self Presence. In short, they are available to those around them without being judgmental of their circumstances in any way.

Everyone is now invited to trust our Creative Self more fully. Our highest feminine expression is established when we no longer compromise our needs for those of others’, or others’ needs for our needs. When we are able to see and honor the personal and the transpersonal equally, without compromising either, we have a way of connecting to what emerges from our presence and being. Our power to create space within our Self allows us to not take personally the perspective of others, particularly when they are not trying to hurt us. Owning our potential projections where fears may be manipulating our perspective support our being harmless to others. Our desire to be harmless is fulfilled when we honor their truth without negatively comparing it to ours. We need to be able to be present with the paradoxes of experience where are views are different without diminishing their or our truth. In the Common Neutral Ground we can use this process to selectively… imagine bringing together what we agree and disagree with without transferring this conflict into our own personal space. Universal Dominion is the ability to honor our truth and the truth of others in a mutual framework while simultaneously maintaining our personal autonomy. We only compromise our personal autonomy when our fear of not being heard and valued for telling our truth causes us to collapse and lie. We can lie either to our self, others or both. Lying primarily prevents us from being present with our self or others.

Since Universal Dominion is a mutual experience, it can only be manifested to the degree that we are willing to accept responsibility for ourselves and not project our issues on others. Let us endeavor to own our projections as a way to receive interesting feedback from others. While we may or may not be projecting in any situation, feedback from others allows us to be open to seeing the degree our projections cause reactions in others. This is informative because then we know how others may inadvertently be hurt. Let us be cognizant of how our perceptions are either being taken personally or discounted preemptively, minimizing Universal Dominion. Let us become more effective in inviting others to honor their own truth, so they will not need to distance our truth. When we realize that all reactions are reflections of someone not honoring their own truth and believing that others have more power in expressing themselves, then we will take the appropriate action to create a mutual space where everyone’s truth can be said and heard. We know we have reached a place of complete trust when we have eliminated the need for adoration.

In Universal Dominion we become conscious of the pain and lies that limit our ability to connect to others. To the degree we are in denial about our pain and white lies, is the degree we are not able to identify and anticipate the pain of others. When we are open, our ability to honor our deeper truths, allows us to release and heal the pain. This is why we typically imagine going through many levels of release as we are seen, heard and valued for our authentic creative nature. We call this the unpacking process. It is helpful to sincerely acknowledge how we have previously wronged others to recover our lost innocence. The result is an energetic rebirth where our Presence, Aliveness and Wisdom combine to overcome any remaining internal obstacles. We naturally seek to apologize to others for any perceived slights because we realize these types of attachments only drain us. Our energetic sensitivity is actually a major benefit in manifesting Universal Dominion because it alerts us to each individual’s relationship compromises with us, both conscious and unconscious. As we become adapt at recognizing and discussing these limitations, we discover how deep and wide we can go in every relationship to maximize our connection.

The three belief structures of Romance, Motives, and Love lose their power whenever we are present and able to operate from our creative nature. Beliefs only support and reinforce personality concerns. Beliefs are primarily used to offset Safety fears and in this way provide a form of artificial reassurance. Universal Dominion is a conscious state of being, which encourages us to release our beliefs and settle into our feminine power.  The Self Presence of Universal Dominion does not require the reassurance of belief to engage life. Only the duality of the lower nine motives require beliefs to offset our fear. We can embody our feminine power by declaring our Self as part of the Universe by acknowledging our responsibility to respond and uplift it as a natural part of our evolutionary process. Our connection to the Universe manifests as an inner Safety where we do not live in fear.

Universal Dominion is where we take our rightful place as a Co-Creator. We most often experience this expanded sense of interaction as being in a “creative flow.” In this process we learn how to dance with what is needed by the Universe’s response to us in any particular endeavor. From a personal point of view, we learn to surrender to the process and realize that our participation is required for the Universe to fully manifest its potential. This opportunity does not mean that we can assert our ideas on the Universe or make demands from it. It does mean, however, that we are able to grow in our internal knowing about how to serve the larger Universal Intent without compromising our own personal will.  Ultimately, this process teaches us our divine origin.

Most people view Universal Dominion as more passive than active because it works from the deepest core outward. They mistake concealment with passivity because they are unaware of internal movement. At the heart of Universal Dominion is the Life energy and fiery expression that is latent in each atom. The feminine consciousness, therefore, is contained behind the forms we engage in the world and it always works from the invisible to the visible. The outer form is the cover that hides these energetic shifts. The messages that we receive also typically show up as changes in outer form and structure which we must learn to interpret in ways where we shift our attention from that which is on the surface to that which resides within the core of the change. The paradox of this process is that what is changing externally may reflect previous internal changes that now are coming into focus as requests to embody new ways of being. In this way the feminine bursts into awareness without any warning.

Universal Dominion also reflects that we have let go of our attachments to others trusting us because of our external commitments and communications. We need to recognize that our strength increasingly by working with others in a state of Universal Dominion. This state is powerful because in it each individual is autonomous, Self-correcting, and Self-affirming in their own knowing. From the feminine point of view everything is in a state of becoming, but the paradox is that it is also perfect exactly the way it is. The universal feminine can only be embodied when we are no longer attached to evolution and change. The paradox is that in the context of this change (or everlasting becoming) there is a completion in which the perfection of the entire process has always been and will always be. Being is manifested in a state of becoming which is continually revealing itself in the change and regeneration around us. It is difficult to conceive and hold the ideal of the Universe because we are always in a state of evolutionary change and growth.

We manifest our feminine power most effectively by being present to the diversity of the Universe and realizing that everything is manifesting in the best way possible to fulfill its evolutionary intent. By seeing the perfection of what is, we can dance with divine intent in a way where our participation enriches it. We take a stand for our creative contribution to be incorporated in this process in whatever way is best for the process itself. Most individuals would feel more comfortable if our contribution was manifested in a way that reinforced the idea of our creation. In other words, it is easier to deal with our contribution being in a particular way when it is acknowledged and validated outwardly by the Universe. The challenge is that this may not be in accordance with what is needed in the situation. In other words, the way we contribute may not be acknowledged or validated by anyone, including our self; and yet, we need to learn to honor and accept that what we are contributing is making a difference.

To manifest Universal Dominion we need to allow change to guide and inform us, while creating the unified knowing that everything is working out just as it needs to. Learning to relax into Universal Dominion requires greater consciousness about our inner subtle motion (integrating sensations, feelings, emotions, concrete thoughts and abstract thoughts), while paradoxically appreciating the inner stillness from which the universe emanates. Paradox is the process that allows us to appreciate the feminine nature in every situation. This femininity connects everything together so that the fullness, richness and diversity of the Universe can inform us of its inherent unity. Most of our fear is a reflection that we have split off our self from seeing the unity around us. Our ability to generate our own sense of Safety is only made possible through unifying this diversity and to see its inherent usefulness in the way we have created it. The feminine power brings a greater degree of Self-acceptance of the way it is so it can manifest its expression freely.

We previously stated that many aspects of the feminine power are hidden or covered over by the outer form. When we contribute from the feminine space of Universal Dominion, we frequently have no direct experience of the impact we make. Some individuals become preoccupied with making an impact that is recognized by others. We see this particularly when people are operating in the mode of Idealized Trust. We need to accept that the contribution we make requires us to take no personal credit. It is enough to recognize that we are being supported in this process and that we do not need to assume that everything we do needs to be recognized as coming from us. Universal Dominion paradoxically reflects that everyone is part of the process of what is being manifested. From this perspective everything that shows up is a result of our contribution. Looking at things from this perspective, it is also interesting to note how much of what is not showing up reflects collectively our lack of honoring our creativity and contribution.

Universal Dominion at its core reflects the integrity of things as they are. We cannot split things into good and bad categories without violating the wholeness that reflects our current state of being. Universal Dominion is a state of being where we suspend all judgments and honor all ways of being. It requires us to honor what is, rather than fixate on what could be. We must not deny what is, because this is the beginning of all evil. We are not talking about evil from a religious point of view, but rather evil as a denial of Light, Life and Love. In effect, it is a blind spot where a potential in the Universe is not manifest because of our lack of participation or Self-connection. Feminine energy honors potential and allows us to engage the larger opportunities around us because it is naturally healing whatever denials may be arising in the situation. Operating from Universal Dominion means honoring the potential of people around us without being attached to whether they manifest that potential.

It is paradoxical that we seek to encourage the highest manifestations with others and yet we are not attached to whether they fulfill these potentials. This reflects the larger Wisdom that our beliefs about how others should respond and be are frequently distorted and inaccurate at best. In other words, we tend to believe we know who should contribute what, when in fact these are all projections that interfere with our inability to see the perfection unfolding. If we were omniscient, we would see and understand what needs to occur in the Universe for everything to be manifest. Universal Dominion is operating with faith in our possibilities without omniscience.

In Universal Dominion we see how everything is being revealed if we maintain our Presence and can be with others without judgment or fear. Judgment closes us down to seeing what really is occurring. Fear focuses us to only see particular aspects of our reality. The value of Universal Dominion is that we begin to see how things fit together and discover where to place our attention to consciously support our process of growth and development. Universal Dominion is therefore a space where our being is connected to Universal Being. By extension everything in the Universe is a part of our process. If we can experience our connection with all that exists, it is easy to radiate serenity. We become a Self-organizing, Self-referencing repository of Wisdom. In our being, we naturally affirm the Universe in a way that allows us to see its secrets and appreciate the complexity of the interactions between things. Universal Dominion reflects an ownership of all that exists

within our sphere of influence. By knowing things from the inside out, we realize our influence and our capacity to support the Universe’s evolutionary process. This arises from being able to create through intention our on safety in a world of change.  By owning a larger context, we can influence events in a much more effective manner.

Based upon the clarity of our energy and intention we become cognizant of how our energy is helping to reorganize everything around us. While every human being has the potential to do this, few of us have stepped into the possibility of operating in a manner that is consciously supportive to the general well-being of the Universe. In effect, by becoming activators of Universal Dominion, we all become divine midwives in the birth of this reality. When we appreciate that every individual is “an influencer” in the creation of their reality, it becomes clear that our experience is at least in part is based on our unique interpretation. As we embody our feminine nature, our ability to influence our world increases dramatically. We need to remember that to some degree we are always influenced by those around us. In this way, we grow into more awareness of our ability to direct aspects of our reality as part of our authentic life expression. The more experience we have with Universal Dominion, the more we learn the natural limits and opportunities afforded us as participants in universal expression. In other words, no matter how effective we become, we are not the only creator in our domain.

Universal Dominion is the divine feminine motive where we accept that we are all equal and human. Can we operate accepting the rights of others so they will accept our rights? Without this balance the power of the feminine is weak and impotent. With this balance, we are all stronger and more able to meet the larger needs. As our acceptance of the feminine reflects how well we manage the distribution of material resources, we will only be abundant and healthy when we honor the rights of every human being to make their own choice. Granting the Autonomy of others is the price for having our Autonomy honored. Universal Dominion is our stand for this way of being. Can we see how confronting our fears and letting go of any attachments to beauty, form or material possessions can actually free us? Let us embrace Universal Dominion.

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