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Unifying Attractions

We move into Creative Chemistry by making a shift in our own reality regarding Vibratory Expansion. Vibratory Expansion is about full engagement by authentically being our selves and fully manifesting our Primary Creative Expression so that others can be served by our contributions. This shift comes from being committed to resolving the lessons behind our Attractions so we can regenerate ourselves in new ways. It also means that Attractions become an area that can shape our life experience so that we understand our purpose and meaning in the universe. Vibratory Expansion shifts us from a Personality framework (where safety and security are the primary concerns) to our Creative Nature, which allows us to go beyond our personal self-interest. This is the domain of altruistic interest where we seek to make a bigger difference in the world.

Until this transition occurs we are attracted to Personality-based qualities where we can learn something profound from our partners. For example, Reliable, Personal Autonomy and Personal Intimacy are all Unifying Attractions where we believe we need a person to represent them to us because we do not necessarily represent them well internally. This is common in the Weak or unconscious Attractions areas. When we step into the world of our Creative Nature, these expressions of Attractions are more internalized so that we do not seek out external representations of them any more. Instead, we can be more transpersonal and define ourselves in terms of our natural strengths. We recognize that we have all we need within us. Vibratory Expansion helps us to see ourselves in others so we can appreciate our own path as well as the paths of others around us, no matter how difficult they may be.

Conscious vs. Unconscious Attractions illustrates the twelve attractions and how they reveal themselves as we become more conscious. Individuals start at the bottom and work their way upward either on the feminine or masculine side. Please work to memorize each attractions relationship with each other because this will help you see these lessons in your relationships to others.

Integrating All Attractions

Vibratory Expansion is the third technique that we use to unify attractions on each level of lessons. This means on the Instinctive level we unify Sexy and Smarts into Reliability. On the Intellectual level we unify Innocence and Strength into Personal Autonomy. On the Idealistic level we unify Self Acceptance and Personality Self Rejection into Personal Intimacy. On the Intuitive level we unify Aliveness and Wisdom into Awareness. Each one of these levels becomes more unified when the others are integrated. In effect, there is a synergistic potential that keeps growing when we transmute, transform, and transfigure the personality frameworks. What limits Vibratory Expansion is when we do not see these interconnections and therefore, we project our Fears and Desires on others and make it their responsibility to solve the issues.

The key to understanding and accepting Vibratory Expansion is to understand its simple effects. We can feel attracted to an individual without confusion or repulsions. Our defensive Positions do not amplify or neutralize what we want or where we are trying to go. The integration of our masculine and feminine side no longer defines us in the choice of one particular type of partner. What this means is that we have more choices and that we can deal with intractable attracting perspectives without being caught or defined by a partner. While this is the most freeing, it could also be difficult to find partners that would see through their own stuff to be able to get us. This is the downside of being as conscious as we can be about attractions. We need to learn to accept that everyone does not want to live a life fulfilled by attractions. Instead, it could seem much safer or secure to remain fixed in certain attractions and not take the opportunity to grow. As this book has explained, the more we see each attraction as a basis of learning particular lessons, the more we are freed from acting those lessons out. When we see others who have the potential to work more consciously with attractions, it might be disconcerting for us if they are unwilling to take this risk.

The more we know and accept ourselves, the more we are drawn to find others who will mirror, accept, and love us for who we are.  When we integrate our attractions, we no longer need to prove that they are valuable to our partner or that they are valuable to us and our partner needs to accept that. This means that we do not use our attractions any longer to convince a partner of the appropriateness of being together. We also do not need to create reasons based on attractions for why we are together. Otherwise, our personality defines our attractions in terms of our partners and they do the same with us. By loving our attractions, this becomes a way of creating more resonance with our friends and partners so that they can respond to us without fear or separation. In effect, our trust and experience of unity builds a co-measured commitment to love our friends, family, and partners.

We also learn to forgive ourselves for our past judgments about our selves and others. This creates a greater appreciation for who we are and opens the door to accepting and seeing others without judgments and repulsions. Some individuals claim that they really notice the difference when they do not have to be defensive or get caught up in repulsions with others. Shifting out of our personal identity framework means letting go of gender identity perceptions, defensive and co-dependent positioning, and idealization patterns where we want things to work without establishing the connection to make them work. With all these elements this is why Vibratory Expansion is the best tool to integrate all our attractions so they become a choice about what we want to engage at any particular time to complete certain lessons within us.

The attraction with the highest Vibratory Expansion quotient is Personal Intimacy. This is because it reflects both the Idealistic level with a combination of masculine and feminine attractions. It is a central place where our connection to our self hopefully mirrors individuals who show up around us. In short, it is the Golden Rule, where we seek to treat others as we would like to be treated. This unconscious attraction becomes conscious when we are able to view everything as a single experience. The last unconscious dualistic attraction is on the idealized level where our lessons are about loving our selves and not projecting on others our conflicts. In other words, these lessons become about how we are doing Personal Intimacy, both internally and externally. When we step beyond our personality into our Creative Nature, everything becomes non-dualistic. In this way, we do not look for validation that we are with a partner who needs us or who we need. Instead, being with them becomes a choice who can I best contribute to who would become a larger, synergistic expression with me?

Vibratory Expansion is the ability to see everything through a certain point of view that is inclusive. As a result, the more we move into Vibratory Expansion, the less individuated each attraction becomes because each becomes more related to each other. The alternative is to continue to use individuated personality attractions that reassure us (like any great co-dependent system would) that we are always going to need another partner to complete us. When we fully acknowledge our Creative Nature, we do not need attractions to define us because we possess the choice by the lessons we engage to attract people who are aligned to us. Otherwise, by hanging onto our personality needs, we maintain the cycle of frustrations, never being seen by our partner that frees us to be more of ourselves.

The value of this process is that we begin to see everything in terms of lessons that are immediately in front of us. We also do not get fixated on the attraction at the cost of the lesson. To some people who expect attractions to be everything, they experience this process as one with less passion or fun. It is only when we see the upside in being present to our lessons and can use the conscious attractions to fulfill our immediate possibility that the true joy of operating at this stage becomes clear. Joy is not accepted in our personality system. We also cannot have Aliveness, Wisdom, or Awareness when we are trapped in personality lessons. The goal, therefore, becomes getting through the personality lessons with potential partners so we can experience mainly Creative lessons with those around us. This shift in awareness from our personality to our Creative Nature can be the biggest gift in our lives because it frees us from Excitement, Intensity, and Anxiety. Of course, if you love drama and like to be in fights with people, and you are oblivious to the sexual possibilities with your partner, this transition is going to be more difficult.

Vibratory Expansion has its most profound expression in attracting others into our lives that are aligned and open to our creative connection. This is particularly true when we have cleared out all Attachments, Repulsions, Positions, and Projections about our attractions so we are actually available to others. What we are asking you to commit to is being present with your attractions so they are more transparent and you can see the lessons behind them.

There are three steps. Cellular Affinity is an alignment that comes from mutual Intent. Vibratory Response occurs out of a sense of unified opportunities that we could anchor as Content. Vibratory Expansion is the combination of these two, which empowers us to define ourselves in a positive, creative manner. What we need to examine is who are we without our Imprinting, Pretenses, Defenses, and Objectification, Subjectification, and Idealization patterns. The first three issues in the preceding sentence are how we inappropriately took on the patterns of others and denied our selves. The last three are distortions that cause us to misperceive our reality and therefore, fall in suboptimal patterns with each other. Vibratory Expansion is actually about honoring the flow of our creative energy to be as it is without any denial or distortion. Let us recognize that this whole process of learning about attractions has its value in understanding what it means to us in relationship. As long as we are fixated on the attractions themselves, we cannot see what is really going on in the relationship. Instead, all we see is our needs and desires. As we mature, it becomes clearer to us that we do not need the attractions to guide us and that, in effect, the attractions are training wheels for being in enlightened relationships. Let us not be concerned how long this transformation to go beyond our attractions takes. Let us see that everything can work out in a Creative flow that supports us.

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