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The Synthesist creates a sense of reflecting back the power of the family unit. We not only provide the acknowledgement for all the elements that go into the process, but are able to communicate the meaning and value of the family. In this way we always move the family one step beyond its own knowing of itself by voicing the possibility of what we are actually accomplishing. Synthesist is the position usually assumed by the seventh child. Individuals born in the Synthesist position love to find new ways to accomplish things that optimize performance. We easily put our finger on the ideas and issues that transform a system from a typical result to an exceptional result. For this reason, others admire our inventiveness and creativity.

• Intellectual Strategies— We are diverse in our intellectual approach with realists, pragmatists and idealists, leading the way for some stoic synthesists.
Emotional Strategies— We have primary goals of growth, discrimination and acceptance. We each have our own way to purge ourselves of extraneous issues which distract us from our contributions.
Action Strategies— Synthesists use power mode and perseverance mode in areas where we believe we can make a difference. When dealing with people not involved in our work, we will be found in passion, caution and reserved modes of operation.
Body Type Preferences— We prefer unique body type combinations. Therefore, we are not typically seen as handsome or beautiful, but rather strong, different and unusual—that is, someone others would look twice at.
Clues to Recognizing a Seventh-born— Synthesists are individuals who seem above everything outside the framework of operation or consideration. We believe that our best contribution is to clarify and amplify the ways people come together. We particularly are attracted to situations that honor our ability to be self-reflective. (Note: When we are unevolved, we can be out of balance, and end up demanding things of people inappropriately. When we become more evolved, we understand how to maximize the synergistic interplay between people, producing greater value than is consumed.)

Examples of Seventh-borns: Robert F. Kennedy, Benjamin Franklin, Michael Jackson, Huey Newton and Martin Sheen.

These Birth Order positions are composite survival imprints which include specific combinations of the following personality characteristics. These qualities arise and develop in coordination with environmental circumstances, family interactions and accepted learning methodologies. A positional mandate works to distinguish individuals from their other siblings. How well our siblings have actualized their own Creative Expression and have solidified and maximized the attention and backing of their parents also deeply affects younger siblings. Parental conflict with siblings due to differences in WorldView, Creative Role expression and Defensive styles turn out to be an important key.

Unpredictable factors can cause these definitions to break down. As previously stated, the secondary break down in this model is the knowledge vs. love roles for either second or third-borns. Despite these issues, many have reported that the insights offered in these models dramatically help explain their family dynamics.

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