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Level 7: Synergistic Action

World Service requires a commitment to work in Unity. Any denial of unity reduces our Passion and capacity to consciously participate in creating solutions. It is our mutual passion that encourages us to operate together in a synergistic way. The more we are committed to the same projects, principles and people, the easier it is to combine various elements in a synergistic way. Synergy is the amplification of results beyond what is expected by providing additional resources. Usually, individuals talk about synergy in terms of multiplying the effect of a particular variable with small changes in incremental capabilities. They make statements like, “We can double our output if we add two more people to the existing four we have.” The concept of World Service is about finding Transpersonal ways to contribute in order to support the evolution of the planet. While we are not always accurate about what will accomplish this, it is critical to find ways to connect with others and use our mutual insight to guide choices that would make a difference. When we step into this Level, it opens us up to optimizing the way we are generating solutions.

When we are embodied in our actions, it indicates a state of internal integrity that we can trust. Any distancing from our goal diminishes our ability to manifest it. This means we have to be at one within ourselves. Personality Integration is a way to get in touch with what we are producing within certain constraints. Determining what these constraints are tells us if we can change the dynamic to improve the process. If we are able to concentrate twenty percent of ourselves on a process in order to get a thirty percent improvement, it might be a worthwhile investment in our creative process. The more conscious we are, the more our internal constraints can be evaluated, showing us improvements that would make sense. There are also internal constraints that we may have little or no way to change. An example of this may be that we have to sleep a certain amount of hours a day to maintain our well-being. After we go beyond a certain level of reduction, we are less effective.

At Level 7, we learn how to give and receive Life energy. On Level 1 we learned to honor our life so that it could honor us. The gift of life is precious and we appreciate the development and perspective of everyone we meet. We also come to understand that everyone has his or her path and their individual degree of progress on that path. This explains the vast differences in perceptions we share. Through Life expression, many gifts are seen and experienced awakening our sense of wonder. Each of us manifests these gifts as we actualize and integrate our Creative Expressions. Mankind is now lifting itself from its self-preoccupation to seeing itself in new ways. Soon, many new talents will emerge that were never previously envisioned. This is only possible because of the foundations we are now laying. By revealing our Life, Light and Love, we become part of this creative blossoming called the Aquarian Age.

Aligned actions revitalize us and our group. Without conscious follow-through, our purpose will not become revealed, regenerated by others, or maintained as a vibrant process. One of the legacies of using our Thoughts creatively is so others can follow us more easily. What we are doing is creating new pathways that empower others to follow. In whatever field of contribution, we are the Pioneers. This means we need Resiliency, Striving, and Tenacity in our aspirations. We can use the CNG to amplify our support by sending an energetic root deep into the earth beneath us, and then connecting that root to the sky above us. Now, with our creativity aligned with Universal Intent, it is time to burn like a star. While we could radiate our fire inward or reveal it selectively to those that require it, it is best to direct it externally so that it can stimulate the perceptions of all of those around us. It is time to bring our consciousness out into the world and not hide it in a cave. For some individuals, this creates an egg-shaped ball of energy around us. Light tends to radiate from our heads and this energetic egg-shaped field. The CNG space becomes larger and we use these energies in many ways for different purposes. The full emergence of our gifts and capabilities occur. We breathe our purpose and our group is animated. Alignment is an energetic experience like pacing. We learn how to honor our drummer by reflecting on our actions and how these actions resonate with others.

While some individuals take small steps quickly, others like to take large steps slowly. This is the difference between fast-paced and slow-paced individuals, respectively. When we find our authentic rate, we naturally regenerate and recover quickly. Due to our parental Imprinting, many of us are taught to operate faster or slower in order to be more available to meet others. This leads to either frustration when we are faster, or exhaustion when we are slower. We commonly lose ourselves when operating at the rate of others because we want them to like us. For example, a boy with a fast-paced mother could grow up choosing fast-paced partners and always feeling exhausted. He would be a great example of needing to retreat into his cave or garage when things get overwhelming. He would constantly ask for more space, while energetically trying to keep up with his faster-paced wife. When we are able to let go of these Imprints, it opens the door to operating at our own speed, allowing us to stop compromising ourselves. The more proficient we become, the more we can meet others at different speeds, without compromise. Usually, this requires having boundaries around how long we engage people with bigger differences. The CNG opens up a whole new way of connecting with others without compromising ourselves. We learn how to optimize our productivity by always honoring our natural rate while translating and meeting others at their rate in the CNG. While this takes much greater awareness, it allows us to meet the needs of others without compromising our own speed. This is the law of synthesis in action.

When we deny our Unity, our lower Fears and Desires prevail, limiting our ability to integrate all our lessons into a complete solution. Through this process of recognizing lessons at each level, we realize that there is a larger purpose to the lessons. Most of the time, it has to do with our Authentic Life Expression. Sometimes, it is defined around our upbringing and overcoming the difficulties of our childhood. It can even be about the kinds of relationships we attract and how we have learned to respond to them. The most meaningful observations will be the ones that integrate different areas of our lives. This indicates that we are seeing inner connections between different parts of our lives. It also means that we are ready to take action to clarify these lessons and to use them as resources with others. This is how we become an Elder. A lot of times, we call women in this role Cultural Leaders, and men Cosmic Magnets. 

The primary tool we use to align to those around us is Pleasure. This reflects how great it feels to be connected to our Authentic Life Expression and be surrounded by people who love and support us. Aliveness is the primary word we use to describe our connection to All That Is. We feel ourselves as a vibration resonating with others who can see us. Universal Intent describes what focuses us and how we are always refining our capacity to serve in new ways. The irony is that with all this connection, we begin to take on creative projects that are about interconnecting people throughout the world. This is because we are now focused on synthesizing our contributions. We realize the mission soon becomes about how to bring people together in harmony despite the many pre-existing conflicts in the world.

Learning to share our Intent is what provides opportunities for us to be aligned with Universal Intent. While there are varying degrees of alignment, what we are talking about here is the manifestation of mutual creative power that comes from Transpersonal or Impersonal Desires. Can we operate in unity with others? Do we possess the Intent, Content, and Context necessary to embody our vision? Are we ready to make a difference with others so a community of conscious creators can manifest? Can our purpose be in alignment with others in our community?

The benefit of doing this is to create a self-generating, mutually supportive group of conscious contributors. This will do more than inspire a few new independent members. However, the problem is that there will be a process for others coming into alignment with the core group. Their ability to operate in unity with the core group will require time and effort. Sometimes, it may be better to establish a different group so the core group can continue to focus on its line of endeavor. Then the new group can work to support the core group, and also work out its own processes and dynamics. Instead of a need for personal achievement, the key focus will be Mutual Accomplishment. This means cooperation will persevere over competition. It does not matter how good you are if you are hurting your co-members. The ultimate test will be: Can the group fulfill its purpose? This means that each additional person has to improve the net value of the entire group. We want to establish a way for a conscious community to contribute to each other. This is ultimately the purpose of a CNG.

On Level 7, comprehensive, synergistic impacts are the result of appropriately defining a problem, aligning our energies to shift the issue, and aligning the people to bring results easily into focus. For many individuals, this can be an altered state because it is the culmination of shifting our intentions to produce a result with a particular group. It is important to realize that every individual adds a quality or capability to the complete solution. Sometimes we are not aware of the upsides or downsides of a particular choice in advance. This means we have to trust our Intuition. It is our internal unity that directs the possibility in the CNG, allowing others in the group to calibrate and connect to a proposed outcome. The more each individual is fully present with the positive and negative aspects of the process, the more consciously the pieces will fit together, enabling a result. More importantly, each individual’s holistic representation of the problem and solution can help refine the larger issues when we combine our insights and observations.

Watching for unusual opportunities is what keeps us on our toes. We need to remember that there is no fixed plan. Each plan needs periodic, careful and conscious adjustment to be refined as we move forward. We need to be alert not only to new opportunities that emerge, but to problems (as they evolve) that need to be addressed. Successful organizations develop ways to manage this process without getting over-attached to the details. Some details are important and can guide our strategic choices. Others simply distract us. The real issue is how we are either expanding our connections with our constituents or distancing ourselves from the people we claim to serve. There is no synergistic action if we are distanced from our constituents! What we want to do is regenerate the organizational purpose and refine our policies so we can do the job our constituents have requested of us.

Learning that we can take action together without distractions or conflict is what indicates that we have come into a mutual development stage with someone or a group. For this to occur, we need to have a way of sharing our experience moment to moment with each other. The experience we are talking about is balancing Sensations and Feelings to create a fully embodied expression of where we are at and what we are doing. If our partner has unified their Sensations and Feelings, then they will be able to tune into this expression and read it moment to moment. To a certain degree, this eliminates much of the regular conversation that people who are not aligned talk about. Instead, they learn to flow and take action in alignment with others without needing to share their thoughts in advance. What makes this different from Level 1 is that now we possess the consciousness and Skills to accept our own Truth and read others without getting impacted by their process.

The Challenges of Incorporating New Individuals into Our Groups

Being able to respond is the result of Creative Alignment, both in us and with others. Every time we integrate a person into our group, it increases our response potential. It is also a burden until that person can synchronize themselves with the group. As our network grows in response to solutions we invoke, our capacity to be an example of what is possible encourages others to question their assumptions about human development. We discover that enlightenment is a process of empowering and manifesting these potentials. In addition to these general skills, even more amazing creative gifts will emerge from the integration of our Mental Body, Secondary and Primary Creative Expressions.

Implementation Alignment is about recognizing which people are best for what job. As every vision requires a large number of participants, this process can be daunting. We suggest using the Primary and Secondary Creative Expressions, along with Pacing, Communication Process and Decision-Making Approach as the main elements for determining who would be best at something, but also using it to smooth interactions between contributors. If a contributor or group is not as conscious, it is important to use WorldView and Defense Styles as part of the selection process. Finally, it is everyone’s response to the vision and their ability to hold this vision in a unified manner that determines if someone or a group gets included in the process. The more the implementation is consciously engaged, looking at Intent, Content and Context, the more powerful its manifestation will be.

Level 7 is where we bring together our Intent for the purpose of interacting with Universal Intent. At this level of embodiment, we feel we are in alignment with the Universe. Every action can be experienced either as pushing or resisting Creative Flow. This gives us immediate feedback about what is in alignment with the Universe versus what is too quick or too soon. We learn to live in harmony with our surroundings by being conscious of all the competing opportunities for creative expression. It becomes more about choosing the things we are best prepared to contribute, rather than trying to learn how to contribute. Individuals operating at this Level transmit fully energetic experiences to others using the CNG. These experiences can be expressions of Intent, Content or Context, and each person will have their own mixture of the three. Of course, their ability to be present to this could possibility limit how fully they can receive it. The denial of our Life, Light and Love energies becomes an obstacle to responding to these possibilities.

Creative Beings are great at manifesting. In today’s world of instant results it means we need to be integrated in a network and able to respond on demand.  This takes greater planning, insight and the ability to re-purpose resources on the fly. We need to step out of an explanation of the process to ‘be’ the process. We need to prepare people to know what is available and offer them a way to request support with less reticence or effort. Most important, when requested to act, we want to be able to deliver whenever and wherever our friends, partners and clients desire. Any interactions need to be simple, clear and spacious. On the other hand, the ability of others to show up is often the determinant of whether or not we can count on someone.

We are searching for are partners who have the consciousness to respond to us.  We often find that it is difficult to meet conscious partners, especially the more conscious we are. We finally realize that it is really a matter of capacity.  The more that individuals can act with full Intent, possess a deeper understanding of the Content of whatever is being discussed, and have an expanded Context, the more enjoyable and uplifting the conversation (and interaction) will be. It is best to have individuals who are present to all the Modalities and can express themselves on each level. This level of integration means they will work to resolve an issue rather than letting it build up due to ignoring a problem.

Synthesis is the theme of Level 7. Knowing that our experience is greatly enhanced by having others around empowers Passion and perspectives allowing us to relax. The CNG is now fully operational and it becomes a major resource in connecting with Universal Life, Light and Love expressions. We can confidently respond to any situation that the Universe brings to us. In particular, we now know how to focus on our Self so our interpretation of events will naturally override any distortions, panic or fears that others bring to us. We learn how to minimize crisis because we are capable of responding in a way that give us freedom and choice. We can also see the difference in how others deal with their experiences. By not identifying with our Personality Fears and Desires we have many avenues for finding the best way to express ourselves that do not over stimulate or contribute to the confusion of others. Sometimes our innate calmness and peaceful equanimity can bring people out of their own turbulence. While others may lose their perspectives, we can see beyond reactions and distortions to understand what is going on without taking on the misperceptions of others. This allows us, in a clear voice, to still the waters or guide others to see a larger Truth. Other times, there will be no one there to listen. The benefit is that one more person will bring greater consciousness and therefore a stabilizing quality to the planet if they choose to make this contribution. This, in itself, is enough. Let us go forth and bring the full experience of our Authentic Life Expression to others. They may not know it, but they have been waiting for this for a long time.

A CNG with great Pregnant Duration allows solutions to emerge that are surprisingly productive at any time. Things can come together because there is a general alignment and a Transpersonal Desire for the solution. This greatly amplifies the result. It reveals when situations have become crystallized and Inertia has set in because, in this situation, the new impulse breaks down previous barriers or shatters previous solutions to show a new path. This is the regenerative effect of higher Intent transcending the previous level of Intent. It commonly happens when a new solution breaks down and makes previous ways of doing things obsolete. These transitional structures are becoming more frequent as the Aquarian Age emerges. This reflects how we come into universal alignment when our Intent, Content and Context are aligned individually and as a group. The more we experience alignment, the more the results speak for themselves.

Effort is not important, but Striving is. Effort to prove ourselves becomes a major obstacle because we are inserting Personality elements into a Transpersonal process. Some would say that when our egos get in the way and our need for credit takes hold, we quickly lose our way and cannot be a conduit for universal will. Striving to improve the process is always welcome. The fundamental contribution of Inventors is to impose self-discipline and to motivate themselves through Striving to produce transformational change. Visionaries also have a strong connection to Striving because they feel the urgency of doing the most that can be done at any time so that they see growth in the world. Other Creative Expressions also have their version of Striving. At its core, Striving is about finding our path or destiny where our commitment to the highest can be actualized.

One of the obstacles of coming into alignment with an individual or group is the Motives from which they operate. If their Motives are self-centered or selfish, we need to be able to create a reason for them to participate. If their Motives are Idealized, we need to make sure they are truly committed and not just enamored with the idea of their success. Finally, with the Intuitive Motives of Universal Dominion, Mutual Accomplishment and Conscious Participation, we have opportunities to Co-Create solutions. Every participant needs to have at least one of these three Motives in abundance to contribute, or they will become an obstacle or distraction to the goals of the group. Universal Dominion is a spaciousness that allows resources and people to come together. Mutual Accomplishment is an ability to synchronize and order resources in a way that produces the best result. Conscious Participation is the ability to look at how to bring people together and coordinate activities so no part of the process becomes overtaxed or stressed.

Spacious Presence is the quality of creating as much room as needed to experience anything in its wholeness. Our Context expands when we choose to be present with others. Spacious Presence is where we create our own Safety, Security and sense of well-being so we honor ourselves as the master of our own Life expression. This allows us to expand in response to opportunities to be in alignment with others. Most of us do not accept or love ourselves completely, reducing our ability be present. In most situations, we feel pressured because our Context is too small or our identification with problems is too binding for us to feel comfortable. With Spacious Presence, we can breathe and experience the fullness of Life, Light and Love. We can connect to others and include their experience with our own by simply adding another layer. This allows us to experience Communion.

Communion is an experience of harmony, where we are doing the job we came here to do and are happy about it. We frequently expand this Communion space by being with those we love (transcending the Belief that others are responsible for our experience). The source of this Life, Light and Love is our connection to the Universe. It is the real indication that we are working on Level 7 of CNG embodiment. It is a way to recognize our role as a Co-Creator in what exists. It is also a way to access our own Beauty, Truth and Goodness so we can share from this place of abundance. It is the ultimate virtuous circle, where everything we share supports sharing more. An interesting aspect of Level 7 is that we seem to have everything in abundance, particularly energy, in our lives.

The best indicator that we are operating on this Level is our focus on Conscious Participation, resulting from Universal Dominion and Mutual Accomplishment. These three Motives are core to empowering right group activity. Each one has a unifying and uplifting effect because it allows us to focus our will with Universal Will to create a complete solution. Conscious Participation is a commitment to showing up and doing whatever is necessary to get the job done. Universal Dominion is the capacity to see the universe as a resource and not to let any particular Belief, structure or obstacle become a limitation in our endeavor. Mutual Accomplishment is an affirmation that we operate as a team and that we know what we each need to do to make an optimum, unified contribution to the planet.

We build focusing tools by concentrating on certain visuals that represent each Level. To neutralize Objectification, meditate on a Red Rose, reflecting the Life energy within that radiates freely into the environment. We, obviously, can bring our Life energy into view. To neutralize Subjectification, imagine focusing on the creative unification of a Blue Star. By meditating on this element, we relax into the possibility that everything we need to know is within us. To neutralize Idealization, imagine focusing on a Beating Heart In A Green Circle or Globe. This symbolically represents the vulnerability of Love and how we need to be responsible for the way we manifest it. On Level 4, we meditate on the Heart Chalice surrounded by a Psychic Shield. Here, we recognize that we are partners in Universal manifestation and that we need to act as stewards for the planet. On Level 5, the sun becomes the focus of meditation, both externally and internally within us. We greet this process as a Sunrise. On Level 6 we focus on connecting to Universal Mind by imagining being able to read from the books of the ageless teachings. It is useful to use indigo or purple books to signify the deeper mysteries. At Level 7, it is all about completion and bringing everything into being, having played our part. It is represented as a Sunset. There are three phases of development for each of the symbols. First, concentration, so we can hold the mind steady in the Light. Second, for meditation, so we can open the channels of insight. Third, for contemplation, we see how to create new possibilities with a deeper appreciation for how things naturally come together.

Up until now, we have discussed three levels of embodiment, our body, our mind, and our Creative Nature. The final unification comes with our conscious Intention to bring everything together and lay it all on the line. In the Alice Bailey work, they call this creative process ‘White Magic’. It is the capacity to receive guidance from our highest nature so we can effectively operate in a way where our personalities do not impede our contribution. When unified with the creative power of others, using a CNG, this becomes a mighty force for change. In the future, as the Aquarian age becomes real, more of us will be working in groups to both empower our growth and to bring about massive changes in the way we operate. It will not take a huge group of people to make these changes. Some say the tipping points are less than five percent of the population. This gives us hope that we can repair our planet and regenerate our communities.

Spacious Presence is the capacity to meet others without any reactions. It is an ability to respond wholly and freely to whatever is going on in the moment. The paradox is that the more open and undefined we are, the more we actually get done. This is because we can go deeper into each circumstance and recognize what the obstacles are immediately and address them. With Spacious Presence, we can sense what needs to be said versus what we think should be said. This is because we can sense the needs of others and how needs can be fulfilled by taking certain courses of action. What we are creating is how to use our body awareness to bring out the best in the situation. Like other Common Neutral Ground tools, Spacious Presence has a paradox encoded in it. At the inner core, it is a tradeoff between how much attention we use to organize and focus our Presence versus how much Spaciousness we give the larger picture. What empowers Spacious Presence is the capacity to be fully present and grounded in our physical form freeing us from the baggage of our past. This allows us to focus where we are, allowing us to go where we would like to be.

Spacious Presence is greatly propelled when we experience physical alignment with another. This means that we need to first experience alignment within our own body. Some would say they experience alignment as a relaxed warmth which spreads slowly outward from their body. While this is not the only way it is described, it does indicate a certain pathway whereby acknowledging what is going on within us enables us to create more space to notice what is going on outside of us. This can also be described as creating an energetic or morphogenic field. The more Stillness we experience in ourselves, the more profoundly we feel the vibrations of any turbulence, particularly in some individuals around us. We can observe this as a restricted or intense suppression when these individuals come closer and as an easing of tension when they leave. Other individuals have a profoundly calming effect, which increases as they get closer to us, and decreases as they move away. This is what Life Energy alignment is about. What we want is to become more sensitive to these energetic fields, so we can recognize when individuals have either a positive or negative impact on us.

In her popular TED talk, Amy Cuddy talks about the connection between our body form and the attitudes we adopt in terms of ‘Power Poses’. When we spend two minutes a day consciously engaging these physical poses, it actually improves our Life Energy circulation and we have Feeling feedback that allows us to feel more alert and responsive. For example, one of these poses is the Wonder Woman pose where our feet are grounded and apart, and our hands are on our hips with our shoulders back, this affirms our physical body and ability to assert ourselves in the world. Another one is the Runners’ Pose where our arms are extended upward like we have just triumphantly won a race, which is about acknowledging ourselves for the accomplishments we have made. The third one is the Executive Pose where our feet are up on our desk or table, and our hands are behind our head, which speaks to our ability to manifest our confidence and to be clear about our intentions. All of these can impact our Self-Esteem and Self-Respect, thereby helping us to physically embody Self-Love.

Spacious Presence facilitates Universal Intent because it helps to ground people in their embodied perspective. Ultimately, every individual is here to fulfill his or her destiny by contributing in a certain way. This process is anchored in their BodyTypes, which they learn to honor and love so they can appropriately contribute in a way that makes the greatest difference. For example, an individual with a Sporty Action and Safe and Supportive BodyType combination has a commitment to bring out the true masculine and feminine in any circumstance. Even in the shapes of our body we have encoded tools that help us to connect to the Universe so that certain energy exchanges between us can happen. While Spacious Presence is a big picture skill, it is also driven by our physical form to breathe, resonate and synchronize with the world around us. We need to affirm that our physical body needs to be connected to nature in order for us to be healthy. For example, Distant Defense style individuals tend to be found in rural settings because it is a way for them to regenerate while not having to deal with the anxiety of others. Through Universal Intent, we begin to realize we are part of a larger and complex organism. We can see how this is impacting us by the way we are currently taking care of the planet and our bodies (or not). We can do better by using Spacious Presence to affirm our connection.

By now this material is getting more familiar. We might even accept that we could develop the capacity to see Compatibility Factors, Motives, Attractions and Relationship Skills. From Level 4 on we discover that we have nothing to prove and become aware that the energies and qualities of individuals cannot be hidden. All we need to do is trust our own observation skills. What this may have taught us is that any attempt to look a particular way creates effort and minimizes our intent. Any attempt to prove our self makes the individual appear weaker and impotent. When individuals need validation or affirmation they are over identifying with the personalities of individuals around them. We can share our observations as long as our personality does not get caught up in it (Objectification, Subjectification, and Idealization). We are harmless only to the degree that our personalities do not seek to influence, manipulate or limit the free will of others. Spacious Presence is the last of three Qualities (Skillful Means and Pregnant Duration) that guarantee we are aligned within our personalities to our higher Creative Nature.

Spacious Presence is expanded when we honor differences as much as similarities. It is the process of building many hundreds of connections with others so we know what they need and the way they want to be treated. This is an energetic experience where we are able to read the energetics of others as well as ourselves. When we are in the presence of someone, we can use the CNG to explore how they are doing and what they need. When others are invited to do the same, it becomes an interesting discussion because everything becomes measured in terms of congruence. We sense how much of what is being said is actually a heart-felt Truth, or how much it relates to their need to believe in order to make things work for them. Ultimately, CNG is a Truth-detection technology where we can sense any deception or lack of clarity. The key issue is to be able to trust our partners so there are no walls between us.

Case Study #7: Creative Alignment In Groups

Katie and Tom came together to create a conscious community that could operate sustainably. Their vision is to be an example for how to build a community that works and grows together. This founders group wrote a mission statement, a code of conduct, established a remediation council and became quite aligned about what they would do and how. They realized they had to have quality members who have conflict resolution skills and the capacity to express their Creative Nature. The first challenge was to create the legal structure so they could raise the funds needed to make their vision a reality. After considerable debate, they settled on a foundation structure that enabled them to invite participation in a way that would not be distracting. Ironically, the people they initially considered enthusiastic had difficulty with not having any control. They felt that the founders group (Katie and Tom) were being too selective and focused on restricting certain types of behaviors.

A Story Teller, by the name of Mark, was interested in joining the group. Since he would make a substantial contribution, he wanted a few modifications of the group agreements. He also had several friends who wanted to be part of the group. This became the first test where the whole group tried to establish a clear purpose. Some of the individuals saw this possibility and chose to join, while others were disenchanted, creating negative gossip about the foundation. The initial founders, after making a few adjustments to the charter, included Mark in their group. The remaining problem was that several of Mark’s friends who wanted to part of the group were not invited to join. About this time, an Inventor showed up who had tremendous technical experience with sustainable building and designing independent communities. After demonstrating his skills to the founders, they asked him to join, but he became reluctant that he would not have the freedom to do what he wanted to do. This became another point of contention, as some of the founders were willing to make exceptions for his participation.

While the overall group was becoming more diverse, they found it harder to operate in a unified way. They started realizing they needed to understand more of the differences between individuals, so they began investigating the Higher Alignment process. They soon discovered that many of the differences of those in the group were based on Creative Expression qualities. The initial founders were Visionaries. They still were aligned in their vision for the community. They had difficulty bringing in Story Tellers, who seemed more casual and cavalier. Topping it all off was the Inventor, who did not want to conform to the requests of the group. The real question became, could they honor the differences and work through them or did they need to start over, looking for people they were more aligned with? They discovered that they were split on which way to go. Because they did not want to start anything until these issues were resolved, it took many months before the initial founders group of Visionaries decided to go back to their initial charter.

Using the Higher Alignment perspective, they sought out individuals with the same Primary Creative Expressions. This made it easier to attract those who wanted the initial charter to be sustained. By publishing and writing about this material online, they started attracting more individuals who could support the organization in many ways. They also found that there were many Visionaries out there with different skills. The beauty of the process was that it started moving quickly. More people opted-in to fully participating in the creative process of not only fundraising but actually finding the right property so they could start the building process. The magic was that one person led to another, who led to the next, and so on. The project went from conception to intention to planning and then construction. They also built in training programs to teach Common Neutral Ground and how to identify Creative Differences.


From this larger perspective, CNG is a unifying technology for conscious acceptance of our own destiny. It is a roadmap for healing ourselves and being the best person we can be. While we have not fully acknowledged how Motives, Attractions and Skills contribute to this process, they cannot be understated. This means that when you add Compatibility Factors, we have four perceptual frameworks that guide our development, which are then unified by a CNG. The CNG is the comprehensive framework where our lessons become our reality. On a more practical level, CNG helps us clarify and accept our Beauty, Truth and Goodness. It does this by providing a way to process Sensations, Feelings, Emotions and Thoughts so they become an integrated way of expanding our Creative Nature. This is why we have several different training programs for CNG that take advantage of these different sets of tools.

  As the diagram CNG Skills Embodiment suggests, there is a growth in consciousness as we adopt different levels of Skills. On Level 1, we create an independent personal space, which can be differentiated from others on Level 2. This leads us, at Level 3, to create a common space together and on Level 4, to re-create our experiences within it. At this point, we are operating in a Transpersonal framework by not empowering Personality reactions as the reason for connecting. Co-Embodiment (Level 5), Mutual Learning (Level 6) and Synergistic Actions (Level 7) are steps toward being able to manifest creatively with others. The more we pay attention to these practices, the more discriminating we will be in our capacity to make a difference in the world. The embodiment of these Skills is now up to us. Alignment Technologies will be assisting this process as much as possible with classes and additional writings.

This document discussed how to create and maintain conscious, co-creative relationships. It provided insights about common problems on each level and made suggestions about how to overcome these difficulties through awareness. It also demonstrated the importance of CNG and the ability of CNG to be a reflective tool for our awareness. The more we affirm CNG, the more we can accidentally create problems and still recover. In this way, the CNG is a buffer to keep us from making unexamined assumptions and projecting them on our partner. The ultimate goal of this process has been to demonstrate that we can manifest Co-Creative Partnerships if we understand and integrate the Intent, Content, and Context. While we have broken down these elements into many different aspects, it is the synthesis of this process that makes it creatively powerful.

For some individuals CNG is a mystical path. This is because the more we show up, the more we attract experiences that we need at exactly the right time and speed to optimally move us forward. These experiences point to how Attractions (both conscious and unconscious) seem to bring in exactly the right lesson at the right time. More than this, we also seem to be able to select, out of thousands of interactions, the exact person who gives us feedback as only they uniquely can. What this reflects is that all of our lessons are naturally graduated from kindergarten through college. The CNG process itself is the classroom assessment process, which determines when and where we will graduate. This is also why WorldView seems to mirror these lessons in conscious growth. The value of a CNG is that it gives us an idea of what we need to honor and how we need to honor something in ourselves and with others to move forward.

On the opposite side, CNG can also be considered a science. The more we test various practices to determine the best way to relate to others, the more effective we are. Higher Alignment not only suggests practices and perspectives that will improve relationships, but also highlights the principles that make success possible. Life, Light and Love (or the denial of same) are the key frameworks that are navigated. The Higher Alignment Tools (Compatibility Factors, Motives, Attractions, Relationship Skills and Common Neutral Ground) allow us to understand the choices before us. They provide the building blocks for creating whatever type of relationships we want. The outcomes are predictable, customizable and generative. We hope your will use the Higher Alignment Tools to make your life more fulfilling.

Similar to a physics discussion where we can view the world in terms of particles or waves, CNG is both an art and science, depending on how we approach it. Looking at it from a scientific perspective, it is a graduated consciousness-measurement process where Beauty, Truth and Goodness become embodied within us. As our experience becomes more unified and refined, we see different perspectives. This empowers us to solve problems with a greater variety of outcomes. The way we accomplish this is by making observations in different environments or choices. When we take on certain lessons, we eventually embody and transcend them, creating greater understanding of what action to take. Ongoing exploration turns this personal discovery process into a mutual discovery process. The result is the science of Right Relationships.

Congratulations for reading this document. It is a lot to take in. It reflects over thirty years of research, testing and refinement about relationship dynamics. Each aspect of this process is expanded on in many different classes that we have produced over the years. If you have not received feedback about your Compatibility Factors yet, a Creative Assessment is in order. The benefit of this feedback is that others can usually better distinguish who you are from your parents when you are new to this work. Finally, you have now realized how there are many opportunities to engage and create new and better relationships. Consider who in your life has the capacity to engage this process and share it with them. You are invited to send this document to all your friends, partners and business associates. With your support more enlightened individuals will step into the world of Right Human Relationships. Thank you for your commitment to a more creatively empowered World.

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