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Switchable Pacing (2 comfort zones with 10 point spreads)

Switchable Pacing is the most confusing for others to be around. It is a result of having 2 parents with different Pacing ranges and we had to learn to “switch” our Pacing in order to connect. We have two small windows of Pacing range, based on meeting the patterns of two different parents. For instance, if one parent operated at 65 Pacing, one of our comfort zones might be 60-70 to meet this parent. Our other parent could have been 35 Pacing, so we will have a second zone around 35-45. We will not have any capability to operate between 45 – 60. Which makes Switchable Pacing difficult is we fit everyone else into the parental Pacing pattern. When we switch, we lose connection with one person and go to another. We are limited by our two different comfort zones where we can operate. We have less connection with other Pacing zones. Anything outside of the comfort zone is the unknown. This minimizes the ability to have these people as friends.

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