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Support Team

The Support Team helps out in a million different ways, particularly around events. They prepare food, environments, and greet people when they come to an event. They are the front line of what makes Higher Alignment an effective organization. We could not do what we do without their support.

Ronda Loredo assists us in sending out Constant Contact newsletters with Sandy Jaquith. She also helps keep the offices organized and contributes to our event activities.

Audrey Gunn has supported the group with snacks, entertainment (especially her flute performances) and provides a healing force for the group.

Elizabeth Ferriera helps with party prep, food prep, greeting newcomers, and making them comfortable in the group with her warm, loving presence.

Susan Willians has been helpful in taking care of the entire group. She is a unifying force for bringing people together.

Linda Borkowski has been our key support person for meal and appetizer preparation and shows up to help at many events.

Heather Johnson helps keep our environment looking its best and helps the Facilitators to organize classroom activities and events.

Chris Abbot has been incredibly patient and supportive in making improvements in our infrastructure, putting new lights in, rewiring switches … well, what hasn’t he done? 

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