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We begin to operate in an inclusive rather than exclusive manner as we become more authentic. This allows us to integrate our Motives and Attractions and to build Common Neutral Ground skills. With CNG, we learn how to optimize our connections using Spacious Presence, Pregnant Duration and Skillful Means. With Spacious Presence, we use our feminine side to embrace our masculine so we are available to respond. With Pregnant Duration, we use the structure of our masculine side to open up our intuitive nature, enabling both to work together in producing new insights. With Skillful Means, our masculine and feminine inform each other so the most effective plans work out effortlessly. With this type of support it is easy to be in Co-Creative Partnerships.

The fundamental problem of relationships is that we do not know who we are as a Creative Being and this limits our ability to have fully functioning, conscious partnerships. This is due to our inherited gender and defensive identity structures that limit the perceptions of ourselves. When we can heal these misperceptions, our creative energy can blossom and we become more of who we truly are in relationship to others. We then attract partners who are more aligned with us. We deepen into this possibility by affirming, “I am that I am” and having new ways to focus ourselves in our contributions toward others. The upside of relationship is that being with people who are finding their truth is a great adventure and their ability to reflect what they see in us awakens us to more of who we are.

Along the way, we become more clear because we can identify our Intent, Content and Context. This allows us to consciously develop areas of growth together, rather than being at the effect of circumstances. What this takes is a commitment to growth and discovery. Instead of assuming that we just need partners to take care of us, we need to ask, “How can we best contribute?” Instead of seeing ourselves as isolated and alone, we need to see ourselves working with others and the universe to fulfill our aspirations. While this may seem like a lot to pay attention to, we can do it at whatever speed we want. Our growth process is totally managed by our capacity to engage new things and to put them into perspective so that we can choose what we want to accomplish.

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