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Sporty Action

This BodyType is identified by an aggressive, feisty, and energetic way of operating. Our contribution is our directness in cutting through superficial issues. We operate as the divine masculine by attempting to bring order to chaotic circumstances, setting up a situation where the feminine can be empowered. Our lesson is about getting into unitywith others before taking pre-emptive actions ourselves.

Physical/Psychological Characteristics — Average height, freckles, hair brown or red, swarthiness, small eyes and mouth, very active. Pioneering, decisive, forthright. Strong leaders in crisis. Defender of the underdog and weak.
Strengths/Gifts — Action and sensation, vigorous, freedom-loving, honest, organizers, highly sexed.
Weaknesses/Issues — Easy to anger, over-react, overly defensive, rude or boisterous at early soul ages. Quarrelsome.
Examples: Dennis Hopper (Sporty Action / Inner Brilliance), Geena Davis (Sporty Action / Safe & Supportive), Nick Nolte (Sporty Action / Safe & Supportive), Shirley MacLaine, Lucille Ball, Paul Newman, John Glenn,. Tom Hanks (Sporty Action / Safe & Supportive), O.J. Simpson (Sporty Action / Group Anchor), Robert Redford (Sporty Action / Quiet Authority / Speed Communicator), William Shatner (Sporty Action / Safe & Supportive / Group Anchor), Gene Hackman (Sporty Action / Quiet Authority), Jay Leno (Sporty Action / Quiet Authority) and William Hurt (Sporty Action / Quiet Authority).

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