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The natural expression of Spiritualist is one of openness, expansion and unfocused diffusive thinking. While the Spiritualist Attitude focuses us on the future, it is primarily concerned with getting in touch with what needs to occur right now. Spiritualists are imaginative, inclusive and improvisational. They operate outside of the framework of time and are spontaneous in each moment. Usually, Spiritualists are considered visionary, mercurial, sensitive and universal. Others would be best advised not to try to force them into any kind of time framework, otherwise they will lose the sale.

The Spiritualist attitude reveals an attachment to the distant future in terms of dreams and images as a way of focusing and creating a mutual future. This means that we have incredible aspirations and ideas with no timeframe for producing them. We discuss what could be, and are the most visionary of all the Attitudes. We are actually most identified with Visionaries because of our beaming and optimistic natures. “It could be” is the line we Spiritualists live for. We see all the possibilities, have a wider perspective, and are more visionary than other Attitudes. This exalted inspiration Attitude sees anything we work on through large rose-tinted glasses that reveal the big picture.

“It could be” is the belief and the prelude to statements most used by Spiritualists. This is because they see all the possibilities and have the widest perspective about the future. They are perhaps the most visionary and aesthetic, focusing on making everything beautiful, artistic, musical, and poetic. Their intellectual focus is based on visual and/or musical frameworks that are naturally abstract and yet can be present in the moment. Their mental ability is grounded in aesthetic, spontaneous, playful and imaginative realms. This allows them to be extremely flexible and responsive to different types of thinking. Their strength is free association or improvisational thought that is constantly self-refining.

They are also seen as sensitive, poetic and even decisive when it suits them. Spiritualist see life through rose-colored glasses wherein people and their way of being have the utmost importance. For this reason, harmony is the primary value of a Spiritualist to the point where anything that is in conflict is seen as incomplete and not as reliable and therefore important. A Spiritualist is able to connect people together for some larger purpose by holding and germinating some higher possibility until others with different Attitudes can grab it and make it real. They are able to focus and be swept away by all five senses – auditory, visual, gustatory, olfactory, and tactile, but they also use these senses as anchors for their higher perception of reality. They do not operate with any regular sense of timeframe, nor speak in clear ways about when things will occur. It is common for there to be some degree of dissonance about the implementation of their ideas, due to polarization between the beauty of their ideas and the constant stress and strain of not being able to easily ground them in their own personal reality.

They eventually ground this stress by finding and emphasizing the points they have in common with others. Many people consider Spiritualists to have quick, penetrating, mercurial minds. They can link many different perspectives, fusing them together in a way others can embrace. Sometimes Spiritualists may initially seem extreme, but they always have a balanced point of view about the bigger picture. As the world does not really know what to do with Spiritualists, they are typically pushed aside and kept out of the mainstream because of the different nature of their thought processes. Others see them as ambivalent and indecisive, when in fact they are usually only indecisive as to the implementation process. If they constantly feel misunderstood and denied by others, they may attack them in antagonistic, non-productive ways, which can make them seem moody. They rely on actual outer circumstances and the thoughts of others to stir them into action. Their inspiration often arises in response to unworkable situations. They are very receptive to the thoughts of others and are able to tune into different people with ease. They fear that something or someone will prevent them from manifesting their dreams. Their perceptiveness springs from the belief that the use of paradox makes real connections that others do not see. In the world today, approximately only 5% of all people are Spiritualists.

Identifying: Spiritualist have beaming, soft, watery eyes. They are visionary and focus on beauty, which encourages others to engage them in harmonious and universal ways. This attitude can be most validated by the fact that they possess no set time orientation and therefore, expect everything to occur spontaneously in the moment.  They are also identified as dreamingly optimistic and naturally seem optimistic under any situation.

Primary Focus—To verify the inner truth, and challenge beliefs in favor of inner knowing.
Responsive Characteristics—Verification, expansion, perfectionism, feeling connected to higher planes, seeing greater possibilities.
Primary Fear—Something will get in the way of our ultimate goal.
Reactive Characteristics—Beliefs, taking things on faith, not grounded, investigating issues inappropriately, do not live in reality.
Percent of the population operating from this Attitude: 5%.
How to recognize a person with this attitude: Beaming, soft, watery eyes, very positive, dreamily optimistic, focusing on possibilities not commonly seen.
Examples: Lynn Andrews, Thomas Merton, Shirley MacLaine, Stevie Wonder, Jimmy Carter, Drew Barrymore, Alice Walker, Billy Graham, Meg Ryan

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