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Speedy Communicator

Our communication, speed, wit and agility identify this BodyType. Our contribution is to stimulate people to think in new ways, to engage deeper intellectual frameworks, and to support others in following their true impulses. The lesson we learn is about how to be more independent while working in group situations.

Physical/Psychological Characteristics — Bright, clean appearance, usually dark complexion, hair and eyes dark but less body hair than Safe & Supportive, classically slender and quick moving, long limbs, retains youthful appearance. Sense of humor, ability to communicate, physically perceptive.
Strengths/Gifts — Problem-solving capabilities, clever, versatile, clean, good grooming, sunny disposition, cheerful, likes entertaining.
Weaknesses/Issues — Inconsistent, nervous, impulsive, explosive in crisis, argumentative, could be hypercritical and a hypochondriac, at initial soul ages tendency to be cynical or sarcastic.
Examples: Prince (Speed Communicator / Radiant Healer), Danny DeVito (Speed Communicator / Group Anchor), Johnny Carson (Speed Communicator / Quiet Authority), Sammy Davis Jr., Ronald Reagan (Speed Communicator/Sporty Action / Quiet Authority), Spike Lee (Speed Communicator / Radiant Healer), Flip Wilson, Robin Williams (Speed Communicator / Sporty Action) both combinations, Michael J. Fox (Speed Communicator / Sporty Action / Safe & Supportive), Liza Minnelli (Speed Communicator / Safe & Supportive / Radiant Healer), Madonna (Speed Communicator / Sporty Action / Safe & Supportive), Elvis Presley (Speed Communicator / Sporty Action / Safe & Supportive) and Dustin Hoffman (Speed Communicator / Sporty Action / Inner Brilliance.)

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