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Simultaneous and Equal Communication Process

integrating thinking, feeling & acting to respond fully

Simultaneous and Equal communication process reflects a capacity to embrace our inner wholeness without the usual inner disconnectedness. Most individuals separate their sensations and feelings, which creates distortions in the way they see the world and promotes an inability to take appropriate action. This occurs because either our sensations or feelings take a predominant position and eliminates our ability to effectively integrate the opposite. Whenever we embrace one perspective, we unconsciously project the opposite (external to us) and attempt to seek out an external connection to offset our internal disconnection.

When we are simultaneous and equal in ability to act, we have no need to overdo or under-do because we have nothing to prove. We can then experience and reflect upon our actions without the distortions of self-objectification (where we make ourselves a thing or object). Being present with both our sensations and feelings neutralizes our attachment to appearances and promotes an inner sense of aliveness, which empowers us. We then can respond to both our own internal states and the actions of others without reacting in the process. This allow us to be responsive and to be able to relate our actions to our emotions and thoughts. When we are operation simultaneous and equal emotionally, it actually reflects that we are integrating our feelings and emotions in the moment. Feelings are a summary description of our sensations that reflect our “in the moment” sense of well being. Emotions are states that integrate and organize our thoughts through time.

Emotions are electromagnetic fields that empower our thoughts. Many of us discount emotions or thoughts and end up making one or the other predominate. When emotions prevail over thoughts we create security structures that assign certain emotions as good or bad. We end up trying to control our feeling to keep “bad” emotions (such as aggressive anger) at bay. Or alternatively, we deny our emotions and live in our mental perceptions that have little or no power. As a result we seek the intellectual agreement of others otherwise we cannot connect. Simultaneous and Equal process individuals embrace both sides and recognize that there are no bad experiences only ones that are not fully integrated. Emotions, therefore, reflect internal perspectives which shift and change, given our capacity to guide and direct our thinking. Usually this type of consciousness requires that we see ourselves as a thinker and can distinguish our thinking from our thoughts. The more we accept our thoughts as partial reflections of our overall truth and understand that our emotions are based on choices we make about how we interpret our experience, the more we will be able to manifest our desires, motivations and aspirations without sabotaging our own creative process.

When we can be present with both feeling and emotion (and not make one more powerful than the other) it allows us to maintain an openness and responsiveness to the universe. Otherwise, we fixate on our emotional states and end up fantasizing about elaborate sensual experiences, or our feelings predominate and we discount our capacity to invest in those experiences that we want to manifest. In either event, we are incomplete and unable to manifest our desires because we cannot be with ourselves where we are. When we are simultaneous and equal, we can experience communication processes in terms of intent, content and context all at once. This allows us to be present in every communication modality, so our conversations with others are balanced and complete in themselves. This means our capacity to communicate beyond others internal disconnectedness is greatly enhanced. While unconscious individuals may find this type of communication disconcerting, conscious individuals will find it uplifting because it invites them to be more present to the complete possibility. Stretching others involves making a connection where they are invited to step into a larger way of being, so they can absorb and recreate the energetic reality that is being communicated. This requires, of course, that we are communicating a clear intent (motivation) and established context (scope) with pre-determined content (details and structure). Individuals who communicate in this manner minimize individual distortions and can convey possibilities, which others through their lack of doing so, cannot manifest.

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