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The Seven Modes

There are seven modes: Reserved, Passion, Caution, Power, Perseverance, Aggression, and Observation. The various modes can be grouped by their one-to-one versus one-to-many application. Each mode has its opposite, for example reserve is the opposite of passion, caution is the opposite of power, perseverance is the opposite of aggression, and observation is the neutral position that relates to them all.

A secondary effect of getting caught up in mode imprinting is that it also affects how we implement our goal. Attachment to doing our mode imprinting can drive us into doing a particular goal imprint as a way of justifying what we feel compelled to do. Action repression in our Communication Process can also increase the amount of mode imprinting we do. Action repression frequently shows up not only as under-doing action but also grossly over-doing action. This primarily occurs when we feel anxious and need to distract ourselves by doing something. Becoming more conscious about how one has been imprinted to behave in certain ways, allows one to expand beyond their imprinting and do things consciously instead.

Paradoxically, imprinted Modes are pre-programmed actions that provide us a way to distance ourselves from our pain of not being appreciated. In this way we can always feel justified that we did the best we could. Modes are also conditioned patterns of success we use to overcome past adversity. Individuals usually do two or three modes naturally, but may have others that are imprinted. The various modes can be grouped by Inspiration, Action, Expression and Assimilation, and also by their one-on-one versus one-on-many application. Each mode has its opposite, for example Reserve is the opposite of Passion, Caution is the opposite of Power, Perseverance is the opposite of Aggression, and Observation is the neutral position that relates to them all.

The first two are Inspiration, the second two are Expression and the last two are Action, and Observation is on the Assimilation axis. Sometimes we will burn out on one pole and swing to the other to regenerate. It is also possible that we are imprinted by one or more of these factors in which case we don’t usually slide to the opposite, unless we are imprinted by that one as well. Most higher level WorldView people tend to use Passion, Power and Observation more consistently than the others. We must remember, however, that these are just instinctive patterns in which the more conscious we are, the more capable we are of creating what we want in each moment.

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