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See & Acknowledge Patterns

The objective of Higher Alignment is to become conscious of our Creative Patterns so we do not end up unconsciously projecting them onto others. In the Factors section of this website, we describe 15 distinct frameworks where individuals have different ways of expressing themselves. These range from types and levels of Creative Expression to the ways we defend ourselves, our WorldView and the instinctive patterns we grew up with. These can be broken down into three groups. First, there is who we are as a Creative Being. These are Primary, Secondary and Mental Body Expressions, Pacing, Communication Process, Decision-Making Style and WorldView. Clarifying and affirming our Nature helps us to see how our growth makes us a better contributor in the world.

Second, there are patterns that we have adopted due to our life circumstances. These are Imprinting, Pretenses and Defenses. Since we learned these patterns in our environments, changes in environment can change our patterns. We can even learn new patterns and not be as defensive if we can apply more of our authentic Creative Nature. Finally, there are our Instinctive Factors that are only important in our initial development process and become less important as we become more conscious about who we are as a Creative Being. These are Goals, Modes, Attitudes, Birth Order and BodyType.

Reading about these patterns is only the first level in our process of coming to understand their impact upon us. To embody these factors, we need to integrate them on Thinking, Feeling and Action levels. This means we need to interact with people who understand these factors and can give clear feedback about what we are doing and how it is working. This is why we encourage you to participate in class and/or web discussions, gatherings, Facebook groups and various parties. So many people have shared with us how a particular factor did not become clear until some process or discussion occurred. It is quite helpful when others speak out about the differences in factors so others can get it in their bodies.

We also recommend naming the patterns when we see or notice them. These could be your own names or Higher Alignment terms because when we do this, we organize our consciousness and build new connections to things so we can assimilate them more easily. Many people do not realize how much recognizing these patterns has to do with recognizing subtle energies of the various patterns. Coaches or facilitators have been trained to recognize these subtle energies and are able to hold an energetic space for you to promote greater understanding. Everyone can do this. It is just a matter of practice. Some individuals may even be able to go beyond the Higher Alignment structures to recognize additional patterns and what they mean in specialized environments. All it takes the calibration skills and the intention to do so clearly and with no attachments.

By accepting the differences of others and affirming our natural alignment, we naturally build greater Creative Flow with each other. The benefit of this is that a relationship takes much less work to sustain and maintain. Another benefit is that if we do get caught in some issue, we can easily diagnose what Compatibility Factor it relates to and why it is difficult for us. This allows us to create better ways to resolve problems and enhance the foundation we stand on. Overall, the positive emotional currency that develops can be banked against times of greater stress or external circumstances we cannot externally manage. Of course, when we are unconscious about these patterns, we have no way of moderating how and when its influence is felt. This guarantees that partners are always going to have some fear and concern that they can get into a problem too big to escape.

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