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Safe & Supportive

Our nurturing, open, passive embrace of others identifies this BodyType. Our contributions are the creation of a sense of space for all options to be considered; our commitment to speak for the divine feminine, which creates an opening for creative chaos; and our desire to accept the support and structure of the masculine. Our lesson is to hold our vision without compromising ourselves in expedient solutions. We embody the natural feminine ideal of passive loving.

Physical/Psychological Characteristics — Full-bodied, voluptuous, curvy and nurturing. Wide feet and/or hands, broad bones, hips typically wider than chest, attractive and soft. Earth mother, warm, loving, approachable, gentle and non-judgmental.
Strengths/Gifts — Attractive love and intuition, harmonious relationship skills, appreciative of beauty, sensual, motivated by pleasure, able to focus the attention of others on critical issues.
Weaknesses/Issues — Lazy, overly passive, indecisive, occasionally like to be physically dependent on others, sometimes careless or slovenly, with over emphasis on emotions. Occasionally lacking practical bent.
Examples: Elizabeth Taylor (Safe & Supportive / Sporty Action / Group Anchor), John Travolta (Safe & Supportive / Speed Communicator / Quiet Authority), Elvis Presley (Safe & Supportive / Speed Communicator), Phil Donahue (Safe & Supportive / Sporty Action), Raquel Welch (Safe & Supportive and a small amount of Sporty Action), Marilyn Monroe (Safe & Supportive and a small amount of Sporty Action), Michelle Pfeiffer (Safe & Supportive / Quiet Authority / Radiant Healer), Dolly Parton (Safe & Supportive / Speed Communicator) and Sandra Bullock (Safe & Supportive / Quiet Authority and a small amount of Group Anchor).

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