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Individuals with a Goal of Relaxation allow the world to provide for them. This does not mean that we particularly have it easy. It means we find ourselves usually at the effect of what the world provides. Most individuals with this Goal live in non-technological societies where they have to find their own food. This Goal facilitates the process of building structure in one’s life so that things work out. As individuals in this Goal have a certainty that things will work out, the universe does support them in many ways. For this reason, we do not respond to the suggestions or beliefs of others about what we should do, nor do we take on the intensity or fears of others that motivate them.

This Goal can also facilitate a direct connection with the universe. Some spiritual leaders have a Goal of Relaxation, which makes them unconcerned about material issues. In this way, people and situations arise that facilitate our development in ways that are not predictable or planned. An individual who is burned out around a Goal of Relaxation is typically lazy, noncommittal, and ignorant of the circumstances, with an inability to focus on what is in front of them. Individuals fully embodying the Relaxation Goal are clear, present, free-flowing, easygoing, and unstressed. It is clear from this description that individuals in a Goal of Relaxation are highly alert and open to seeing what happens in the moment. The challenge for individuals with a Goal of Relaxation is not to push things or attempt to make things happen because that is the mode of others around them. In other words, it is important for those in Relaxation not to try to imitate others in order to blend in.

One of the major indicators that an individual is in the Goal of Relaxation is their lack of time orientation. Individuals in Relaxation don’t calibrate to time or believe that they have to structure their day in terms of a result in time. This is why they will seemingly do activities when others believe it is inappropriate. For example, they may go fishing at night when others would go fishing during the day. Another example is that they don’t eat at pre-set times or do things in a particular sequence which others would find natural and effective. Because of this, they sometimes feel out of synch with others and which makes it difficult for others to get in synch with them. It is ironic that others tend to idealize people in a Goal of Relaxation because it is hard to imagine them letting things occur in such a haphazard way. The irony is that individuals in a Goal of Relaxation don’t particularly enjoy it because everything is so uncertain and unpredictable.

Individuals who are imprinted with a Goal of Relaxation expect the universe to provide for them and it usually does not. Individuals with an imprint of Relaxation try to relax and let things unfold because they idealize the life of the idle rich. It is ironic that individuals who are imprinted with a Goal of Relaxation can be so stressed over being directionless. It is so much work to try to live out Relaxation imprinting because our natural impulse to engage things has to be stifled and submerged in our belief that others can or will do it for us. Our expectations that our practice of doing nothing will support us causes resistance in others to supporting us. It takes so much effort to offset the boredom we feel because we still see ourselves as operating in a timeframe. An individual with a Goal of Relaxation is never bored because they don’t experience time.

When individuals are embodying the goal of relaxation as their natural expression, they experience a creative flow. Others around them experience an unpredictable sense of presence, which is engaged with others on a certain level, but is completely independent in its own direction. When we are doing relaxation imprinting, we commonly react to the assumptions of others, hate feeling made wrong for our lack of planning, feel bad about our lack of clarity or uncertainty compared to others, and attempt not to be put in a leadership role where others are counting on us. It is ironic that someone with relaxation imprinting is as difficult and stressed out as any type A personality.

Primary Contribution—Individuals with this goal are exemplars of universal support. They believe that life does not have to be intense, or difficult, but will naturally unfold as time goes by.
Responsive characteristics—Free-flowing, unstressed, easy-going.
Primary Issue—Balancing the need to maintain control with the desire to do nothing.
Reactive characteristics—Inert, lazy, uncommitted, ignorant.
Identifying Characteristics—Unconcerned about outcomes or planning to make sure something will happen. Doesn’t look like any other goal.
Percentage of population with this goal: 7%.

George Hamilton - tanned actor (Discrimination and Growth imprinting)
Refrigerator Perry - football star (Growth and Acceptance imprinting)

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