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Radiant Healer

Radiant Healers can be identified by a subtle energy, a sense of inner glow, a softness of spirit and a lack of robust energy. Our contribution is as a reflective agent that gives people feedback about their own energetic bodies. Our lesson is to focus on maintaining our stability and our own energy without letting other people throw us off balance. Radiant “inner glow” subtle energy, creativity.

Physical/Psychological Characteristics — Refined features, clear skin, slight figure, child-like, broad eyes, slender or oval face, look younger than age group. Lighthearted, elegant, dignified, fun-loving.
Strengths/Gifts — Inner light, sensitivity and understanding, innocent, creative, accepts the universal picture.
Weaknesses/Issues — Naive, intolerant, weak constitution and respiratory system, sometimes frail, indiscriminate, greedy, androgynous.
Examples: Meryl Streep (Radiant Healer/ Inner Brilliance/Safe & Supportive), Judy Garland (Radiant Healer/Safe & Supportive), Michael Jackson (Quiet Authority / Radiant Healer), David Bowie (Radiant Healer / Quiet Authority), Goldie Hawn (Radiant Healer / Safe & Supportive) and Kim Bassinger (Radiant Healer / Quiet Authority / Safe & Supportive).

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