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Quiet Authority

This BodyType is about being seen as capable, assured, and disciplined. We are typically teachers, mentors or leaders in business. Our contributions are about providing stability, reassurance and a sense of consistency in any interaction. We inspire others to take greater risks. Our lesson is to learn to operate in equality with others. We can be seen as a father figure, with a touch of conservative, inward focus or restrictive nature.

Physical/Psychological Characteristics — Long bones and large frame, tend to be tall and thin, with prominent nose and jaw. Strong reasoning capability and the facility to grasp the larger picture. Show up typically as slow-thinking and -speaking, but usually dominate our environment. Although Quiet Authority has a masculine focus, the new American cultural ideal female model is a Quiet Authority/Sporty Action combination (tall, thin, fair, strong-boned with a little martial flair and sex appeal).
Strengths/Gifts – Internal cleansing and purification by taking a stand for ideals, self-control, leadership, diplomatic, trustworthy, well balanced, tactful, secretive, good memory.
Weaknesses/Issues — Inflexibility, aloof, condescending, immutable, unforgiving, and cynical in early WorldViews.
Examples: Uncle Sam, Johnny Carson (Quiet Authority / Sporty Action / Speed Communicator), Mick Jagger (Quiet Authority / Sporty Action), Cheryl Tiegs (Quiet Authority / Sporty Action), Susan Sarandon (Quiet Authority / Sporty Action/Safe & Supportive), Jimmy Carter, Abraham Lincoln, Clint Eastwood (Quiet Authority / Sporty Action), Warren Beatty (Quiet Authority / Sporty Action / Radiant Healer), David Letterman (Quiet Authority/ Radiant Healer), George Bush (Quiet Authority / Radiant Healer), Val Kilmer (Quiet Authority / Sporty Action), Jack Lemmon (Quiet Authority / Speed Communicator), Patrick Stewart (Quiet Authority / Speed Communicator) and Leonard Nimoy (Quiet Authority / Sporty Action).

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