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Higher Alignment is a training organization started in 1989 after an independent 3 year research process on Compatibility Differences. Over the next several years, Motives, Attractions, Skills and Common Neutral Ground frameworks were used to explain the four stages of relationship development. Alignment Technologies was launched in 2002 by Larry Byram as a holding company for the various operational divisions of Higher Alignment. They include new employee selection, authentic life expression, singles and couples consulting, conscious parenting, teaching, theatrical casting, legal counsel and jury selection, and coach/facilitator training, Our creative assessments assist people in many ways.

Higher Alignment: Our Core Purpose

To experience our essential nature and nurture conscious relationships.

Our Core Values:

1)   We respond to what each moment offers, healing past patterns, and daring to be spontaneous.

2)   We use playfulness, paradox, and mutual learning to engage uncomfortable similarities and challenging differences with others.

3)   We embody love, trust, and unity to be more present with ourselves and more conscious with others.

4)   We empower ourselves through autonomy, intimacy, and co-creativity to tell our truth, to experience abundance, and unify the world.

Our Vision is:

To create a critical mass of self-aware and fully empowered individuals who make the possibility of conscious relationships apparent and available to everyone by 2020.

Co-Creative Relationships will become a practical necessity in the 21st century as mutual creativity begins to flourish. In the Age of Aquarius creative alignment will become the dominant issue in business and a precondition for choosing partners. When individuals realize the joy and feelings of trust and unity that arise with creative resonance and mutual learning, they will not be satisfied with anything less.  Conscious understanding of the many creative distinctions and how they intermix will provide the framework for assessing interactions in home, business and in the community.

The Higher Alignment process requests that we use awareness to consciously build our lives from the top down. It means we prioritize our most important aspirations and seek to bring them into proportion according to available creative energies. Our goal is to affirm and support this natural creative expression and use it to generate interest from others to participate. Higher alignment enhances creativity by identifying those individuals who align with our visions. This means we must become sensitive to our authentic creative voice and seek out others who will enlarge and enrich it.

When we love and honor ourselves the self-importance or false humility that gets in the way of including others can be put aside. We learn to move together without opposition, fixed positions or polarity to create enlightened relationships. Our creative interactions become synergistic, promoting mutual well-being and growth. The Higher Alignment process begins by connecting with and appreciating others on a soul or essence level, and finding ways to support a common neutral ground. Empowered by many new conflict resolution strategies, confidence expands as mutual understanding grows.

Depersonalizing superficial gender identity concerns and neutralizing our defenses by focusing on our natural creative expression allows us to heal parental imprinting, end the pursuit of love substitutes and leave behind the illusions of growth and fulfillment in relationships where neither are possible. Typically, bottom-up approaches use attractions to appearances and opposite qualities in partners to short circuit the Higher Alignment process by prematurely engaging in sexual activity. Sexuality, without the context of love, promotes objectification and activates fears, setting up co-dependency issues, boundary violations and the externalization of unfulfilled false needs.

All of these issues prevent us from dealing honestly with our deeper truths and from using our awareness to enhance our connections with others. When we invest in learning who we actually are, we transform our perceptions of others which permits us to break out of unsatisfying, dysfunctional personal relationship patterns. Ultimately, these issues could lead us to indefinitely postpone the most rewarding experience we can have-authentic, empowered, life expression with others that receive us as we really are.

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