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The Power Of Synergy

In Higher Alignment, we have, for the last twenty years, recognized the power of both the masculine and feminine perspectives. The differences between the two are at the heart of our growth process as human beings. When we integrate the two we are able to “Show Up”. Showing up is about energetically connecting to partners, listening to and recreating their communications with the commitment to autonomously Co-Measure and Co-Operate so true Communion occurs. Only by combining these tools can we become full creative contributors and demonstrate mastery in our relationships. By bringing masculine tools to our relationships and feminine states of being to the pursuit of our Authentic Life Expression, we become more whole and balanced. This is encouraged by the exploration of Mystery in both ourselves and in our world. It is only through the exploration of Mystery that we become masterful. Most importantly, we have integrated and embodied all the masculine and feminine qualities within us, while eliminating the precursors or placeholders of feminine and masculine behaviors, which are Defenses and Pretenses.

It is the imbalance of the masculine and feminine that produces the defensive distortions of Objectification (denying masculine and feminine simultaneously), Subjectification (denying the feminine), and Idealization (denying the masculine or feminine separately). Identification with Defenses is the core issue that keeps individuals from growing in their relationships. It also compromises our Authentic Life Expression, because our personal actualization is compromised. It compounds our communication problems, confuses our Decision Making, and leads to gross misunderstanding of who we are as Creative Beings. By recognizing the limitations of Defenses, it encourages us to explore both our masculine and feminine.

When we are able to create equality in our relationships it is because we have integrated our masculine and feminine. At this point, Common Neutral Ground becomes a critical developmental tool in our relationships. Until this time, we have not honored our Autonomy nor learned to love ourselves. When we can affirm our Creative Nature and operate with Intent, Content and Context, it is time to create this experience with others. The first step is to establish a separate relationship space so our space remains uncompromised. When we experience the Transpersonal nature of the CNG, it clues us into how we are doing in the partnership or as a team. It helps us recognize the conflicts, differences and uncomfortable similarities so they can be addressed. We can do this without taking on the reactions of our partners.

CNG skills are about developing our creative uniqueness. When we reach the fourth level, the Intuitive, our masculine and feminine are working together to create a greater wholeness. With CNG skills, we master our state of being by becoming Co-Creative Contributors in any area of endeavor. Our Co-Creative contribution or the quality of our relationships becomes a measure of our progress, rather than pursuing growth for its own sake. There are three types of growth that support our well-being: 1) Authentic Life Expression, so that we can make the kinds of contributions we came here to make, 2) Growth in Relationships so that we have partners that can fulfill our social and/or romantic aspirations, and 3) Building Community, which functions as a space to bring Constituents and family to these larger possibilities. Instead of pushing ourselves forward, it is about doing more with what we have within ourselves.

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