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Pioneering Affirmation Style

We transcend our defenses and become Pioneers when we can simultaneously embody both our masculine and feminine sides. Releasing ourselves from our defenses means we can get into a creative flow and respond to the moment in the best possible manner. In this way, we can use chaos and order, mystery and mastery, and recognize that we are both being and becoming who we are. As Pioneers, we manage our own space, time and energy with others, without taking on their projections or issues. This means we have created clear boundaries on physical, emotional, mental and intuitive levels so we know what works and does not work within us. We are extremely flexible because we know who we are from the inside out, as Creative Beings. We are no longer caught up in the games of self-image, because we do not actually care about protecting our image. Instead, we would rather live for today and do all that is necessary to express ourselves.

As Pioneers we use the skills of Playfulness, Paradox and Mutual Learning to manifest our Aliveness and connection in the moment. We do not take ourselves seriously, which enables us to be whatever is required to fulfill our intentions. Since we trust our in-the-moment experience, we operate as we are inspired, based on fully meeting the circumstances as they arise. We enjoy whatever happens in each situation, which reflects our ability to interpret our reality in ways that serve and support our development. In identifying ourselves as Pioneers, we completely accept ourselves as we are. This Self-acceptance is manifested primarily in our physical self-presence, reflecting a deep congruence in our being. We speak in an embodied way, simultaneously conveying sensations, feelings/emotions, thoughts and insights. This experience is enriching to others who can feel an energetic or spiritual transmission when they are simply being near us.

As Pioneers, we take the time to do things completely and simply. We realize that everything will unfold at its own rate. We do not get anxious or fearful about the future, and thus we do not occupy too much of our time with plans. Pioneers have a deep capacity to be with others wherever they are. Our flexibility arises because we do not see our Self as any particular quality, and therefore we can explore our truth with the truth of others in each moment. Pioneers are healthy, vibrant and perhaps even a little mischievous as we encourage others to find their own natural expression and creative flow. Some Pioneers are extremely passionate and dedicated to certain life expressions, while others are focused more on just being themselves. Whatever our expression, we attract individuals who are interested in transcending their defenses and being more present and whole within themselves.

What makes Pioneers powerful is our ability to hold our own space and identity internally while simultaneously manifesting ourselves externally. Being self-reflective and introspective allows us to manifest a sense of perspective about what is going on within us. Being of service to others by making our authentic contribution makes us effective in coordinating our activities with other people. As Pioneers we are able to develop our inner process through Meditation, Contemplation, and other Body-Mind Integration techniques. We are developing our outer manifestation skills by learning how to serve and evoke the most fulfilling possibilities for those around us. Being of Service awakens our creative energies, helping us realize our natural contributions, and supporting us in deepening our ability to contribute to others. Meditation, on the other hand, helps us to release our attachments to our behavior, our emotions, and our thoughts. It allows us to experience the reality that we are the Knower behind the experience, rather than the experience itself.

As Pioneers we develop a strong capacity to learn from our inner and outer experiences, integrating the two. This foundation allows us to transcend reactions and Defenses because we no longer have to prove anything to others. The paradox is while we own our core Creative Being, the process of life helps us experience our ongoing Becoming. We are typically unconcerned with where we are going, because we know we will get there when we arrive. This allows us to simultaneously become solid, clear, and open to change by using Chaos and Order interactively, based on what is needed in the situation to best facilitate growth. For example, we might decide to create a plan (which reflects a desire for Order), while realizing that we can take advantage of certain opportunities that come up (which reflects Chaos), without worrying about how the plan or lack thereof will affect us.

Pioneers transmute Excitement into Aliveness. As Pioneers, we seek to embody ourselves as fully creative individuals able to meet others where they are. Our curiosity and desire to understand how the world works makes us patient and guides us in aligning our interactions with others. We do not force things nor do we run away from them. We allow them to occur, recognizing that they will do so at the right pace if our personality fears and desires stay out of the way. Because we love ourselves, we can relax into our bodies, our feelings, and our thoughts without being attached to how others respond and react to them. When we recognize that others need to take responsibility for their own growth process, we are able to avoid falling into caretaking behavior.

When others approach us using intensity, we transform it into wisdom by recognizing the intent of what they’re saying and how it can contribute to our common lessons. While we have the capacity to deal with opposition, we neither encourage nor revel in it as a way to create false boundaries. Instead, we seek to bring things back to a common foundation where we can be seen in ways that honor one another. Because we are conscious in our growth process, we are able to share with our partners both our inner perspective and our outer focus, with a minimum of difficulty. When our partners are able to do the same, it creates infinitely greater possibility for alignment allowing us to trust our in the moment experience so we read the situation and see the balance between what is needed on both a masculine and a feminine level. This encourages our response to fit the circumstances so whatever we seek to accomplish can be done with greater ease.

As Pioneers, we are adventurous risk takers who want to learn as much as possible about our environment and the people in it. We do not fear making mistakes, abandonment or rejection. Rather, we use every interaction to further understand and appreciate the perfection of how things turn out. Instead of viewing a relationship breakup as a setback, we see the silver lining that is all the lessons we learned informing us in choosing a more compatible partner. As Pioneers, we have consciously learned the lessons of our past so we do not need to repeat them. What makes us so open and spontaneous is that we neither define ourselves in terms of our past nor fear re-creating it. Our natural passion, playfulness, and inspiration keeps us focused on what is working for us in our growth process. Our ability to tell our truth in harmless ways allows others to reveal themselves without fear of judgment.

As Pioneers, we own and freely express our core values. We do not need others to validate or agree with them to know who we are. We recognize that each relationship brings forth different aspects. We further recognize that we need not express all aspects of ourselves in all of our relationships. This allows us to operate in a more decentralized way. Where we meet one another then becomes the basis from which we determine how to co-create. This requires that we accept our creative nature enough to both see and honor the differences and similarities we share with each of the people in our lives. When we do this, we further reinforce our own inner knowing in a way that not only serves our partners but our own growth process as well. Others feel a sense of grace when they are around us. This is a reflection of our ability to be intimate, even in adverse situations. The most noticeable characteristics others see in us are:

  • Closeness and Availability— We respond to the needs of the situation and the lessons and awareness of the individuals while determining how best to serve the circumstances. Over time, Pioneers develop the ability to recognize our own glamour and illusions and then apply this knowledge to threading the eye of the needle when it comes to our personal romantic relationships.
  • Interdependent— We know where the appropriate boundaries are on all levels. Pioneers operate from a clear inner compass that others may not understand. We are able to balance and re-distribute energy within a group to allow it to serve its purpose. We support others in balancing their masculine and feminine by accentuating the issues and showing how they can find their own inner balance.
  • Comfortable with Differences and Similarities— Pioneers are at ease around all types of individuals. We are able to honor and support, with completely intuitive precision, the issues going on with any person or group.

The best illustration that we have become Pioneers is our flexibility in bringing out the best in others around us. People around us naturally feel that they are seen, valued, and accepted as who they are, where they are. While this may appear from the outside to be a form of adaptation to others, in truth, if we are grounded in our being then it allows us to deepen our own Self-appreciation while reflecting others. From this we can begin to appreciate how every relationship that shows up teaches us more about ourselves, reinforcing our common humanity. Finally, as Pioneers, we end up completing and transcending many of our personal fears and desires, allowing us to focus our energies on our interactions with others. We become a unifying energy that increasingly holds the transpersonal view so others can see their deeper truths. Sometimes, this process does not seem to be serving us as much as it is serving others. The key is to recognize that we always attract more conscious partners as we own and embody our full creative nature.

The benefits of Pioneering individuals choosing other Pioneers is that neither looks to the other to fulfill their fantasies. Instead, our flexibility and joy for learning together leads to pursuing new and mutual directions that neither of us can anticipate. Pioneering couples leave the past behind to find their creative power in the present. Whatever we need to do to climb the next mountain we do together, realizing that mistakes along the way make learning more interesting. We see the perfection in everything we do, and believe there is a valuable lesson in every situation. Usually Pioneers have considerable experience in unequal relationships and have seen the light about the distortions and bias caused by defenses. Pioneers therefore are committed to choosing partners and friends consciously based on an appreciation of compatibility factors and defensive styles. This means that Pioneers do not let instinctive attractions or the lure of Maya, Glamour or Illusion get in the way of seeing the inner truth about the situation.

Pioneers are “conscious insiders,” who have typically made many mistakes, but have learned from them. We recognize unconscious and instinctive fears and desires and have learned how to neutralize them. Pioneers typically have experience with all defensive styles and can predict their natural unconscious behavior. We seek out relationships that do not play defensive/reactive games, increasing the intensity of interactions, and instead know how to find quiet, intimate, easy-going partners who love themselves.

Pioneering Affirmation style individuals are fluid, strong (by honoring weakness), paradoxical, non-reactive and available on all levels. We use both chaos and order simultaneously to meet others where ever they are. We are creative, flexible and self-defined and do not seek others forour comfort. In short, we look for relationships that are fun, playful and joyous. Since we know that individuals living outside of defensive relationships are living life fully, we search uniquely creative individuals that have defined themselves on their own terms, and are totally unpredictable. Pioneers, like their friends, do not feel the need to prove themselves or make others wrong for their defensive behavior patterns or perceptions. We can also be identified by our ability to see underlying intuitive patterns in everything. These patterns both amuse and inform us about the tide of human endeavor and allow us to quietly place ourselves where we will do the most good.


Oprah Winfrey – actress, TV talk show host
Dolly Parton – singer
Mary Tyler Moore – actress
Teri Cole Whitaker – New Age preacher
Marianne Williamson – author
Denzel Washington – actor
Confucius – Chinese philosopher
Aristotle – Greek philosopher, logician & scientist
Lech Walenza – Solidarity Union leader
George Fox – Founder of Quakerism
Sir Francis Bacon – English philosopher, scientist, statesman
Abraham Lincoln – 16th President of the United States

Woodrow Wilson – Founder of the League of Nations, predecessor to the United Nations
Ken Wilbur – Author, lecturer on transpersonal issues
Mark Twain – American writer
Mohandas Gandhi – Indian political revolutionary
Annie Besant – founder & president of Theosophical Society, past President of India’s congress
Plato –Greek philosopher
Nelson Mandela – President of South Africa
Dalai Lama
Patanjali – Indian sage creator of Raja yoga
Socrates - Greek philosopher & teacher of Plato
Mother Teresa – Founded Mothers of Charity

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