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Personality Integration

The sixth stage, that of Personality Integration, begins as soon as we live from our own inner knowing, unimpeded by our survival and success programming. At this stage our acceptance of all our energies, and our natural way of expressing ourselves are integrated so our fears and desires do not have a hold on us. We no longer ask ourselves “what would be safe or secure?” and live in the moment to express our natural contribution without any distractions from our past. This requires that we expand our personal and relationship space so old issues cannot trigger us.

Personality Integration lessons revolve around realizing how we have developed as a personality that is not as real as we imagined. When we realize that we created that personality as a transition mechanism to facilitate our growth and development, we begin the process of completing those lessons. The focus is to become single pointed in our desire or aspiration to transcend our self-imposed limitations. We seek to eliminate self-sabotage and create a sense of being able to move into our processes with whole-heartedness. This stage can be verified by discovering our best and highest usefulness. Knowing the compatibility factors can facilitate this process.

Who we are as a creative being begins to take full control of our direction in life. Some people call this process the death of ego so we can be reborn in spirit. We prefer to see it as a transition where our focus shifts from an external one to an internal one, and finally to one that is unified with the Universe. In the Personality Integration process, we complete the lessons that were keeping us from being fully dedicated to our higher creative contribution. When we are in Personality Integration, we become fully detached from our personality issues and see how they are actually obstacles to our higher expression enabling us to make choices, particularly about how we can forgive and accept ourselves, allowing us to maximize our contribution.

Most individuals do not begin the Personality Integration process until they are 49; however, some people start as early as age 36. Individuals in this stage can be recognized by their need for body-mind integration techniques — meditation, Tai Chi, yoga, martial arts, retreats, and sabbaticals. Others use transpersonal development processes (such as relationships) to reveal and transform issues and disconnections. This process initially focuses on accepting every aspect of who we are, so we no longer need any external frame of reference about how we show up in the world. Instead, we use our energy in a free-flowing, spontaneous manner to create the connections we need, when we need them. We have a profound level of trust and self-unity. The paradox of being at this stage is that there are times when we are able to be completely available to others, meeting them wherever they are. There are other times where we are completely unavailable, because we are preoccupied with deepening our understanding of our Self. The gift is that the more fully we understand our Self, the more fully we are able to understand others.

Intuitive identification is the primary focus we have at the Personality Integration stage. While we expand our ability to use our mind, the real development process involves self-healing, in which beliefs that get in the way of integrating Mind, Body, and Spirit are eliminated, and all separating structures are releasedthrough self-acceptance, compassion and serenity, as we learn how to love ourselves on deeper levels. In this way, all glamour is swept away, and our magnetic energy comes into play. As we focus on our true heart’s desire, we begin to attract prosperity. Our love of self is reflected outward in the passion we express with others. Loving understanding of others leads to cooperation and group love as we begin to attract a community. This enrichment process of group living helps us understand how we are related to everyone else.

We take charge of expressing our reality in deeper ways by becoming familiar with how we can maintain a continuity of consciousness at all times. The more we develop inner tools of meditation, concentration and contemplation, the more we are able to mine the resources of our being to create more flexibility. Lucid dreaming becomes a natural way to explore and orchestrate the lessons we wish to engage. The more unified our consciousness is, the safer and more secure others feel around us, without our doing anything. We also become very detached from our outer image or form, as we become more connected to our inner consciousness. This sensitivity automatically translates to greater consciousness with others so we experience a greater sense of brotherhood, aspiration and courage with others.

This process requires that we deepen our knowing and live from our sense of being completely aware of the consequences of our past or present choices. This self-reexamination puts us in touch with the nature of the reality we have created, and we recognize that we are always the authors of our reality. The more we are in touch with the nature of our creative power, the more we are able to transcend our perspectives and beliefs about our impact and ability to manipulate time, space and energy. We lose our reliance on misguided notions, such as beliefs in “cause and effect,” because they do not reflect our ability to change our past or our future reality. We start seeing how we exist in many realities simultaneously and can shift our perception of reality by focusing on different actions and intent.

Personality Integration begins as soon as we live from our own inner knowing, unimpeded by our survival and success programming. We become conscious that our thoughts are a creative power we can use or misuse. We become more discriminating, and begin to see beyond the outer cause/effect framework. We discover we can energetically change our past as easily as we can change our future. In the process of “Pregnant Duration,” we learn to transcend time, within our experience, so the past can be made whole. At this stage our acceptance of all our energies, and our natural way of expressing ourselves, are integrated, so our fears and desires do not have a hold of us. We no longer ask ourselves “What would be safe or secure?” but live in the moment expressing our natural contribution without any distractions. This requires that we expand our personal and relationship space so old issues cannot trigger us.

We start seeing how our external reality is intimately interwoven with our dream world, both chemically and physically. We discover that our dream reality is the place to test our ideas about how we want to create our reality. This leads us to consciously guide our dreams and work with different people on that level of reality to initiate co-creative projects. We also realize that if we didn’t dream we would die, for our dream world creates certain chemicals that keep our brain in balance. If we consciously choose to use our brain chemicals to enhance our creativity, new doorways to viewing reality open. This begins our pursuit of conscious understanding of ourselves in many different creative frameworks. The more we play fluidly with those realms, the more we see how we can manipulate reality as a creative endeavor that transcends our previous conception about making a contribution. Operating from higher motives and being of service become our natural way of operating, because of our gratitude for living in a world where we can transcend our fears and desires.

At this point, most of our self-limiting beliefs have fallen away, and we have seen that we are both everything and nothing. The very nature of our self-identification peels away our misguided beliefs about separation and we can see ourselves in everyone around us. We become an island of peacefulness, and seek to engage those things that are not in alignment, to bring them into our creative sphere. Everything we touch brings with it new levels of awareness, as we begin integrating and putting together networks of people to enlighten the world.

The world becomes our environment to paint new possibilities on structures that are disjointed and incomplete. We recognize that the point of leverage is in changing people’s perceptions so they see their own greatness. Recognizing the power of free will, we establish frameworks for people to engage where they are, consciously choosing to be responsible for their own development. This being the Aquarian age, it is now very difficult for people to learn from a “guru”, for only by experiencing their own truth can they build a conscious understanding of why they want to come into alignment with others. This is the Aquarian ideal, where we learn together in groups that respect the autonomy of all participants. Conscious participation of the individual is required, as well as recognition of our unity as a species. It means learning to be responsible by continually offering our hand to others, even if they have rejected us many times requiring that we become more able to see how to serve others, so we operate with more unity and trust in all interactions.

Personality Integration is a state of being where we are completing and letting go of past motivations that are no longer of use. In this sense, it is a healing and clearing process, where we forgive ourselves for what we had to go through in order to discover our own magnificence. It brings out our Inner Light, and begins to affect those around us. People become attracted by our way of being present with them, which is a way of loving them, because we love ourselves. It is not a state of mind, but a state of embodiment. We are a living example of what we teach. This is how others learn to trust their experience for we do not require people to follow any pre-defined beliefs. In the Aquarian age, we make suggestions that allow people to discover their own truth, so the experience speaks for itself.


•    Operational status:Group Oriented. Focuses on higher motives of universal dominion manifesting as trust; mutual accomplishment manifesting as unity; and conscious co-creation manifesting as participating without conditions. A time to focus on inner-growth, preferably without many distractions. We seek new types of self-expression usually in a group. As this occurs we become more grounded and sensitive to community energies, become more involved in nature, and focus more on the purpose, the higher good and expression.
•    Learning method: Uses the lessons of others to recognize inner issues and resolve them and see every problem in a group as a reflection of our personal development, providing opportunities for communication and healing. The strategy in terms of the sea is to be the dolphin who re-discovers playfulness, innocence, and the paradox and mystery of life. The key identifying trait is the ability to empathize, understand and communicate deeply with others.
•    Dimensions of experience: Four. You, Me, Us and our relationship to the Truth. This is the first stage where we know ourselves not only as a personality (combining sensations, feelings and thoughts), but as something more, as intuition, spiritual will and spiritual radiance.
•    Focus: “Nothing we do is separate; we are all interconnected.”
•    Responsive characteristics: Group orientation is fully actualized. Learning to create personal safety and security under all conditions, and demonstrating to others how to grow without control. Learning to master personality expression so it is in alignment with universal intent.
•    Reactive characteristics: Diminish dramatically as healing occurs. Personality detachment, intuitive inclusive discrimination and seeing a higher possibility allowing operation without the need for defenses.

Percent of adult population falling into this group: 5%.

Examples: Deepak Chopra, Oprah Winfrey, Andrew Harvey, Jack Kornfield, Corrie Ten Boom, Carlos Casteneda, Dorothy Day, Che Guevara, Dag Hjalmar Hammarskjöld, Herman Hesse, Nikola Tesla, Bertrand Russell, AssenZlatarov, Daniel Berrigan, Starhawk, Desmond Tutu, Malcolm X, Abraham Maslow, Paul Tillich, Evelyn Underhill, Joseph Campbell, C. S. Lewis, Huston Smith, Robert Funk, Stevie Wonder, William Blake, James Joyce, Walt Whitman, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Mother Cabrini, Pope John XXIII, Socrates, Plato and Ram Dass.

Personality Integration countries: There are no countries operating predominantly at this level of perceptivity.

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