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Higher Alignment teaches us about ourselves. First of all, we learn about our life impulses and how we come to accept what we want to contribute to the world. Second, it teaches us how to learn about what works for us so that we can choose better relationships. Third, it teaches us how to love and be transformed by that love. Otherwise, our fulfillment and growth is severely curtailed by self-limiting personality perceptions. If we deny our Life energy, we end up objectifying others for their outer beauty and deny their inner nature. When we objectify others, we end up objectifying ourselves, so we begin to believe that we are objects to be manipulated. Some of us start believing we are just cogs in the machine of a greater, random science experiment. Here, we argue that relationships are just a big numbers game. If we deny our Light energy, we subjectify others with our knowledge and get trapped in an inability to grow our truth. By subjectifying others, they react by resisting our knowledge, guaranteeing that we will remain in the past. If we deny loving our Creative Self, then we are minimizing the importance of loving others, and we end up idealizing our selves and others at the cost of the greater good. Higher Alignment supports individuals building a right relationship within them selves so that they creatively nurture their own destiny in the world.

Life, Light and Love lessons are at the core of this movement. As we come to see the larger picture, we encourage individuals to unify and complete themselves as human beings so they can effectively become contributors in the world. This requires healing three different internal dualities. The first duality between Sensations and Feelings can become imbalanced, generating Fear and Excitement, decreasing Aliveness. We experience this usually as Inertia and an inability to know what to do. This reflects that we are blocked in our ability to access higher Motives, and therefore continue to act out the Safety roles we have learned in childhood. In the pursuit of Safety, we ignore the real issues, reducing our focus so that our conditioning is in control. As a result, we over-amplify sexual chemistry and become addicted to caretaking as a substitute for closeness. The way out of this process is to learn how to honor ourselves as an independent individual, building a set of appropriate boundaries so we no longer lose ourselves when we are around others.

The second duality is between Emotions and Thoughts, which can become imbalanced and generate Intensity when our inner truth and creative possibilities are denied. We become addicted to the Intensity of our partner because we falsely believe that they are attempting to reconcile or heal themselves when, in fact, they are not. In a way, we equate Intensity with hope for a better future. Our identification with personal Attractions results in seeking out individuals who reflect what we are denying about ourselves so that we can manifest what we want. In pursuit of Security, we choose opposite attraction individuals with different Defenses. While this makes us confront the differences between us, we expect our partner to bring out the best in us, but this never happens. Instead, it becomes clear that it is in their interests to undermine our growth because otherwise, they would escape our orbit. We come to recognize that we want partners who want to work with us in the service of some larger outcome.

The third duality is between Feelings and Emotions, which can become imbalanced and generate Anxiety when we do not live up to our self-perceptions of perfection and goodness. In the pursuit of self-importance, we choose individuals with some creative similarities in order to make us feel good. We are seeking greater Intimacy and connection, which requires us to understand how we relate to our partner and how they relate to us. This is where the development of relationship Skills becomes critical, not only to help us be more Autonomous and Intimate, but to assist us in mastering the possibility that we can be Co-Creative together. While this awakens us to the limitations of Defensive differences, it takes time to reorient ourselves to Co-Creative opportunities.

When we complete the third level, we are usually becoming clear about our Authentic Life Expression, how we relate to our partners, and confident with a certain mastery, either in the larger family we operate in, or in the engagement of the family we are creating. The key issue is that we have shifted from a personal perspective to a transpersonal one, so we are available to others. On the positive side, we use Stillness, Solitude and Silence as ways to stabilize our inner being, so that when we are interacting with others, we can do so with great flexibility, insightfulness and wisdom. This is how we now transcend the old roles and structures that provided us a sense of Safety and Security. By doing this, we leave our Defenses behind, and operate almost entirely using our Creative Nature to bring out the best in us and in others. While Higher Alignment has many suggestions about what could be done at this level, it is much more important to get to this place before we discuss those options. We need to understand and use the practical, basic tools to be able to step into the advanced tools.  

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