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Are you ready to create more Co-Creative Relationships in your life?

Do you dream of creative, harmonious relationships where your truth, whatever it may be, is appreciated and honored? Are you ready to be with friends and partners who recognize and encourage you to be who you really are? Are you able to see your relationship patterns and recognize what is helpful and what is not? Are you willing to use the pain of past, negative choices to clarify new ways of engaging?

If you can see the possibility of a creative connection, are you able to recognize the patterns of past compromises and willing to transmute this pain into new opportunities? For those who are committed to being more conscious in their relationships and willing to take more responsibility for their own path, the Higher Alignment program can be an immeasurable resource in creating conscious relationships.

Some of us get caught in the need for safety, security and affirmation to the degree we cannot distinguish ourselves from others. We end up operating passively; not realizing this rarely succeeds in getting us what we want. Some of us lose ourselves in what others need us to be and have difficulty asserting ourselves. Relationships are not about being in control but are about being able to define what works for us. Why do we seem to prefer learning in painful ways rather than embracing who we are and accepting others as they are? Higher Alignment is a path where we take charge and manifest our creative future with partners who want the same.

What if we could eliminate our need to fight with our partners? Some individuals do not even believe this is possible, but conscious partners realize that Intensity and the need to prove ourselves right is actually a reflection of our insecurity and unpreparedness to deal with the challenges of our life. What if we could attract conscious partners who would naturally affirm us? How would our lives improve if we had a variety of friends, business partners and romantic partners who would support us? The starting place for creating this experience is by understanding our authentic ways of being and separating this from how others are authentic in their ways of being. While this seems to be difficult, it could be a fun learning process because it would assist us in so many areas of our life.

For those who do better in the classroom, we have classes in Boulder, Colorado where we tackle issues such Authentic Life Expression, Choosing The Best Partners or learning how to create a Common Neutral Ground. We also have online webinars for individuals to join us around the world. Combining these opportunities with the vast repository as classes we now sell as products at HAEvents and you now begin to see how 30 years developing this process has really refined and can facilitate learning about all types of relationships. Subscribe to any one of our websites to be notified about ongoing events and classes. Of course, you can always go directly to the calendar at HAEvents to see what’s going on.

Higher Alignment offers five unique ways that will help you choose the best partners in all areas of life (see the five dropdown menus across the homepage at Alignment Technologies. They are Compatibility Factors, Motives, Attractions, Relationship Skills and Common Neutral Ground. With these consciousness tools we are able to: 1) quickly identify the most aligned partners; 2) maximize our ability to see, acknowledge and transform our ourselves; and 3) understand Attractions and Motives to fully engage the opportunities reflected by our partner(s). As a result we are able to create responsive, conscious relationships rather than unconscious, reactive entanglements. This process takes self-awareness and a willingness to look at our deeper truth. This type of realization occurs when we embody both our masculine and feminine sides. Integrating these helps us transform our Defenses and embody our authentic, Creative Expression. This empowers us to make the contributions we came here to make.

Most individuals pursue their inquiry through classes and coaching. In order to maximize our ability to provide quick, accurate creative assessments, we have automated support and delivery tools so individuals and couples can get information and insights quickly, accurately and on-demand. This requires our clients to provide pictures of themselves and their parents so we can make sure that we can separate and eliminate our parental imprinting from their natural gifts. We use our assessment tools to identify the patterns in play, and can identify and predict relationship outcomes based on the people our clients are interacting with. We use these patterns either to overcome issues or to warn us about the difficulties. No relationships are predetermined disasters, although some are incredibly problematic. The big issue is whether or not if we can love ourselves more completely so we are not at the effect of others.

Using Compatibility Factors allows us to select partners with whom it is easier to grow and heal. The paradox of natural compatibility is that we consistently choose partners who are the least likely to accept us for who we are. We call this phenomenon falling in love with our Imprinting or our partner’s Defenses, which promotes attractions to partners with opposite Compatibility Factors. In effect, we constantly fall in love with our idea of how our partner should be based on how our parents did not see or meet us. This preconception includes a picture of how they should “look, act and engage us” to optimize our desire for them.

Most individuals choose partners from Excitement, Intensity and Anxiety, not realizing these recreate past compromises with their parents. What we want to do is to engage our partners with Aliveness, Wisdom, Awareness and enthusiasm, which is our way of suggesting that we need to be able to breathe with our partner rather than isolate, protect or influence them. The more we need to manage our partner, the less likely they are the best partner for us. The biggest obstacle is how we get trapped in co-dependent relationships where we cannot speak our Truth or grow in ways our partner does not sanction.

What we recommend is choosing partners with the same Compatibility Factors, even though initially it may reveal how much we are not loving ourselves. We are commonly repulsed by the people who would be best for us, because it indicates we would have to love ourselves more. What we want to do is to be able to immediately identify those partners with whom, ultimately, our natural resonance can emerge. To accomplish this, we need to develop our capacity to see beyond our initial reactions and responses to value others on an energetic level.

We also want to be able to assist couples in relationships that may be having difficulties. We sponsor the Couples Discovery program where individuals can learn and accept their differences. When we are not trying to change our partners, it allows room for the relationship to be expressed in new and unusual ways. We also teach classes on communication and Common Neutral Ground so couples can learn to resolve conflicts easily, without animosity or resentment. Join the rapidly growing group of individuals who have transcended their co-dependence and found their voice with each other.

The challenge, if we are willing to accept it, is to transmute and transform our instinctive and intellectual ways of connecting into joyful, conscious, creative interactions. We need to recognize how our safety fears and security desires keep us choosing partners who reflect our unconscious parental patterns. We have to challenge the assumptions that drive us to recreate the problems of our past or we will keep attracting the same types of people who irritate us the most. We need to learn how to connect to our Authentic Nature so that others can come to see and love who we actually are. We have provided a tremendous amount of information about the Creative Types and Compatibility Factors. This is an invitation to explore our inner nature and try it out with different people to see if they respond authentically to it. This only occurs if we love ourselves first for who we are.

Higher Alignment offers a complete training program to give you the tools to manifest Co-Creative Relationships. We all know in our heart that conscious relationships are possible, yet we may find ourselves struggling to manifest this opportunity. Using the input from thousands of participants since 1986, founder Larry Byram has developed a program that allows us to engage and clarify the lessons that arise at each, sequential level of relationship. He explains in the CNG section of this website how to identify what level of relationship we are in and what we can do to move forward into better possibilities.

Recognizing the Four Levels of relationship is the first step in creating Co-Creative Relationships in all areas of our life. With many events and a variety of classes and products, you can choose the amount of time and energy you wish to invest. Currently most of the Higher Alignment material is online (including four other relationship websites), which is free for you to consider. Add to this our classes, webinars, coaching sessions and the support of a growing community, you too can begin to discover the power of Higher Alignment. You can start this process by getting a Mini-Creative Assessment done so you will automatically be invited to join our Creative Expressions discussion on facebook.

Our program participants have been opening up and sharing who they are in ways that heal themselves and attract aligned partners. We naturally magnetize to us those who are creatively aligned with us when we learn how to honor and love ourselves. Some individuals begin with coaching sessions, while others work to become more familiar with the terms and material in a classroom setting. Whichever serves you best is the path we recommend. It is important not to be initially overwhelmed by the volume of the material available on this website or in printed form. The information is not as critical as honoring your own experience and Knowing. There are many individuals who take considerable time to process the information and allow themselves to participate based on their inner guidance and direction. We encourage you to be one of these individuals.

The Community is growing and integrating as more individuals consciously connect, creating more social and service program opportunities. We have social party and training events for people who want to see real time examples of creative differences in others. We occasionally have presentations by the Higher Alignment Players, our improv group, illustrating the differences between Compatibility Factors, allowing us to see the humor and irony of our common struggles. As individuals within the group become more authentic by expressing their Primary and Secondary Expressions, new avenues for cooperation and creativity emerge. Currently, there are regular monthly parties for Visionary (Priest), Compassionate (Server), Storyteller (Sages) and Investigator (Scholar) creative archetypes and expressions. These gatherings provide opportunities for deeper reflections of our Creative Self.

While Higher Alignment is not for everyone, it is for self-aware individuals. It is also for couples that want to know more about their relationship frustrations and interactions. It is for singles that want to identify better partner possibilities. It is for business people who want to create better teams. It is for parents who want to understand their children. Higher Alignment stands in support of any individual or couple willing to make a commitment to quality relationships. Our program assists individuals and couples to realize that who they truly are is more than the superficial roles and protective survival mechanisms we commonly practice. If you know in your heart that this process calls to you, trust your intuition and become involved. Mutual Accomplishment is an opportunity to empower the transformational changes we all seek. Attend one of our Free Intro nights or sign up on our website to get one of our free booklets. You can access our Free Intro nights of Higher Alignment through Vimeo. We welcome you, your friends and associates who may wish to learn more about Higher Alignment!

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