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Mutual Accomplishment

Mutual Accomplishment is a state of being where we create our own Security through a Co-Measured solution, where Mutual Esteem, Cooperation and thought Unity produce Synergy. Mutual Accomplishment reflects a degree of intimacy that comes from cooperating in fulfilling a larger purpose. With Mutual Accomplishment we discover our goal-fitness for any task and paradoxically discover that we do not have to fulfill any goal in order to manifest our contribution. It is enough to be part of a larger process and to respond to circumstances so that our goal expands to fit the universal need of the moment. This is also true regarding how our ideas blend and compliment each other to build a larger, more fulfilled vision. With Mutual Accomplishment there comes a natural Co-Measurement where each participant determines, as part of their connection to the Universe, their optimum contribution to the situation. When all participants are doing this, they create a harmony and bliss that is beyond typical companionship experiences. To maintain a state of Mutual Accomplishment we need to maintain personal Security within ourselves. This means we need to learn to trust that the future will provide what is needed. We realize in the experience of alignment with others how we generate a synergy that can exceed our perceptions of previous, self-imposed ceilings. Thus, everything is taken care of and provided.

Everyone is now invited to operate in a more unified manner. Mutual Accomplishment is the most inclusive masculine expression and it occurs only when we experience a unity with our contribution so our Creative Self fully emerges. For most of us this means that we have had the opportunity to imagine concentrating on an area of contribution that brings out the best in us. When we accept and honor our natural contribution, we can more easily align with others in a way that produces a synergistic experience. This requires the ability to assess our creative differences and similarities so we can effectively identify who can best perform any part of the activity at any particular time. Co-Measurement is the unifying capacity to dynamically imagine responding to the needs and circumstances of the moment to maximize our conscious development. It occurs when we are no longer attached to being seen and valued by others and are not fearful that we will be overwhelmed in the process of bringing the solution together. This reflects that we are operating with the perspective that the goal is to function together effectively as a team. While we may have a specific outcome in mind, the process is more important than the result. With Mutual Accomplishment, we are able to adapt to the circumstances and we may implement an effective solution as a result of our creative discovery.

Mutual Accomplishment expands as we learn to see the natural gifts of our partners and can honor these gifts in a way that transcends their current understanding of their talent. Imagine that each individual has an authentic contribution or “a custom goal-fitted opportunity to shine” that empowers them to take maximum risks to explore this potential. Let us acknowledge and honor the gifts of others as a means to see and accept our own gifts. Imagine sharing with others what qualities of being show up when they are around. This usually does not what they are externally doing, but what processes and creative insights emerge when they are present. Can we identify the inherent value of each person that shows up in our life. Mutual Accomplishment is the desire to see these qualities and connect with them as method to be more conscious of our creative nature. We know we have reached a place of unity when we have eliminated the need to acknowledge each other for our mutual endeavor. Let us enjoy the power that emerges when we consciously engage mutual problems and are able to manifest clear solutions.

The three belief structures of Romance, Motives, and Love lose their power whenever we are present and able to operate from our creative nature. Beliefs only support and reinforce personality concerns. Beliefs are primarily used to offset Safety fears and in this way provide a form of artificial reassurance. Mutual Accomplishment reflects the degree to which we have embodied our masculine side. Our experience of our masculinity initially evolves from not knowing our Truth, but acting as if we do (Arrogance), to higher forms of self-knowing. Mutual Accomplishment is where we are able to incorporate the knowing, ideas, and beliefs of others into a larger creative process. For most of us, this requires that we let go of our attachments to our thoughts and start to appreciate how thoughts are Universal in nature. We can observe how the “possession” of thoughts actually inhibits the full expression of our masculine power. This experience is reflected in concrete ways when we operate in Personal Achievement and abstract ways when we operate in Idealized Unity.

The lower masculine motives all reflect obstacles to developing the maturity needed to be present with others and their thoughts without being repelled or attached. It reflects the development of a wisdom where any thought can be considered and we can experience how thoughts can build a conscious future that works for all. When we are open and available in this way, we experience greater Unity Thinking. Unity Thinking is an inclusive way to embrace different thoughts using paradox to connect them in ways previously unimagined. It is this perspective that every thought has an appropriate contribution to make when it is aligned with thoughts that are congruent to it. Unity Thinking reflects that we no longer need to assert who we are based on identification with our own thoughts. This means we have evolved to the point where our being is larger than the thoughts we are currently having. Being in Mutual Accomplishment requires us to appreciate the thoughts of others even when they appear to be in conflict with the existing process.

Being unattached to our thoughts permits us to see which thoughts are supportive and which are not. It is critical that we do not get attached to our judgments about what is best, but allow a consensus viewpoint to emerge through consultation with others. In most situations, waiting for this group

alignment requires not being driven by our fears to act out lower motives. Our ability to be patient and compassionate to others involved in the process is critical to Mutual Accomplishment. We can validate the occurrence of Mutual Accomplishment when things are flowing and in alignment with our stated intentions. Whenever there is a mismatch between our intention and the results, it reflects that lower motives interfered with the process. With Mutual Accomplishment, we need to learn to wait for this unifying experience. This state is transpersonal in nature and by honoring everyone involved, it will have a much more positive effect on the world.

Alignment is experienced when every aspect of the process is acknowledged and held in a common context. One of the most effective ways to sabotage this process is for an individual to try to impose their goal or objective on people around them. This happens unconsciously when we operate from a motive of Arrogance; semi-consciously when we operate from a motive of Personal Achievement; and consciously when we operate from a motive of Idealized Unity. Unfortunately, we often do not know which motive we are operating from until we see how others react to what we say. Any time there is a reaction, it indicates we are likely to be operating from a lower motive. This is an opportunity to shift from a lower motive to a higher one if we can see the benefit of creating a cooperative solution.

Any time we assert our ideas on others around us, it creates a reaction that sabotages our apparent intention. Mutual Accomplishment is the process of managing time and space so we can come into a larger transpersonal alignment before action is taken. It requires that we investigate reactions and use them to reveal the fears underlying the process so that life energy can be directed in fulfilling ways. When we are committed to Mutual Accomplishment, we express our Truth in a Common Neutral Ground. Others are supported by engaging our thoughts consciously and speaking their Truth so our reactions (because we react to their reactions, too) can be aired and dissipated. The more we are able to discover our deeper Truths together, the more our process can have a positive effect on those participating. Taking a stand for Mutual Accomplishment means recognizing that the path of cooperation is much more fulfilling than the path of adversity, opposition, or denial.

It is through the experience of Creative Awareness, where we see and honor differences and uncomfortable similarities, that we can be effective facilitators of the process. The “magic juice” that permits mutual growth and understanding is an appreciation of differences and how they could be supportive to the process rather than obstacles to it. Our ability to reframe differences from problems to opportunities is the first step in bringing out our common resourcefulness because we can view everything that arises as part of the solution. As long as we take the time to be with our fears and the fears of our partners, it will transmute these apparent disconnections into a larger Unity that will manifest much more quickly than it could via any other process. With Mutual Accomplishment, we need to see the value of having a Pregnant Duration that will allow energetic alignment to take place. When we are operating with this degree of consciousness, our ability to manifest our intent will occur more quickly.

We need to avoid projecting our own beliefs or expectations on others so that the process can unfold gracefully. Each individual has a natural, authentic contribution that cannot be imposed upon them, but must be a response to a larger possibility they wish to engage. The more conscious we are, the more we recognize what is “goal-fitting” for us to engage. In other words, we come to see and accept what is naturally in our path versus what distracts us from our larger contribution. Embodying our masculine nature means recognizing our current limitations and being truthful about our capacity to contribute in various situations. Some opportunities provide us the capacity to go beyond our self-perceived limitations. This is how we expand our “goal-fitness”. Paradoxically, it is only by honoring our current capacity that we can expand our ability to meet others where they are. Discovering this inner balance is what makes us able to more effectively contribute to the world.

Direct engagement of others stimulates them to show up more authentically. In this way, leaning into the process of finding more expansive ways to contribute invokes in others the capacity to more fully engage the process. Our increasing goal-fitness evokes greater goal-fitting in others around us. This is the essence of Mutual Accomplishment. It permits us to recognize what is working and what is not and to discover how to balance the various contributions of others in a way that produces synergy.

Mutual Accomplishment naturally deepens our experience so we move from a superficial Unity to a deep appreciation of our diversity. This enrichment process only occurs if we are willing to operate in a space of mutual learning and discovery. Can we let go of what our past knowing is to embrace our current knowing in a larger way? This is the dilemma we face  on the path of masculine embodiment. Every repulsion, reaction, and experience can be grist for the mill of our coming into a more fulfilling way of being. While our history reflects what we have learned in the past, these past experiences may limit our appreciation of where we are currently and where we are going. In this way, we need to find an inner balance that supports engaging the present in a way so that the past is not a burden that limits our current participation. Limited masculine expressions focus on our track record as a way of validating our current level of self-esteem. In Mutual Accomplishment, our personal concern about self-esteem is translated into an appreciation for supporting mutual esteem. It is not only important for us to see how our contribution enhances the current outcome, but also how everyone is served in the process.

Co-Measurement is the ability to see in which activities we could make best contribution, while at the same time flexibility honoring other’s natural gifts. It reflects a cooperative way of seeing how our contributions would naturally empower a greater expression of power by the group. In effect, we are building everyone’s ability to contribute more. One of the best indicators of this is mutual esteem, where our generosity of spirit keeps us examining how best to serve the larger group lessons. Are we willing to take a stand for a larger group expression? Are we as a group willing to be responsible for the group’s contribution to the world? Co-Measurement reflects how we balance our inner integrity with the group integrity so both can be fully and optimally expressed. When we are unconscious of this and operate from a motive of Arrogance, we are unable to be responsible for our own goals. Initially, in a motive of Personal Achievement, we come to appreciate our personal responsibility to contribute what we have to contribute. When we evolve into a motive of Idealized Unity, we tend to confuse our integrity by trying to make the group accountable to our intent, thereby minimizing the group’s capacity to maintain its integrity. In Mutual Accomplishment, we can honor our contribution in a way that does not become an inappropriate burden for the group to deal with. In this way, the group can come into a more enriched and embodied sense of self-expression.

To fully manifest Mutual Accomplishment we need to create and maintain our internal security. Security is created when we are able to take responsibility for our contribution through time. Insecurity is born from doubt and fear that circumstances will sabotage all of our plans. What if we were able to see and accept that everything will work our as it should? Could we imagine that the Universe will support our full expression? Are we attached to being received in particular manner? It is our projections of what we need that cause the anxiety that keeps us from Mutual Accomplishment. If we can transcend our fearful in the moment perceptions through optimism, Mutual Accomplishment will be much easier to manifest. Our ability to be at one with the universe is a very powerful unifier making Mutual Accomplishment a centralizing activity that supports our natural well being. Our security is handled when we trust that our expression will be received.

Our growth in self-awareness and understanding is key to the constant learning that occurs in Mutual Accomplishment. Instead of focusing on old beliefs as descriptions of our present situation, we learn to create new perspectives so that our evolution occurs with greater flow and power. We start to see how we are constantly in a state of transition and how each thought supports us in engaging even larger possibilities if we do not get attached to any thought. This openness in our inner knowing can then be translated into an outer dance where we recognize how to support others in their movement and growth. As long as we do not get fixed in a certain belief or form, we will be able to continue to grow and use our self-unifying experience to create bridges to others in the world. Each interaction will become an opportunity to learn more about our Self and others. We begin to appreciate how “showing up” and getting involved is a tremendous gift to ourselves because of how it enriches our lives. Let us come to appreciate the Light within us so it becomes a blazing torch that can awaken others to their own Light.

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