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Masculine Motives

Masculine Motives (Arrogance, Personal Achievement, Idealized Unity and Mutual Accomplishment) reflect a continuum between being most positioned (Arrogance) to being without Positions (Mutual Accomplishment). A lack of Positions indicates a capacity to learn and absorb new perspectives where we use past experiences to organize what we see and experience. The Masculine Motives reflect a state of Knowing where we can reflect on where we have been and identify where we would like to go next. Each of these Motives is a stepping stone (from the bottom to the top) in understanding of our masculine expression. Each step clarifies the Content of our life and increases our ability to organize our strategies step-by-step. In this way the masculine helps us understand the tools at hand so we can build a more comprehensive way to develop ourselves. During this process we learn how to master the use of Time to accomplish our goals. We also discover that our outer experiences have provided us with insights and structures about what works and what does not work.

This evolution on our masculine side occurs as we become more proficient in defining the path in front of us. Mastery is the result of us taking responsibility for the consequences of our choices and learning both in easy and hard ways the cost of our growth process. The more we engage our aspirations despite the adversity we experience, the greater the potential actualization we manifest. The secret is to define our purpose so that everything else is subsumed by it. In this way, we learn to put 100% of our energy toward a particular outcome and see if it lives up to our hopes and dreams. The more we learn to push ourselves to perform and find the natural intelligence and expressions that fulfill us, it becomes easier to attract others that complement us. While some fixate on the outer Truth and Power that this apparently brings us, we recognize that it is our inner Knowing of the needs of others that guarantees success as a team. Mutual Accomplishment is a state of Being where we unify with others in service of a greater mission. Some would say it is our operational awareness of what needs to be done and who can best do it is what makes us successful. In this state, it is our ability to trust team members that brings out the best in everyone.

The Motives framework teaches us how to work with others consciously. With each greater understand, we become more capable of understanding our Authentic Life Expression and our place in the world. With each step we grow in our ability to understand what our contributions are and how to make them in the best way possible. We learn that insight and intellectual solutions are not as comprehensive as we initially imagined. Instead, we become clearer that there are several frameworks of Knowing (Instinctive, Intellectual and Idealized) that are not comprehensive when we have Beliefs about how we should contribute. Arrogance is the indicator that we are in Instinctive levels of Knowing where there is no true depth of understanding. Personal Achievement is based on proving we know but not necessarily being present to our Knowing. In Idealized Unity we become a ‘legend in our own mind” because we keep thinking about topics that we could do them better than anyone else. The problem is that these are just Beliefs, plans and Positions about what we know and do not take into account the true obstacles of being with our Truth.

Our Motives need to align if we are to work creatively with others. In every engagement situation there is a little negotiation process that happens as we synch up. In addition, we have to understand who the person is that we are engaging. Particularly, what is their main, natural contribution. To know this in others, we must first know it in ourselves. This means letting go of fixed Beliefs and structures and to keep stretching ourselves to make a larger and fulfilling contribution. By understanding where an individual is in their Motives you can understand what you can trust about them. Until they have reached a place of knowing themselves, they are not completely trustworthy. It is not just that we need to know ourselves independently but we also need to know what qualities in others bring out the best in us. Mutual Accomplishment is an interaction where the best in us meets the best in others to create an extraordinary possibility. It all arises from not being attached at all to what it looks like or what it means.

Each level of Motives tells a story. Relationships are built on common motives and destroyed by differences in motives. Look at your own relationships and notice the degree of freedom you feel in higher-level motive relationships. It is also important to recognize that a lot of our safety and security patterns are wrapped up in motive care taking. We need to break out of this conditioning and defense patterns

We are both masculine and feminine in our Creative Nature. While we can be considered male or female in gender identity, this is only a small part of our larger Creative Nature. Each of our Creative Expression (Primary, Secondary or Mental Body) is either masculine, feminine or a combination of both. We further expand on this by recognizing our Actualization levels based on how our parents and others have accepted or denied our Expressions. Complicating this further is the Defense Style which is either masculine, feminine, gender role-based, or both. When we start to take all this into consideration, it becomes obvious we have layers and levels within our own Creative Expression. It is important that we recognize how to bring together our masculine and feminine sides so we can take advantage of the full range of Motives. Anytime we are overly fixated on either the masculine or feminine side, it reduces the ability to grow within ourselves and others. Most importantly, it fixates us on our masculine weakness of becoming positioned by what we know. What we want to do is maintain our fluidity without falling into co-dependence patterns where we seek others to be what we are denying within ourselves.

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