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The Love position is the child that is forgiven for every transgression and in turn, forgives everyone for everything. Usually this position acts as peacemaker, healer and go-between that reconciles different family factions. Love is the position usually assumed by the second-born (although it is found in third-born when emotional expression is repressed in the household). Born in the love position, we are typically outwardly engaging, physically affectionate, relationship initiators. We tend to be easily accepted by large numbers of friends and know how to put everyone at ease in our presence.

• Intellectual Strategies— Our favorite attitude is Idealist, although over time we can become secretly Skeptical or Pragmatic as the situation demands.
Emotional Strategies— Our favorite Goals are Growth or Acceptance, depending on the focus and our need to be seen as leaders.
Action Strategies— Our favorite Mode is Passion, where we inspire others to commit themselves to something big, difficult or interesting to accomplish. Our natural enthusiasm and winning smiles are hypnotic and seductive.
Body Type Preferences— We are most at ease when we are not physically intimidating; therefore, Radiant Healer, Safe & Supportive with small touches of Sporty Action or Speed Communicator are the Body Type combinations we love.
Clues to Recognizing a Firstborn— We can be seen by our belief that we will be loved and accepted as we are. (Note: The more evolved we are, the more fluid we become.)

Examples of Second-borns: Jane Fonda, Jennie Churchill, Teddy Roosevelt, Charlie Chaplin, Hubert Humphrey, Benjamin Disraeli, John Kennedy, John Q. Adams, Bernard Baruch, Herbert Hoover, Susan B. Anthony, Joan Baez, Kate Millett, Bonnie Parker (of Bonnie and Clyde), Kathleen Norris, Liz Renay, Billy Bob Carter, Keanu Reeves, Warren Beatty, Charles Dickens, Michelle Pfeiffer, Annette Bening, Anne Boleyn, Billy Joel, Karen Horney, Ellen DeGeneres, David McCallum, Joan Chen, Lana Wood, James Belushi, Alexander von Humboldt and Anne of Cleves.

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