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Level 7: Synergistic Action

World Service requires a commitment to work in Unity. Any denial of unity reduces our Passion and capacity to consciously participate in creating solutions. It is our mutual passion that encourages us to operate together in a synergistic way. The more we are committed to the same projects, principles and people, the easier it is to combine various elements in a synergistic way. Synergy is the amplification of results beyond what is expected by providing additional resources. Usually, individuals talk about synergy in terms of multiplying the effect of a particular variable with small changes in incremental capabilities. They make statements like, “We can double our output if we add two more people to the existing four we have.” The concept of World Service is about finding Transpersonal ways to contribute in order to support the evolution of the planet. While we are not always accurate about what will accomplish this, it is critical to find ways to connect with others and use our mutual insight to guide choices that would make a difference. When we step into this Level, it opens us up to optimizing the way we are generating solutions.

When we are embodied in our actions, it indicates a state of internal integrity that we can trust. Any distancing from our goal diminishes our ability to manifest it. This means we have to be at one within ourselves. Personality Integration is a way to get in touch with what we are producing within certain constraints. Determining what these constraints are tells us if we can change the dynamic to improve the process. If we are able to concentrate twenty percent of ourselves on a process in order to get a thirty percent improvement, it might be a worthwhile investment in our creative process. The more conscious we are, the more our internal constraints can be evaluated, showing us improvements that would make sense. There are also internal constraints that we may have little or no way to change. An example of this may be that we have to sleep a certain amount of hours a day to maintain our well-being. After we go beyond a certain level of reduction, we are less effective.

At Level 7, we learn how to give and receive Life energy. On Level 1 we learned to honor our life so that it could honor us. The gift of life is precious and we appreciate the development and perspective of everyone we meet. We also come to understand that everyone has his or her path and their individual degree of progress on that path. This explains the vast differences in perceptions we share. Through Life expression, many gifts are seen and experienced awakening our sense of wonder. Each of us manifests these gifts as we actualize and integrate our Creative Expressions. Mankind is now lifting itself from its self-preoccupation to seeing itself in new ways. Soon, many new talents will emerge that were never previously envisioned. This is only possible because of the foundations we are now laying. By revealing our Life, Light and Love, we become part of this creative blossoming called the Aquarian Age.

Aligned actions revitalize us and our group. Without conscious follow-through, our purpose will not become revealed, regenerated by others, or maintained as a vibrant process. One of the legacies of using our Thoughts creatively is so others can follow us more easily. What we are doing is creating new pathways that empower others to follow. In whatever field of contribution, we are the Pioneers. This means we need Resiliency, Striving, and Tenacity in our aspirations. We can use the CNG to amplify our support by sending an energetic root deep into the earth beneath us, and then connecting that root to the sky above us. Now, with our creativity aligned with Universal Intent, it is time to burn like a star. While we could radiate our fire inward or reveal it selectively to those that require it, it is best to direct it externally so that it can stimulate the perceptions of all of those around us. It is time to bring our consciousness out into the world and not hide it in a cave. For some individuals, this creates an egg-shaped ball of energy around us. Light tends to radiate from our heads and this energetic egg-shaped field. The CNG space becomes larger and we use these energies in many ways for different purposes. The full emergence of our gifts and capabilities occur. We breathe our purpose and our group is animated. Alignment is an energetic experience like pacing. We learn how to honor our drummer by reflecting on our actions and how these actions resonate with others.

While some individuals take small steps quickly, others like to take large steps slowly. This is the difference between fast-paced and slow-paced individuals, respectively. When we find our authentic rate, we naturally regenerate and recover quickly. Due to our parental Imprinting, many of us are taught to operate faster or slower in order to be more available to meet others. This leads to either frustration when we are faster, or exhaustion when we are slower. We commonly lose ourselves when operating at the rate of others because we want them to like us. For example, a boy with a fast-paced mother could grow up choosing fast-paced partners and always feeling exhausted. He would be a great example of needing to retreat into his cave or garage when things get overwhelming. He would constantly ask for more space, while energetically trying to keep up with his faster-paced wife. When we are able to let go of these Imprints, it opens the door to operating at our own speed, allowing us to stop compromising ourselves. The more proficient we become, the more we can meet others at different speeds, without compromise. Usually, this requires having boundaries around how long we engage people with bigger differences. The CNG opens up a whole new way of connecting with others without compromising ourselves. We learn how to optimize our productivity by always honoring our natural rate while translating and meeting others at their rate in the CNG. While this takes much greater awareness, it allows us to meet the needs of others without compromising our own speed. This is the law of synthesis in action.

When we deny our Unity, our lower Fears and Desires prevail, limiting our ability to integrate all our lessons into a complete solution. Through this process of recognizing lessons at each level, we realize that there is a larger purpose to the lessons. Most of the time, it has to do with our Authentic Life Expression. Sometimes, it is defined around our upbringing and overcoming the difficulties of our childhood. It can even be about the kinds of relationships we attract and how we have learned to respond to them. The most meaningful observations will be the ones that integrate different areas of our lives. This indicates that we are seeing inner connections between different parts of our lives. It also means that we are ready to take action to clarify these lessons and to use them as resources with others. This is how we become an Elder. A lot of times, we call women in this role Cultural Leaders, and men Cosmic Magnets. 

The primary tool we use to align to those around us is Pleasure. This reflects how great it feels to be connected to our Authentic Life Expression and be surrounded by people who love and support us. Aliveness is the primary word we use to describe our connection to All That Is. We feel ourselves as a vibration resonating with others who can see us. Universal Intent describes what focuses us and how we are always refining our capacity to serve in new ways. The irony is that with all this connection, we begin to take on creative projects that are about interconnecting people throughout the world. This is because we are now focused on synthesizing our contributions. We realize the mission soon becomes about how to bring people together in harmony despite the many pre-existing conflicts in the world.

Learning to share our Intent is what provides opportunities for us to be aligned with Universal Intent. While there are varying degrees of alignment, what we are talking about here is the manifestation of mutual creative power that comes from Transpersonal or Impersonal Desires. Can we operate in unity with others? Do we possess the Intent, Content, and Context necessary to embody our vision? Are we ready to make a difference with others so a community of conscious creators can manifest? Can our purpose be in alignment with others in our community?

The benefit of doing this is to create a self-generating, mutually supportive group of conscious contributors. This will do more than inspire a few new independent members. However, the problem is that there will be a process for others coming into alignment with the core group. Their ability to operate in unity with the core group will require time and effort. Sometimes, it may be better to establish a different group so the core group can continue to focus on its line of endeavor. Then the new group can work to support the core group, and also work out its own processes and dynamics. Instead of a need for personal achievement, the key focus will be Mutual Accomplishment. This means cooperation will persevere over competition. It does not matter how good you are if you are hurting your co-members. The ultimate test will be: Can the group fulfill its purpose? This means that each additional person has to improve the net value of the entire group. We want to establish a way for a conscious community to contribute to each other. This is ultimately the purpose of a CNG.

On Level 7, comprehensive, synergistic impacts are the result of appropriately defining a problem, aligning our energies to shift the issue, and aligning the people to bring results easily into focus. For many individuals, this can be an altered state because it is the culmination of shifting our intentions to produce a result with a particular group. It is important to realize that every individual adds a quality or capability to the complete solution. Sometimes we are not aware of the upsides or downsides of a particular choice in advance. This means we have to trust our Intuition. It is our internal unity that directs the possibility in the CNG, allowing others in the group to calibrate and connect to a proposed outcome. The more each individual is fully present with the positive and negative aspects of the process, the more consciously the pieces will fit together, enabling a result. More importantly, each individual’s holistic representation of the problem and solution can help refine the larger issues when we combine our insights and observations.

Watching for unusual opportunities is what keeps us on our toes. We need to remember that there is no fixed plan. Each plan needs periodic, careful and conscious adjustment to be refined as we move forward. We need to be alert not only to new opportunities that emerge, but to problems (as they evolve) that need to be addressed. Successful organizations develop ways to manage this process without getting over-attached to the details. Some details are important and can guide our strategic choices. Others simply distract us. The real issue is how we are either expanding our connections with our constituents or distancing ourselves from the people we claim to serve. There is no synergistic action if we are distanced from our constituents! What we want to do is regenerate the organizational purpose and refine our policies so we can do the job our constituents have requested of us.

Learning that we can take action together without distractions or conflict is what indicates that we have come into a mutual development stage with someone or a group. For this to occur, we need to have a way of sharing our experience moment to moment with each other. The experience we are talking about is balancing Sensations and Feelings to create a fully embodied expression of where we are at and what we are doing. If our partner has unified their Sensations and Feelings, then they will be able to tune into this expression and read it moment to moment. To a certain degree, this eliminates much of the regular conversation that people who are not aligned talk about. Instead, they learn to flow and take action in alignment with others without needing to share their thoughts in advance. What makes this different from Level 1 is that now we possess the consciousness and Skills to accept our own Truth and read others without getting impacted by their process.

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