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Level 6: Mutual Learning

Mutual Learning is about a synchronicity between partners in which what they bring together is always something unexpected and produces something new. It is about re-organizing our Thoughts so they are unified in a comprehensive way. This is why the Common Neutral Ground Space is so important. The CNG process where we centralize our attention on Mutual Learning transforms partners, or the creative group itself. This is because we cannot anticipate what we will need until we need it and, somehow, we then attract it. When we are open to it, the Universe is always great at providing new options that we did not even know existed. This is the result of asking big questions and letting the answer(s) emerge in their own time. It is about a co-creative, mutual discovery.

Mutual Learning encourages us to fully participate, knowing that it is our sense of abundance that is going to attract solutions. In this process, we are not positional or responsible for pieces of the puzzle individually. Instead, it is when everyone embraces the entire process to brainstorm various possibilities that the problem shifts into a new format. Sometimes, the real problem is how we define it. When we find the right question, it makes a solution path more apparent. In the CNG, this direct truth sharing creates a release of tension when we find the perfect response or answer. This process is called Direct Knowing because it is not interpreted through our safety and security system. Instead, it becomes a Transpersonal and integrated Truth for this circumstance and in this moment.

Mutual Learning is where we are not in control, which allows us to be open about what we can learn, how we learn, and what works with partners to maximize our learning together. Most people do not know how to do Mutual Learning because they think that their way of learning has to be imposed on the situation for it to be understood by both themselves and others. What if we could explore paradoxical ways of learning that do not require us to go into our past coping skills associated with learning so that we are actually available in the learning process? This requires a new approach to thinking with others that can bring us together. It is not accomplished by forcing anything to happen in a preset way. For example, if we believe that we have to see an example of something before we can learn how to engage it, maybe we want to explore listening to another and imagining possibilities rather than drawing out a picture of it. Not only are there different patterns of learning, but there are different Beliefs about how we should learn that get in the way of natural learning.

We can see this most easily in younger children and how easily they learn about everything in their environment, such as computers. It is our preconceptions that cause obstacles to our learning process, which can be overcome by having others present with us in the process. As we discussed earlier, it is our Playfulness and Paradox that leads to Mutual Learning. Playfulness allows us to explore roles without becoming attached to a fixed way of operating. It is an exploration and adventure that introduces new possibilities to us. Paradox is the capacity to see different versions of things and how they may actually form a unified Context. When we put these practices together and we are passionate about moving forward in some way, our intention attracts what is needed to make these lessons manifest.

We have a lot of fun when we do not have to be accountable to a particular goal. What if we took the pressure off and said that there was no fixed outcome and that it was up to us to determine what we wanted to do with what we learned? How would we approach a learning process with another person if we did not need to impress them or prove to them how smart we are? What if we could be silly, stupid, ignorant, and still have a satisfactory and fulfilling outcome? Mutual Learning is about making this experience real. It requires no judgment, but instead a steady, open exploration of possibilities and what their usefulness and meaning may mean to us. We do not need more people thinking the same old way. Enough people are covering all the main fears and desires of humanity. It is time to think outside of our previous box of learning.

The power of Attraction empowers us personally and empowers those around us with our reflected abundance when we act in service to the world. Attraction occurs when we are creatively actualized. The more actualized we are, the more likely we are to see ourselves as stewards of the resources to which we have been entrusted. The key issue is to empower the greater good by determining how to best use the available resources to deepen and enrich what we already have. This process requires Wisdom, Aliveness and Awareness. It also encourages us to take responsibility for the power of our creative thinking by not fixating on Thoughts that will not make things better. We need to learn how to practice right thinking so that our actions mirror our intentions. Otherwise, creative distractions like cursing, anger, malice, irritation, entitlement and fear, empower the weeds in our garden.

At this level, we learn how to receive and give Light. On Level 2 we learned to operate in our Truth and express ourselves Autonomously. This is expanded on Level 3, when we learned to take others into account so we could operate with a degree of equality. On Level 4, we learned how to be Co-Creative, so our Light could be shared. This allows us to support others in learning their Truth and build greater capacity to operate in Wisdom. The Truth becomes a creative way to share our selves and to influence creative projects that enhance global possibilities. The more deeply we immerse ourselves in what we know and eliminate what we now see as barriers to knowing, the greater our connection to Universal Truth.

We manifest Attractions by using the CNG to precipitate our mutual intentions. For example, if we want to bring about a peaceful world and we have an abiding interest in diplomacy, politics and mediation, we need to begin to creatively empower a CNG space that opens us up to the highest inspirations or insights that can be brought into to a particular circumstance, creating a rain cloud of possibilities and resources to emerge out of this inquiry. Any topic, any issue, is ripe for determining how it could best be used in service to the planet. As you might have noticed, we are not trying to manifest money because the wealth of who we are is in our ability to be creative and to empower new thoughts. These opportunities can turn into money when it serves our purpose and it fits with the universe’s idea of what would benefit it. As we can see, the power of thought is the power to affect change in the world for the good of all.

Pregnant Duration is the capacity to use time to unpack solutions. When we can shift our perceptions of time, we have all the time in the world. Our fears of not having a solution come from a lack of security, which further pressures us to push forward, making us less effective. We need to turn this process around using Pregnant Duration to validate that everything we need to know, we do know. It helps to recognize that every solution we need will turn up at the right time and place if we let it. The solution may additionally only be available after all the variables become apparent. Some would say this is a Jedi mind trick because we are psyching ourselves out to have greater possibilities. We say it is better to work from a state of abundance rather than a state of scarcity, which our limited Personality prefers. When we are fully empowered by our Creative Expression, Pregnant Duration becomes a natural flow.

Pregnant Duration is experienced by shifts in time where either time is compressed or expanded. The paradox is the more we trust our experience to work out, the greater the distortions we experience in time. This means that when we are locked into minute-by-minute items to do or we have compressed, outer deadlines, we experience time in a linear way. Our mind becomes synchronized with the experience of time with others and we do not have an individual variation. Pregnant Duration allows us to leave the group mind-sync and experiment with different ways of seeing our own experience. When we get used to thinking in a non-linear way, it becomes easier to bring others into our experience of time. Some individuals report that they can see light emanating from their partners when they are in a Pregnant Duration framework. This is because, at this point, they are synchronizing with the truth of their partner and are synthesizing a higher, more unifying way of being. We call this experience creating a Mutual Truth. In relationships, this allows us to know how to deal with problems from our partner’s point of view, helping us anticipate what they need. When we operate in relationships using the Mutual Truth in our CNG space, even if our partner is not available, we can recreate what they would do. When having a Mutual Truth is practiced for a while, our partners are energetically connected to the CNG and we can feel their response to anything we post in it.

Pregnant Duration is the result of taking charge of our own experience of Time. It is a natural outcome of resolving the duality between our Emotions and Thoughts. When these are unified within us, we can discuss things with greater Wisdom and intellectual equanimity. This means we are not attached to what we are saying, as much as we are using Thoughts to move processes forward. It opens a greater depth to consider the power of Thoughts and Emotions as Transpersonal Content to both affirm and enrich others. This means that we do not need to prove what we know or pressure ourselves to convey it in any particular way. People can trust what we are saying because we have actually thought things through. It also means that there are easy ways we can explain our thinking that could help others with similar perspectives. This opens up Mutual Learning opportunities. As our Truth gets shared and their Truth is shared, Transpersonal Content develops. Many times, we need to let things incubate or find a new grounding before more complex and synthesized Wisdom can be introduced. People need to learn to take in information at the appropriate time to facilitate it being anchored appropriately. This is why the Compatibility Factor of Pacing is so connected with Pregnant Duration.

When we are around individuals who are not intellectually stable or clear, they can have a draining impact on us, particularly if they are caught up in Subjectification patterns. Their need to prove themselves places a demand that we conform to their one-dimensional thinking. People with Subjectification also require agreement to simply have a conversation. We can see when people are doing Subjectification patterns when they have little or no ability to process their own emotional and intellectual experience. Instead, they are using pre-constructed frameworks to anchor their personality views at the cost of any growth or development. Pregnant Duration creates more room for these individuals to experience the deeper aspects of their Truth, or lack of it, which can make them agitated. When we do a Common Neutral Ground, we can reduce this agitation by giving them time to unpack their experience by reframing the experience in a way that makes it more accessible to them. This involves taking more time between each concept so it sinks in, which makes another demand on us. We are helping them create their own Pregnant Duration. The key issue is not to force the process or think negative Thoughts about their way of engaging the process; this only amplifies their Subjectification.

When there is mutual Pregnant Duration, conversations flow magically. Synchronistic events occur that bring out possibilities that neither parties imagined. We end up not being able to predict what will occur because it so effectively Transforms our interpretive framework. As a result, we are frequently surprised by the breakthroughs that occur. Decision-making takes on a whole new interesting and playful form. In most of these situations, the humor and ironic elements emerge and we are able to see the picture from many different dimensions simultaneously. The more open we are, the more we are supported in developing Intuitive Discrimination. This is the ability to see the continuum of choices and not be blinded by our own Defense patterns. Intuitive Discrimination allows solutions to emerge that are not anguished or difficult, but rather clear and agreed on by everyone. The only problem that can arise is when individuals become either triggered, fall into Defensive positions, and/or cannot deal with their own fear; these limit their participation. When they realize that this is what is going on, it helps for them to take ownership of it so that they can see how to transcend these fears. What they need to do is to trust their body to relax, concentrate on their Stillness, and imagine flooding their personalities with pure, white light.

The best way to work out thorny problems is to start with acknowledging what you trust and what your vision is. The more we affirm, not just our personal truths, but how these are similar to the other people in the process, the more we can get in alignment where mutual expressions become more useful and powerful. This top-down approach allows us to work from our Motives, to our Attractions, and onto our Skills allowing us to engage whichever of our Personality problems are in the way. It is not useful to talk about Personality Fears and Desires before we talk about the bigger picture of Love, Light and Life energy. Otherwise, our Personality reactions will trigger the Personality reactions of others and we will soon be stalemated and locked in a situation with no way out. It is better by far to work from acknowledgements rather than any form of criticism. The small issues do not matter as long as the larger, centralizing issues are addressed. This all comes back to telling the truth about what makes us whole. When we cannot get to this wholeness, nothing will be solved.

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