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The Knowledge position gets seen for what we know. We are incredibly effective at ferreting out what is going on with all members of the family. We are usually the first ones called upon when people perceive there may be a problem in the family and want to confirm their suspicions. People feel comfortable with us and respect our opinions about what is really going on. Knowledge is the position usually assumed by the third child (although it is found in second-borns when intellectual merit is prized by the parents). Individuals born in the knowledge position excel at strategy, problem solving, quizzes and book learning. We distinguish ourselves by what we know, focus on our superior understanding, and feel generally not appreciated for our cleverness.

• Intellectual Strategies— Our favorite Attitude is Spiritualist, but we are found doing Idealist as well. This is because we are addicted to our “big ideas.” If we are not given enough attention, we can slide to Stoic or Skeptic.
Emotional Strategies— Our favorite Goal is Discrimination and occasionally Dominance, but both of these make it more difficult for our ideas to be accepted. Growth is the best overall emotional strategy to keep us moving.
Action Strategy— Observation is our natural mode of operation, but Power and Passion are natural allies in disseminating our ideas. If we are hurt repeatedly by expressing our ideas, we can adopt Caution and Reserve access to engage the world directly.
Body Type Preferences— We are most at ease with taller body types (such as Quiet Authority and Radiant Healer) unless we are heavily wounded by our upbringing. In such cases, we may adopt Speed Communicator, Group Anchor or Sporty Action body combinations.
Clues to Recognizing a Third-born— Knowledge types appear to be know-it-alls. We collect all kinds of information about people in order to have a way of connecting with them. (Note: The more evolved we are, the less we collect information to protect ourselves, and the more we do it to acknowledge others.)

Examples of Third-borns: Woodrow Wilson, Dwight Eisenhower, Patricia Nixon, Lady Bird Johnson, Rosie O’Donnell, Loretta Young, Judy Garland, Tom Hanks and Catherine Deneuve.

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