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Intuitive Level

On the Intuitive Motive level we are able to accept ourselves and recognize our natural strengths and weaknesses, enabling us to cooperate with others where they are. This creates the experience of Conscious Communion. In effect, we no longer try to impose our personality perspectives on others so we can get in flow with what is occurring. To the degree that we can embrace the paradox of multiple points of view, we can find ways to be resourceful within ourselves and with others so that solutions quickly emerge. Without anything to protect, we have everything to give. On the feminine side, our acceptance of others keeps us from being focused on their possessions because we realize that they are not how they look or what they have. The experience of inner serenity and presence allows us to let go of any attachments that keep us from fully engaging the other (Universal Dominion). On the masculine side we can appreciate our “goal-fitness” for any particular activity and in the process of life discover what is appropriate when interacting with others. In this way, we work in Unity and cooperate with the larger possibilities that emerge (Mutual Accomplishment). We are able to unify the masculine and feminine sides through the experience of sharing ourselves, which enables us to go beyond perceived creative self-limitations so that opportunities grow and manifest in countless new ways. This communion experience is called Conscious Participation.

When we operate in a state of Universal Dominion we embody the creative context of our feminine side, which supports being present with others under all circumstances. It is our ability to be present with our Self that allows us to be present and recognize when Greed, Personal Dominion and Idealized Trust exist in the relationship. When we operate in a state of Mutual Accomplishment we are able to see where we fully contribute who we are and can distinguish this from situations where our contribution will not be as great, which embodies our masculine side. The unity of Mutual Accomplishment increases our creative awareness about differences and similarities, enabling us to neutralize Arrogance, Personal Achievement, and Idealized Unity. When we operate in Intuitive Motives, we are able to respond to our environment and not get locked into pre-established patterns of activity. When we go unconscious we fall into patterns of self-denial where we end up using Guilt, Shame, and Blame to make our partners wrong and us right. With greater consciousness, we discover we can respond rather than react.

Intuitive motives occur when we are able to bring together the being of our masculine side with the becoming of our feminine side. Universal Dominion (the feminine embodiment of intent), Mutual Accomplishment (the masculine embodiment of intent) unify in the experience of Conscious Participation. Beliefs matter little at the level of Intuitive Motives, because it is our presence, our creative awareness and Self love that radiate possibilities from us. No longer do we need to hide out or limit our expressions by operating from historical conditioning. Instead, we come to accept what is, and work toward what will be. With Intuitive Motives we can accomplish this without resistance within ourselves, because we create the experience internally.  This means that we do not work against ourselves or possess opposing views that interfere with our complete manifestation. With the lower nine motives, dualistic perceptions of the situation always interfere with manifestation and produce unintended consequences.

Intuitive Motives bring together each individual’s masculine and feminine sides so the feminine (space), masculine (time) and the synergistic combination of these (energy) can open us up to greater creative opportunities. This non-conditioned freedom permits within us a state of being and becoming that enhances full creative expression. Intuitive Motives permit the blossoming of our ability to operate as co-creative partners in the world. This shift moves us from a personalized assertion of who we are as personalities, to an ownership of our ability to move things in new directions that enhance, uplift and awaken the potential of those around us. Individuals operating in intuitive motives can be identified by their enthusiasm, playfulness, and passion. They learn and grow together, and are able to operate without taking the limitations of others seriously. This does not mean they disrespect others for their limitations, but that they do not hold the limitations of others as inherently limiting their own personal expression or development.

To accomplish this, we need to be established in Universal Dominion, which is everyone’s right to be autonomous in their actions with others. The honoring of free will creates Universal Dominion. Honesty with humility results in an ability to share our truth harmlessly while realizing that it is only part of our truth that we are able to express. We are able to listen wholeheartedly to others and be present with them without becoming lost in their individual perspectives, which allows us to see the larger, common interconnecting truths at hand. This is Universal Dominion. Mutual Accomplishment is the capacity to engage a project without being attached to a goal or objective. Our purpose becomes one of passionate indifference, where we engage activities to see how to bring out the best opportunities to enhance our degree of connectedness with all things and thoughts. The greater the Unity we experience, the more we are naturally aligned in our energies and focus. Our power increases exponentially when we are able to focus on how we are working together to create an experience of Synergy. Finally, Conscious Participation is the experience of communion. When we are committed to showing up and engaging our process however it may emerge, we are free as co-creative agents to serve a larger Universal Intent.

On the intuitive level, the duality of our personality perspective and creative source becomes one. We can visualize this as the masculine and feminine within us becoming whole through their unification. This search for greater synthesis is what helps us to grow and become more sophisticated about the universe and its inner workings. For some of us this means that we no longer hold on to any fixed gender perspective, knowing that our power comes from manifesting our nature in each moment. As long as we don not get hooked into identifying our self as a physical form or set of possessions, or become identified with our ideas to the exclusion of our knowing, our consciousness can become the bridge to more enlightened modes of operating. In this way our ever-becoming process merges seamlessly into our existing being which transcends the perception of time. Can we simultaneously engage the power of space and time to create our ever- present energetic self-expression? Are we willing to embrace all aspects of our self and integrate all of these points of view into an integrated whole?

It is time now to see that our Intent, Content and Context are framing and packaging our experience in ways that make it more accessible. This means not only being more available internally, but in how others can connect to us. The Context represents the emptiness or sense of space as we engage our feminine side. The Content reflects growing detachment to ideas as a way of identifying who we are. Our Intent reflects how we balance both the masculine and feminine within ourselves in harmony with others. The more fluid and flexible we are the easier it is to creatively engage others who are flexible and fluid as well. Our fixations, or frozen aspects, actually reflect our fears (where we are contracted), which makes it difficult to be creative within our self or with others.

Let us see the relevance of becoming a conscious author of our experience by seeing beyond our conditioning and fear. Can we imagine that with greater investment in our self we can be more responsive to each an every moment’s possibility and therefore become more conscious of our life’s contribution? Are we willing to acknowledge that our inner design can emerge if we are willing to confront and master our fears? As we step into this possibility in an ever-deepening and broadening manner, let us imagine how paying attention to our inner process transforms the very nature of our being. Let us appreciate how we can increasingly transmute our habitual patterns and behavior, transform our thoughts, and transfigure our self-limited perceptions about who are as a creative being, enabling us to transcend our conditioning. This creative empowerment awakens us to the natural vulnerability we have as physical beings on the planet. Instead of ignoring or avoiding our vulnerability, we learn to embrace it and use it to keep us awake and alive. All it takes is to choose a path of evolutionary growth. 

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