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The Integrator accommodates all the different kinds of energy in the family and brings them together for the purpose of creating value in the group. When we are undeveloped, we accomplish this through self-compromise. As we evolve, we become better able to see creative differences and strengths and wield them together without compromise (either self or others). Integrator is the position usually assumed by the sixth child. Individuals born in the integrator position are great reporters of what is happening in their families, business organizations, and social groups or community organizations, because of unique abilities to express the gestalt of what’s around us. Our key quality is receptiveness and the immediate feedback we provide to our friends, associates and family.

• Intellectual Strategies— We love our pragmatic approach; believing that truth is both where you find it and how you see it. When we are in a playful mood, we can seem like spiritualists.
Emotional Strategies— Growth (by alternately expanding and contracting) is our primary means of collecting information, processing it, then discarding the unimportant things to find the inner reflection of others’ realities. Alternatively, relaxation is the other goal that integrators use to establish our own pace.
Action Strategies— Our favorite mode is observation, where we can be detached and independent enough to see what is going on without jumping to conclusions. When we do speak, it is usually with passion or power, reflecting the size of the group (larger more passionate vs. smaller more powerful).
Body Type Preferences— These are wide ranging for integrators. We could not identify specific preferences.
Clues to Recognizing a Sixth-born— We are identified by our perceptivity, our people assessment skills and our commitment to bring people together to produce results. (Note: When we are evolved, we express a greater sense of confidence and ease, otherwise, we are noted for our anxiety and impatience.)

Sixth Born Examples: John Travolta and Harriet Martineau.

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