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Inner Brilliance

This BodyType can be identified by studious and structured exterior, deductive powers, and meticulous natures. Our contributions are to bring out the collective wisdom of the group around us, to clarify and ground solutions on an intellectual level, and to focus on ways to bring harmony to a situation. Our lesson is to learn to speak our own truth without compromising ourselves to please others. We are also sensitive to the moon’s influences.

Physical/Psychological Characteristics — Luminescent, pale skin, fleshy; rounded face, stocky to slender build. Focused, patient, tenacious, sympathetic, receptive personality.
Strengths/Gifts — Deductive powers leading to educational opportunities, passive rather than externally active, introspective, calm, methodical, solitary, detailed and form oriented, could develop genius intellect
Weaknesses/Issues — Moody, poor digestion, weak liver, uncommunicative, unforgiving, and when depressed becomes destructive.
Examples: George Lucas, Woody Allen (Inner Brilliance / Speed Communicator), Truman Capote, Whoopi Goldberg (Inner Brilliance, Radiant Healer / Speed Communicator), Jeff Goldblum (Inner Brilliance / Quiet Authority), Paul Williams, Boy George and Andy Warhol.

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