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Group Anchor

This BodyType is identified by a maternal and caring way of being with many different types of people. Our contributions are our generous way of being with people, our capacity to hold space when others cannot understand what is being said, and our ability to re-engage people repeatedly. Our lesson is about allowing people to move us emotionally, intellectually, and intuitively in order to better support the group we are serving. We gather individuals around us like satellites.

Physical/Psychological Characteristics — Usually large, especially around waist, stout with large head, less body hair especially if male, large short necks, fleshy full-bodied. Magnanimous, able to generate our own light, philosophical.
Strengths/Gifts — Large-minded concern for others, compassionate, generous, kind, loyal, breadth of vision, well-directed, practical mental powers, sense of fairness and justice, flair for languages, mothering.
Weaknesses/Issues — Sudden change of interest, extravagant, poor health and eyesight. Indulgent, conceited wasteful at initial soul ages.
Examples: Arnold Schwarzenegger (Group Anchor / Sporty Action), Roseanne Barr (Group Anchor / Sporty Action), Dan Akroyd (Group Anchor / Safe & Supportive / Sporty Action), Rush Limbaugh (Group Anchor / Sporty Action/Safe & Supportive), Santa Claus, Orson Welles, Kenny Rogers (Group Anchor / Safe & Supportive) and John Goodman (Group Anchor / Sporty Action).

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