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Feminine Motives

Feminine Motives (Greed, Personal Dominion, Idealized Trust and Universal Dominion) reflect a continuum between being most attached (Greed) to being not attached at all (Universal Dominion). A lack of Attachment indicates spaciousness where new possibilities can emerge, without a pre-existing structure. The Feminine Motives reflect a state of Being where we can consider where to go from here. Each of these Motives is a greater stepping-stone (from the bottom to the top) in embodiment of our feminine expression). Each one increases the size of our Context and our ability to understand and put more things in perspective. In this way it is about becoming more spatially aware and present to others in more elegant and sophisticated ways. With each step we become more able to respond to the needs of others without losing ourselves in the process. We also discover resources within ourselves so we do not get easily distracted by solutions outside of us.

Others experience this evolution as being able to be more comfortable with us as we progress up the chart. It is a mystery and a paradox that the more feminine we become, the more we demonstrate greater proficiency in manifesting resources, while others cannot identify how we are doing this. This is because our greatest power is in silently influencing others by contextually creating solutions. While some fixate on our outer beauty, we know it is our inner beauty and harmony that drives this process. Universal Dominion is a state of Being where we embody all of the resources around us without actually having to own anything. Some would say it is our consciousness or wisdom awareness that has such an impact in the world. In this state, it is our ability to connect with everything that allows us to manifest our intentions.

The Motives framework teaches us how to work with others consciously. With each step of embodiment, we become more capable in creating better and more conscious relationships. The first issue is that we never try to lift others beyond their capacity to engage us. For example, if a person was operating in Greed and we tried to use Idealized Trust to meet them (two steps above), they would feel repulsed and judged because we did not acknowledge them where they are. Instead, a better way of engaging Greed is to use Personal Dominion (one step above) where we hold a personal space and seek to invite them into this space so they can be present with us. Since Greed is so isolating and has so much self-judgments, the only way to uplift them is to meet them directly above this isolating, separative space by making them realize their Greed is in service to their personal needs. Personal Dominion becomes a smaller step up that honors their capacity to choose better for themselves. Otherwise, they are caught in their Attachments to things and do not have the ability to relate easily to others.

Our Motives need to align if we are to work creatively with others. In every engagement situation there is a little negotiation process that happens as we synch up. Anytime one person demands too much of another, they withdraw. Conscious individuals use the Motive structure to establish the right kind of relationship in the best way possible without threatening others. If they are willing to take small steps forward and keep building the connection with others then, eventually, they can get others to engage more conscious, Intuitive Motives with them. When we do not recognize the Motive structure, we have little ability to improve the quality of the relationship, either immediately or in the long term. Remember, the key is: small steps, repeated frequently guarantee successful integration and clear, positive results.

It is important to remember that every person is a combination of masculine and feminine qualities. Many individuals get caught in fixed perceptions about their masculine or feminine identity due to gender and defensive self-identification frameworks. In order to grow in our Motives it is best to pace with the masculine side so that our mutual growth opportunities can be supported. As you have probably recognized by now, there is a feminine and masculine side, as well as an integrated combination of masculine and feminine that comes into play when we are balanced. Anyone attempting to developing one side of the chart at the cost of the other, will develop obstacles to unifying themselves in their Motive development with others. It promotes co-dependence in relationships where one partner adopts a masculine side and the other partner develops the feminine side. While we learn a lot about who we are not in these situations, we rarely embrace both our masculine and feminine when caught in codependent patterns.

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