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Fast or Higher Pacing (Above 55)

Higher-Paced individuals can become bored and impatient easily with lower-Paced individuals. We need to learn that our gift is to inspire and uplift people which, for us, does not require much time. As higher-Paced individuals, we also tend to automatically focus on our spiritual growth, but need to be reminded sometimes to ground our energy and focus and clarify our self-expression. We tend to be “context imploders” or change agents who love to take some icon, twist and turn it upside down, and then find a way to say it differently from anyone else.

We tend to also be “content-builders” where we put ideas together in new ways so that things can sync-up in the moment. In this way, higher-Paced individuals are always moving and engaging the process, not willing to settle down, for to do so would be to stagnate. This is why higher-Paced individuals like activity and fast-changing processes that can get things stirred up. While we want connection, we want people to have to reach for it.

When others are not willing to engage things at our speed, we disconnect, creating breaches of trust where the higher-Paced individual can become judgmental. This judgment shows up as being impatient or operating with a sense of urgency in order to get things on track. It is ironic that with all the “jamming” and/or desire we have to make things come together, we have difficulty aligning ourselves to the big picture that includes others. Instead, we use our ideas to make connections and hope for the possibility that this will lead to a greater degree of alignment. The more Intensity there is, the less likely that this will come to pass.

When we project intensity, it indicates that others didn’t appreciate our fast-Paced nature. Their Resistance or Inertia caused us to try to push through and overcome these obstacles. This reflects our fast-moving nature, and a desire to have people come into alignment with our own knowing in a situation. If others weren’t open or receptive to hearing what we were bringing through, we felt justified in making them engage the process. After all, it is for their own good. Unfortunately, the more Intensity we manifested, the more others would be agitated, making us realize that we have to pick our fights more selectively.

We also discovered that, if we were doing too much Intensity around people, they would leave us because they would get burned out with our demand that they grow and learn and be themselves. The real challenge that we experienced as a fast-Paced individual is that no one seemed to honor our intent and, therefore, we decided that we are justified in pushing forth our agenda. Other Pacing styled individuals tend to react to our Intensity over time, and therefore, we may feel that it is necessary to become more adaptive in order to get back into their good graces. This, of course, results in us repressing ourselves, which creates more problems.

Examples (C1): Fast-Paced Individuals

(some Intensity)

Grace Jones – Actress, known for movie, “Conan the Barbarian.”
Robin Williams – Comedian, Actor, TV Personality “Mork”, known for movies, “What Dreams May Come” “Dead Poets Society” and “Death to Smoochey.”
Janine Turner – Actress, known for her role on “Northern Exposure.”
Bette Midler – Comedian, Actress, known for the movie, “The Rose.”
Goldie Hawn – Comedian, Actress, known for her role on TV’s “Laugh-In” in the 1960’s and her recent movie, “The Banger Sisters.”
Mary Tyler Moore – Actress, known for her role on “The Dick Van Dyke Show” and “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”
Jerry Lewis – Comedian, Actor.
Lynn Andrews – Spiritual teacher, Author.
Prince – Singer, Songwriter, Actor.
Jimmy Hendrix – Singer, Songwriter, Actor.
Little Richard – Comedian, Actor.
Grace Kelly – Actress, Dancer.

Examples (C2): Fast-Paced Individuals with Slow-Paced Imprinting

(considerable Resistance)

Kirsti Alley – Actress, known for the movie, “Look Who’s Talking.”
Charlene Hunter Gault – Newscaster, previously on the PBS station. First girl to be racially integrated in a school in Mississippi under Governor Wallace.
Diane Sawyer – Newscaster.
Joan Crawford – Actress, known for the movie, “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane.”
Lauren Bacall – Actress, known for the movie, “Casablanca.”
Sammy David Jr. – Comedian, Actor, Entertainer.
Spike Lee – Film Director of numerous African-American themed movies.
Pat Schroeder – U.S. Congresswoman.
Barbara Boxer – Congresswoman from California.
Woody Allen – Comedian, Actor, film Director, known for the movies, “Sleeper” and “Hannah and Her Sisters.”
Meryl Streep – Actress, known for the movies, “Kramer vs. Kramer” and “Bridges Over Madison County.”
Jesse Jackson – Preacher, Political Activist.
Nancy Reagan – Wife of former President Ronald Reagan.
Jim Carey – Actor, known for the movies, “Cable Guy” and “The Grinch.”
Demi Moore – Actress, known for the movie, “Striptease.”
Jane Fonda – Actress, Political Activist.
Katherine Hepburn – Actress.
Billy Graham – Religious leader.
Cher – Actress, known for her role on “The Sonny and Cher Show.”
Diana Ross – Singer, Actress.
Madonna – Singer, songwriter, cultural icon.

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