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Facilitators not only have to be aware of people’s creative patterns, but must also be able to focus the attention and interest of the group in constructive ways so it moves the process of learning forward. This requires an openness, curiosity and desire to explore possibilities with others while honoring who they are. Most important is group Common Neutral Ground skills where we learn to invite people to step into new opportunities.

Naomi Bauer is currently trained in leading Loving Our Creative Self, Owning Our Experience and Defensive Healing, and has led several playshops. She has been in the program for ten years. She has steadily engaged more of the Higher Alignment work than most practitioners. She has literally grown into her vision. She has become an advocate of the Agni yoga teachings, and reads most of the Alice Bailey work. She Co-Facilitates many of the offerings currently on the schedule.

Tom Faggiano was originally involved in this program when it began in California and currently resides in Santa Cruz. He is qualified to teach Creative Uniqueness and Common Neutral Ground classes.

Julia Sherman has been involved in the program for five years and is currently co-leading all public presentations regarding the Creative Assessment program, and becoming qualified to teach Creative Uniqueness.

Karen Thorson is the primary lead trainer for the Visionary Actualization class, and she has been a Co-Facilitator for Inner Seeing, Shaping Our Attractions, Healing Idealization, The Four Levels of Relationship and the Skills Development program. She has been involved in the work for fifteen years.

Luke Addington is one of the first individuals to become qualified in Co-Facilitating Higher Alignment courses. He has been in the work for seventeen years and has taught almost all the courses at one time or another. He currently focuses on Inner Seeing and Common Neutral Ground training.

Michael Catalano is in charge of the Facilitator Program, and he currently works with Naomi Bauer, who is a Coach, Facilitator and a partner in managing the process.

Sandy Jaquith, Diane Whiddon and Bodi Mack are currently Facilitator Trainees.

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