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Executive Management Team

The Executive Management Team establishes policies, determines the timing and development of programs, and provides guidance in several different functional areas. It operates in advisory status as well as providing functional support as needed in the day-to-day functioning of the organization. Its primary operational timeframe is six months to a year, although it does conduct annual reviews and generates 3-year projections. This team has been in existence for the last three years.

Luke Addington is our Director of Coaching Training and has been doing this for ten years. Luke has been the main enthusiast for expanding the Coaching program so that it can be made available to more people. He has also taken over the presentation of the Creative Uniqueness course as it directly relates to the coaching process. He is also certified as a Facilitator for many of the Higher Alignment courses.

Michael Catalano is our Director of Facilitator Training and has been doing this for the last five years. He is also heavily involved in and is writing books on the Authentic Life Expression program. He has been a strong proponent for policies and structures that have supported the organizations growth and development. As we all know, it is good to have at least one stickler around.

Anna Karin has been committed to this work for the last thirty years. She currently does new product development and is being prepared for the leadership of the next generation. She is currently living in Florida, but this does not prevent her from logging into our systems in Boulder, Colorado, and doing video editing and production work.

Larry Byram is the Founder of Higher Alignment, Creative Alignment and Alignment Technologies. He focuses now on Program Development. He has been working on this work for the last thirty years. He is mainly presenting courses and transferring the fourteen books he has written into website copy, with graphics.

Sandy Jaquith is a relative newcomer to our group, being in the work only four years. She is now the Director of Organization and Finance. She is also our legal counsel and performs various functions in marketing, as well. While she would not want to be identified as our Office Manager, she gets everyone else to do that for her, so in effect, she is that, as well. While some people think she is difficult, I think her redeeming quality is that she can admit when she does not know something, or when she is wrong (which she would say is rare).

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