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Editing and Graphics Team

The Editing and Graphics Team is absolutely necessary to make this material more accessible to the large numbers of people that would find it valuable. Editors and graphics individuals spend many hours reviewing the material we put up to make sure it meets our standards. Many individuals have contributed in this way over the years and we are so grateful for their support.

Naomi Bauer has spent considerable time documenting Compatibility Factors, Motives, Attractions and Skills to clarify Creative Assessments. She has been also editing the class slides. She has often been thrown into administrative tasks that she hated until we could find someone else to do them. She gets lots of bonus points for this. Fortunately, she now gets to do mostly what she wants to do, and this has made her life much more enjoyable.

Tamzin Williams has contributed over many years to many of the books and publications by editing them and providing graphics support to illustrate the HA processes.

Allegra completed the final edit of the Common Neutral Ground document in record time. She has been with Higher Alignment for almost twenty years. She speaks many languages and is very picky about punctuation.

Diane Whiddon is our resident marketing expert and is responsible for our large-scale publications on iBooks and Amazon. She consults with us to make sure that our web technologies are expanding our visibility, particularly with social media.

Connie Garrett helps with class copy, promotional setup and final editing of critical materials. She is the most diligent editor we have ever had.

Tammarie Trodgon has been transcribing various classes to help reorganize information and make it available to new people in new ways.

Sandy Jaquith has been focused on clarifying and standardizing new material so that people will be able to quickly process it and think about it in new ways.

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