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Eccentrics have to be seen as different from their siblings. We emphasize our unique character by pushing ourselves on others without their agreement or acceptance. Most of the time we are accepted by others as we are because otherwise we would become an even greater burden to be dealt with. The best circumstance arises when our uniqueness is needed by the family. This can promote a greater sense of love, bonding and acceptance within our family.

Eccentric is the position usually assumed by the fifth child. Born in the eccentric position, we use our uniqueness and differences to be seen, if not accepted. Our interests shock others into awareness by presenting the typically unthinkable options. We accomplish this with our contrarian mindset (what typical people think, eccentrics think the opposite). We are not usually understood, but at times are admired for our unabashed individuality.

• Intellectual Strategies— We love playing the cynic or skeptic but underneath we are closet idealists. Many of us operate with an attitude of Realist, but won’t be found operating as Pragmatists—that would mean selling out.

Emotional Strategies— We end up with goals of dominance, discrimination or even growth, taking a more independent emotional stance.
Action Strategies— We typically are assertive, with operating modes of aggression, perseverance and power, although we can be seen occasionally in observation mode.
Body Type Preferences— We prefer tall, focused body types such as Quiet Authority, Inner Brilliance or Radiant Healer. Occasionally we may be a Speed Communicator or Sporty Action combination to add different emphasis.
Clues to Recognizing a Fifth-born— An Eccentric is a contrarian who does not want to agree for the sake of agreement. Instead, we are always proposing something better, more, or different. (Note: The more evolved we become, the less we believe that oppositional arguments lead to better solutions.)


Examples of fifth-borns: Virginia Woolf, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Catherine of Aragon, Enya, May Allison, and Mary Ann Even (Author & Free-Thinker).

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