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Divergent Approach

In relationships, divergent individuals seek to experiment with many potential solutions, simultaneously. We typically feel uncomfortable with rigid time frames and pre-organized structure because of the belief that these create compromised solutions. The divergent problem solver wants to create as many options as possible to see what “shows up” as the optimal solution. Even if the best solution is just around the corner, the Divergent problem solver will maintain the possibility that other variables, of which they generate many, could provide an even better solution.

Divergent individuals can be identified by how they:

•   Honor chaos and freedom to do something new.
•   Acting as if they are more interested in research and troubleshooting than action.
•   Lack willingness to initially commit to anything.
•   Procrastination when things don’t go the way they expect (need time).
•   Come up with a new option that completely changes the direction and believe that somehow others should automatically see the benefit of it, trust them and follow their lead.
•   Counted on to avoid eliminating choices up front and their ad hoc ability to create solutions in the moment.
•   Take on projects that are extremely complex just for the challenge of it.
•   Switch contexts in mid-discussion without notifying anyone.

Divergent individuals always start by surveying the situation to determine all the possible options. We take time to investigate the most likely options and typically feel the need to involve others who will be affected in the process to provide input. As Divergent individuals, we want to make sure that the results are worth the effort; therefore, we create elaborate plans and attempt to co-ordinate activities in such a way that people are working together and are more interdependent. This is diametrically opposite to Convergent individuals who seek to promote more personal responsibility rather than group responsibility.

As strong Divergent's, we want to engage everything in the universe to ensure nothing is left out of our solutions. This is the reason we have large context. Unfortunately, having this large of context means we are much slower at processing all the possibilities. Our expanded scope tends to focus us on the inter-connections between all things, so we don’t focus in on any basic time frame. This is why most of us as Divergent individuals ignore the time frame issues of others and distance ourselves from people that want to constrict what they do. The key to understanding our Divergent approach is to recognize that while we may be slow in accessing and making sure something is right, when it is right, we can move with astounding accuracy and finesse.

Convergent's commonly underestimate the power of Divergent's to manifest larger possibilities than they are imagining. Many Divergent individuals can be working on two or three things simultaneously. We cam astound others with our implementation capability when all these projects simultaneously manifest. One primary reason Artisans have the ability to multi-task and get in to “burst” mode is because they are more likely to be divergent individuals in their decision-making. Simply put, as Divergent decision-makers, we build skills and understandings of things and hoard them away, out of sight of everyone else, until it is time to manifest them. Then, we commonly astound people with our understanding and integration of many activities at the same time.

A Divergent individual is more comfortable not starting a project until everything is in line and resources are available. We tend to take time, even more than the Convergent individual, in the implementation process to make sure we are not making mistakes. Our goal is to make sure that we have included everything in the process and anticipated all the possible consequences that would keep us from our goal. For this reason, we liken them to a home run hitter who is willing to take more strikes if they can hit it over the fence more often. Our goal as a Divergent individual is to make sure that everyone around us will appreciate the good we are doing for years to come.

To Convergent people, this seems like a sacrifice because they expect more consistent results. Their fear is Divergent people are unrealistic, ungrounded, and lack any practical insights about how to accomplish things. Divergent decision-making is amplified by a Disarming defense style, Feel-first processes, and low pacing. Primary creative energies that would tend to be more Divergent are Artisan, either as primary or secondary energy, which also amplifies Divergent decision-making. All the following people are Divergent.

Examples:(C1) Strictly Divergent (About 9% of the U.S. population)

These individuals could have some Divergent imprinting over their Divergent nature, making them second-guess themselves.

Sandra Bullock – Actress, known for the movie, “Miss Congeniality”
Michael Jackson – Singer, Entertainer, Actor.
Marilyn Monroe – Actress, sexy star of the 1950-60’s; movie, “Some Like It Hot”
Drew Barrymore – Actress, known for movie, “Boys on the Side” and “E.T.”
Dudley Moore – Actor, known for movie, “Arthur” and “10”
Teri Garr – Actress; known for film, “Oh, God”
Meg Ryan – Actress, known for movies, “When Harry Met Sally”, “Sleepless in Seattle”, “You’ve Got Mail”, and “Courage Under Fire”
Prince – Singer
Meryl Streep – Actress, known for movies, “Kramer vs. Kramer”, “The River Wild”, “Sophie’s Choice”, “Ironwood”, and “The Hours”
Pee Wee Herman – T.V. Personality, Actor, known for children’s TV show “Pee Wee Herman’s Playhouse”
Kim Bassinger – Actress, known for movie, “9 1/2 Weeks”
Albert Einstein – Physicist, famous for the “Theory of Relativity”
Warren Beatty – Actor, known for movies, “Shampoo”, “Reds”, and “Ishtar”
Johnny Depp – Actor, known for movie, “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”
Arsenio Hall – Actor, Talk Show Host.
Goldie Hawn – Actress, Activist, known for her role on “Laugh In” in the 1960’s and her most recent movie, “The Banger Sisters”
Elton John – Singer/Songwriter
Bo Derek – Actress, known for the movie, “10.”
Alan Alda – Actor, known for his role in “Mash.”

Examples:(C2) Divergent with Convergent Imprinting; (About 12% of the U.S. population)

These people could have Divergent imprinting as well, which would make them second-guess themselves.

Val Kilmer – Actor, known for movie, ”Batman”
K.D. Lang – Singer/Songwriter, Actress
Danny DeVito – Actor, known for movie, “Twins”; and T.V. sitcom, “Taxi”
Patrick Stewart – Actor, played Captain Picard in “Star Trek: Next Generation”
Donald Trump – Famous real estate tycoon
Liza Minnelli – Singer, Entertainer, Actress
Colin Powell – Current Secretary of State in the Bush administration
Mia Farrow – Actress, played in many Woody Allen (ex-partner’s) films
Mark Harmon – T.V. Actor
Jesse Jackson – Preacher, Political Activist
Bill Cosby – Comedian, Actor, remembered for the “Bill Cosby Show.”
Jeff Goldblum – Actor, known for the movies, “The Fly” and “The Big Chill”
William Shatner – Actor, remembered as Captain Kirk in “Star Trek”
Dennis Hopper – Actor, known for the movies, “Blue Velvet” and “Easy Rider”
Martin Sheen – Actor, known for the movie, “Apocalypse Now” and “Wall Street”
Phil Donahue – Talk show host
Elvis Presley – Singer, Entertainer, Actor; Song, “Blue Suede Shoes”
David Bowie – Singer/Songwriter, Actor
Ralph Nader – 2002 Green Party’s U.S. Presidential candidate
Walter Matthau – Actor, known for movie, ”A New Leaf” and TV’s “Odd Couple”
Spike Lee – Director of numerous African-American themed movies
Ted Turner – Founder of “CNN” 24-hour TV news network
Gene Hackman – Actor, known for movie, “Behind Enemy Lines”
Robin Williams – Comedian, Actor, known for movies, “What Dreams May Come”, “Good Morning Vietnam”, and “Mrs. Doubtfire”; was Mork in TV’s “Mork & Mindy”
Oliver Stone – Film Director, known for making films that pursue conspiracy theories regarding historical events; movie, “Full Metal Jacket”
Nick Nolte – Actor, known for movies, “48 Hours” and “Prince of Tides”
Jim Carey – Actor, known for movie, “Cable Guy”
Woody Allen – Writer, Director, Actor, known for numerous movies, “Sleeper”, “Annie Hall”, “Play It Again, Sam” and “Hannah and Her Sisters.”
Allen Ginsburg – Buddhist poet, Author
Walt Disney – Cartoonist, creator of Disneyland
Dan Akroyd – Comedian, Actor, known for movie, “Ghost Busters”
Dustin Hoffman – Actor, known for movies, “Midnight Cowboy” and “Tootsie”
Brad Pitt – Actor, known for movie, “Meet Joe Black”
Jerry Garcia – Singer/Songwriter, known for band, “The Grateful Dead”
Michael Keaton – Actor, known for the movie, “Multiplicity” and “Batman”

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