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Cultural Differences

Below are some BodyType differences commonly found in different cultures. (It is also interesting to note that different cultures have predominant BodyType orientations that define the standards of beauty for them):

• Chinese — Inner Brilliance and Quiet Authority
• English—Quiet Authority and Inner Brilliance
• German—Sporty Action / Group Anchor
• Latin—Safe & Supportive / Speed Communicator
• Greek—Speed Communicator and Quiet Authority
• Eskimo—Inner Brilliance / Sporty Action
• Hawaiian—Safe & Supportive/Group Anchor
• Irish—Sporty Action / Safe & Supportive
• United States—Quiet Authority / Sporty Action
• Mexican—Safe & Supportive and Speed Communicator
• Japanese—Speed Communicator / Radiant Healer
• Polish—Radiant Healer / Inner Brilliance


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