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A Full Creative Assessment is comprised of 15 Compatibility factors, which you can purchase on our store and event site at You can also purchase a Mini Creative Assessment, where we cover the seven main Compatibility factors. This is the best way to start the process at a very low price. Compatibility Assessments are the foundation of many additional assessments we will be providing as an organization. The value of an assessment is that it gives us a roadmap to understanding our selves and where we should be making greater investments in our Authentic Life Expression. Eventually, we will be offering other assessments that go into greater depth regarding our Authentic Life Expression, the compatibility issues between two individuals (friends, romantic couples and business associates). Other examples of how to apply this technology is by finding out how to operate with a particular judge and in selecting the right counsel to maximize our chances of success, how we as parents can best support our children, and in a business context, how we can choose members of a team who would most align with the people and goals of the group, 

Many individuals wonder about the 900 or so algorithms that define what works and does not work. It is hard for people to understand that how we relate to people can be broken down and identified in advance of meeting any particular individual. It seems magical that we can identify what the concerns and issues between individuals will be without ever meeting them. This is because we have analyzed thousands of reactions that people can have with others and ranked them by situation and importance. While our algorithms are not 100% accurate, they are completely predictive, particularly in times of stress.

In most cases, the Assessments themselves are highly educational because they will tell us what not to do with this particular person and how not to trigger them. We will be as instructive with what to do to make things the best they can be. It is important to understand that we are not in the business of judging you or your partners. When we point out conflicts, we see them as the combination of factors rather than one person doing something to another. When we do tell you, for example, that the relationship will last 18-24 months, it is assuming no changes will be instituted. Of course, we encourage you to change the direction of your relationship so it can grow and become more satisfying for the both of you.

We organize the assessments so they are affordable and for people to get additional information should they so desire. There are two ways this occurs: first, by ordering additional assessments that cover different areas and including different people in their lives. By purchasing a package of Mini or Full Assessments so that you can get more of a sense of the kind of people you have been attracting and how well they meet you. Secondly, coaching appointments with one of our coaches are available to explore how you could deepen your understanding of what you represent as an individual. In these sessions, you can also get some compatibility feedback to help you understand the kinds of patterns that have worked or have not worked in the past.

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