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From this larger perspective, CNG is a unifying technology for conscious acceptance of our own destiny. It is a roadmap for healing ourselves and being the best person we can be. While we have not fully acknowledged how Motives, Attractions and Skills contribute to this process, they cannot be understated. This means that when you add Compatibility Factors, we have four perceptual frameworks that guide our development, which are then unified by a CNG. The CNG is the comprehensive framework where our lessons become our reality. On a more practical level, CNG helps us clarify and accept our Beauty, Truth and Goodness. It does this by providing a way to process Sensations, Feelings, Emotions and Thoughts so they become an integrated way of expanding our Creative Nature. This is why we have several different training programs for CNG that take advantage of these different sets of tools.

  As the diagram CNG Skills Embodiment suggests, there is a growth in consciousness as we adopt different levels of Skills. On Level 1, we create an independent personal space, which can be differentiated from others on Level 2. This leads us, at Level 3, to create a common space together and on Level 4, to re-create our experiences within it. At this point, we are operating in a Transpersonal framework by not empowering Personality reactions as the reason for connecting. Co-Embodiment (Level 5), Mutual Learning (Level 6) and Synergistic Actions (Level 7) are steps toward being able to manifest creatively with others. The more we pay attention to these practices, the more discriminating we will be in our capacity to make a difference in the world. The embodiment of these Skills is now up to us. Alignment Technologies will be assisting this process as much as possible with classes and additional writings.

This document discussed how to create and maintain conscious, co-creative relationships. It provided insights about common problems on each level and made suggestions about how to overcome these difficulties through awareness. It also demonstrated the importance of CNG and the ability of CNG to be a reflective tool for our awareness. The more we affirm CNG, the more we can accidentally create problems and still recover. In this way, the CNG is a buffer to keep us from making unexamined assumptions and projecting them on our partner. The ultimate goal of this process has been to demonstrate that we can manifest Co-Creative Partnerships if we understand and integrate the Intent, Content, and Context. While we have broken down these elements into many different aspects, it is the synthesis of this process that makes it creatively powerful.

For some individuals CNG is a mystical path. This is because the more we show up, the more we attract experiences that we need at exactly the right time and speed to optimally move us forward. These experiences point to how Attractions (both conscious and unconscious) seem to bring in exactly the right lesson at the right time. More than this, we also seem to be able to select, out of thousands of interactions, the exact person who gives us feedback as only they uniquely can. What this reflects is that all of our lessons are naturally graduated from kindergarten through college. The CNG process itself is the classroom assessment process, which determines when and where we will graduate. This is also why WorldView seems to mirror these lessons in conscious growth. The value of a CNG is that it gives us an idea of what we need to honor and how we need to honor something in ourselves and with others to move forward.

On the opposite side, CNG can also be considered a science. The more we test various practices to determine the best way to relate to others, the more effective we are. Higher Alignment not only suggests practices and perspectives that will improve relationships, but also highlights the principles that make success possible. Life, Light and Love (or the denial of same) are the key frameworks that are navigated. The Higher Alignment Tools (Compatibility Factors, Motives, Attractions, Relationship Skills and Common Neutral Ground) allow us to understand the choices before us. They provide the building blocks for creating whatever type of relationships we want. The outcomes are predictable, customizable and generative. We hope your will use the Higher Alignment Tools to make your life more fulfilling.

Similar to a physics discussion where we can view the world in terms of particles or waves, CNG is both an art and science, depending on how we approach it. Looking at it from a scientific perspective, it is a graduated consciousness-measurement process where Beauty, Truth and Goodness become embodied within us. As our experience becomes more unified and refined, we see different perspectives. This empowers us to solve problems with a greater variety of outcomes. The way we accomplish this is by making observations in different environments or choices. When we take on certain lessons, we eventually embody and transcend them, creating greater understanding of what action to take. Ongoing exploration turns this personal discovery process into a mutual discovery process. The result is the science of Right Relationships.

Congratulations for reading this document. It is a lot to take in. It reflects over thirty years of research, testing and refinement about relationship dynamics. Each aspect of this process is expanded on in many different classes that we have produced over the years. If you have not received feedback about your Compatibility Factors yet, a Creative Assessment is in order. The benefit of this feedback is that others can usually better distinguish who you are from your parents when you are new to this work. Finally, you have now realized how there are many opportunities to engage and create new and better relationships. Consider who in your life has the capacity to engage this process and share it with them. You are invited to send this document to all your friends, partners and business associates. With your support more enlightened individuals will step into the world of Right Human Relationships. Thank you for your commitment to a more creatively empowered World.

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