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Completing Personality Integration

Completing our Personality Integration starts with de-emphasizing our personality conflicts so our Creative resourcefulness emerges. What we want to occur is to re-direct our energy, time and space to our higher development. To accomplish this we need to operate less from our personality and more from our Creative Self. Some individuals distract themselves through engrossing creative service projects where they have limited time to process personality issues. Others work on one issue at a time, so the overall personality load is reduced. Objectification, Subjectification and Idealization are the load factors we will confront to determine if we have the capacity to neutralize these issues. Each of these factors creates an overhead that minimizes our creativity. Until we can direct more than 50% of our energy toward Creative Actualization, Personality Integration will take years rather than months.

CNG is anchored in our hearts. As previously discussed, there are three energy circuits that open up when we shift from our defensive framework to a co-creative framework. This is the connection to our physical body through our Hara center (four inches below our navel), the connection to our mind through our Brow center and the connection to our desire body through our hearts. When these channels are open we no longer feel isolated. Instead, we feel potent through our experiences of Pleasure, Power and Passion. With these three energetic connections to ourselves, we are fully energetic and conscious participants in the world. Creating the CNG with these three sources of support is easy and powerful. As we build proficiency in the CNG, these three frameworks become more integrated and unified, opening up and consolidating our perceptions, not only of ourselves, but of others in our presence. We start to become more discriminating about our uses of our energy. This allows us to differentiate our experience from the experience of others easily, while being conscious of both.

As a result, we build energetic reserves of Life, Light and Love energies within us. This greatly assists us in being able to respond and maintain connections under any circumstance or situation. Most individuals at this level of consciousness use a CNG with almost everyone they meet. This means, in all of their relationships, they are either leading or co-sponsoring a CNG so there is greater harmony and less personality conflict in their experience. Their lack of attachment to personality issues along with their embodied creativity makes it difficult for others to attack them. This additional energy can be invested to complete the Personality Integration process. This opens us up to purify our self by embracing greater Aliveness, Wisdom and Awareness. Through Aliveness, our labor purifies the body. The refinement of our Wisdom purifies our mind. Striving for Awareness purifies and uplifts our desires. Higher Alignment is the result and synthesis of these three processes. Alignment of these processes becomes the Holy Grail of our striving toward becoming better human beings, providing the energy to generate Co-Creative Relationships.

There are three areas of investment, which allow us to purify and release our Attachments, Positions and Projections. By releasing our Attachments to how things are, we can entertain new possibilities. Attachments (such as cars, houses, phones) consume our Intent consciousness thereby reducing our focus, reducing our ability to concentrate. This is because we have invested a lot of our Life energy in these Attachments. Most importantly, we cannot act spontaneously in alignment with our overall Intent without having to think about it. This is why labor performed meticulously and diligently in service to our overall Intent is such an effective tool in building our Life energy momentum.

Jealousy and willful ignorance are indicators that we are caught in Objectification patterns. What we wish to avoid is taking on the guilt of others. We fear others will victimize us if we are considered needy or unable to take care of ourselves. This encourages us to act as if our exterior (or appearance) is everything, so that we view life in a detached manner that randomly manifests. In this way we do not need to be responsible for anything internal that provides different input. We heal Objectification through Stillness, Aliveness and the clean expression of our Intent (Sensations and Feelings) with Life energy.

Another way to build Life energy is to use concentration exercises, where we imagine how we would do something and then completely implement this task. What makes Attachments problematic is the way they hinder and distract us from taking action. Attachments define us in terms of things, causing us fear when we lose them. Anytime we compromise our actions to protect an existing Attachment, it creates a loss of momentum, from which we may never recover. When we see our Attachments as extensions of ourselves, they become an unconscious burden keeping us stuck where we are. However, some individuals, in pursuit of greater safety, need their Attachments to fill the hole created by their denied and discounted Feelings and Sensations. However, when we affirm our Sensations and Feelings, we affirm our existence and body awareness, which gives us the power to express ourselves in action. This creates Pleasure.

Labor purifies our bodies, by aligning our Motives. When we perform labor in alignment with our Authentic Life Expression, we show ourselves that our fears will not get in the way of our commitments. We purify our actions by dedicating them to serve our constituents. Our constituents can be our family, friends and partners, as well as those who interact with us in our work life. This process, where we seek opportunities to demonstrate Universal Dominion, Mutual Accomplishment and Conscious Participation invite others to follow us on our path. It takes away any need for self-promotion or getting credit for what we do, as it is a shared endeavor. We learn about the paradox of being 100% personally responsible for the results in our life. We also learn the value of sharing credit and acknowledging others’ contributions so they are motivated to continue to work with us. This releases our energies so that others can confront their fear of what success would mean to them. We are committed to making our contributions (which unifies our physical connection to ourselves) so that we could share this energy in a CNG. In this way, we share our life energies so that larger possibilities can occur. This Transmutes any remaining fear as we move forward together.

Purification can Transmute our defensive Positions when we hold onto a past perspective as a way to create a false sense of security. When we release our Attachment to Knowing, it opens us up to Wisdom. This means our Thoughts and Emotions are free and we possess the choice to engage them as we would like. This occurs when we do not identify with either a Thought or Emotion, or try to possess it. Ironically, the more we subjectify and identify with our Thoughts or Emotions, the less useful they are in supporting us. Instead, we realize they are dead, defensive structures with no Light or Truth energy. Alternatively, Thoughts and Emotions can be experiential Content, which allows us to build more refined and in-depth, quality experiences. We become positional when we believe that every Thought or Emotion is us. This leads us to take on the defensive perspective that if these Thoughts or Emotions represent us, we must either protect or take credit for them.

Narcissism and Self Entitlement are indicators that we are caught up in Subjectification patterns. We do not want our Positions to be challenged. We seek to avoid being shamed. We are concerned about what others think, particularly their judgments. What we fear is compromise and corruption when we make choices that have the potential to maximize our benefits while minimizing the possibilities for others. This encourages us to think as if interiors (our thoughts) are everything, so that we to view information as something we need to manufacture to make an impact. Instead of building differences, we need to focus on similarities. We heal Subjectification through Solitude, Wisdom and the harmless expression of Content (Thought and Emotions) with Light energy.

If we view our experiences as reflections of our Modalities (Sensations, Feelings, Emotions and Thoughts), we can see ourselves as a Creative Being rather than a defensive identity. Purification of Positions occurs by not taking thought and emotional perspectives personally. When we become attached in this manner, we lose some part of our experiential framework and become more committed to re-experiencing what we want to experience. This distorts our reality and reduces our ability to grow. We see the results of this in Objectification, Subjectification and Idealization. Meditation is another practice that assists us in releasing us from Attachments to Thoughts and Emotions. When we release these Attachments, we need to reinvent who we are as a Creative Being. This requires self-forgiveness for all the ways we have hurt ourselves, by identifying with our Defenses. Since Defenses attract opposite partners, we come to realize we set this pattern up of denial, conflict and resentment. When we clear out our Attachments to our Thoughts and Emotions, it clarifies our Content and allows us to remain present in our moment-to-moment experience.

Inclusive Knowing arises from engaging life lessons and Attractions. True Power is the ability to integrate the creative gifts of others with our own. By continuing to process our experience by including others, we become more effective at distinguishing the personal from the transpersonal. Reactions on the defensive level are the results of discounting Thoughts or Emotions and having partners who are different. By refining our experience through concentration, meditation and contemplation we detach from our unconscious need to put ourselves first and escape the narcissistic perspective that everything needs to align with our perspective. Experience is the core value we have as humans and refinement through discrimination of our experience is the only way we expand our perspective. We accomplish this by choosing higher Attractions and creating more conscious interdependent lessons that we can complete with others. This attracts more conscious individuals into our lives.

If we can consider that we can inclusively engage the Emotions and Thoughts of others without reacting to them, then we have assumed ownership of our Creative Being. This is the door to transpersonal growth and development. It leads us to consider that shared ideas are more valuable than personal breakthroughs. Shared ideas can become memes that transform society. What this teaches us is that Content is important but can never independently make things work without connecting to the complete Context. This supports us in moving to see the larger lessons behind our Attractions. It requires that we pay attention to Aliveness, Wisdom and Awareness as the central indicators of where we need to place our attention. These Attractions focus us on how we can unite our gifts with others. We learn that our lessons will guide us to greater transparency.

Purification extends to our desires. While separative desires worked for us as unconscious individuals, the more conscious we become, the more restrictive and self-sabotaging separative desires become. This is because mixed Motives come into play. Greed and Arrogance are good examples of separative desires. Greed is where we become lost in the need for something, to the point of not even being able to accept it when we get it. Arrogance is the false belief that we can prove our intelligence through superficial understanding, when actually it only proves how limited our Thoughts are. These separative desires keep us from being abundant or smart. When these submerged desires occur in a conscious individual, there is an inner awareness that they are not aligned with our overall Creative Nature. This means there is a conflict going on within us between doing what is best or doing what our fears tell us to do.

Envy and self-righteousness are indicators that we are caught up in idealization lessons. We seek to avoid being blamed. What we fear is to be caught in self-aggrandizement where we are seen as taking more than we deserve. This encourages us to project our weaknesses on them hoping they will overlook our neediness, so that they can appreciate our perfection. What is difficult is that we do not deal well with differences in perception. We heal Idealization through Silence, Awareness and the full spacious expression of our Context (Emotions and Feelings) with Love energy.

If we were able to shift into transpersonal desires, abundance and intelligence would be fully available and higher Motives would prevail. The underlying issue is that we need to let go of the projection to prove ourselves, and instead, support mutual abundance and intelligence. This means letting go of comparison games so everyone can flourish. Since what we cannot accept in ourselves is what we project on others, this process also creates a lot of conflict in the world. If we ended projections tomorrow, there would no longer be class distinctions, racial divides or animosity about social standing. By uplifting our desires, we build real connections with others that cannot be sabotaged by their projections. This is because we do not take on their fears or react to their defensive concerns. We can still build a strong connection with them, however, because we are not taking their Idealization or other distortions personally. We start to imagine what could be achieved by being present to what is going on. Contemplation is another practice that is useful in reducing projections because it helps us to see differences in a larger Context so they can be addressed. This allows us to affirm and create a clear space with others.

Appropriate Being is a result of the full expression of Relationship Skills. It is not just the skills themselves that matter, but the consciousness that arises when the skills are used beneficially to uplift ourselves and others. The subtlest of the skills are Mutual Learning, Physical Discernment and Co-Creativity. The more refined we become in our ability to relate to others, the more we come to accept that our ability to predict each option is greatly limited. Up until now, we can see that Compatibility Factors are easy predictors of potentials in relationship. However, once we are fully conscious of Compatibility Factors they do not limit us and we are often surprised by the affection we have for someone not predicted to be a great match. This is the exercise of free will. We can find ourselves challenged with many polarized choices and yet still want to be in a relationship because of our differences. Some of this harkens back to believing that we need Intensity to succeed in relationships. But it could also be true that that our affection, Admiration and Adoration can emerge around certain choices just because it feels right with this person in this situation. We need to follow our hearts and recognize that sometimes we need challenges to truly commit to a positive course of action.

The most important issue is how we are relating to the universe. We want to be able to love our Creative Self and recognize that it is though our contributions that we see our true nature. Striving indicates that we are fully engaged in the process and there is no easy way to back out. With striving, our Aliveness, Wisdom and Awareness naturally manifest. Striving requires sacrificing our Personality self for our Creative Self, which is an indication of personality integration. This is because we must first affirm the highest within us before we can merge the subservient aspects of our personality. We need our Personality identity to choose to serve our Creative Nature to unify our Self. Building Our Life, Light and Love energies greatly facilitate this process.

The practices of purifying our Attachments, Positions and Projections, combined with a new focus on Stillness, Solitude and Silence, help us manifest inner spaciousness. Our reactivity reduces considerably as we realize that we manifest our own safety, security and destiny. Without separative personality distinctions, we are abundantly present with our Self. Spacious Presence is the capacity to reflect to others where they are and be with them, despite any differences they may have with us. In this presence, we can experience and expand our strengths so that our weaknesses do not matter. At worst, we learn how to build some response gateways using Relationship Skills to offset our challenges. At best, we integrate our Skills and deepen them using the foundation of Stillness, Solitude and Silence.

We end up retuning to the source of our experience (which is the processing of our modalities) to re-build our inner consciousness. With Stillness, Solitude and Silence we develop improved ways of processing the dualities of our internal vs. external experiences. With Stillness the duality is non-action vs. appropriate action. If we can experience Stillness in our action, it is appropriate. With Solitude it is the duality of our reactive thinking versus unity thinking. If we can experience Solitude and presence in our thinking, it is not reactive. With Silence we experience the duality of our separative desires vs. our transpersonal desires. If we can experience Silence when talking it is likely it is transpersonal. Higher Alignment is the synthesis of these three frameworks into a harmonic whole. This is how we bring greater awareness to our experience.

Some individuals will be better in their Stillness, Solitude or Silence than others. What all individuals have in common at Level 5 is the breakdown of old systems of organization as we install new patterns of response to others. The more we reveal our unconscious Decision Making processes and see how different our current skills are now than from our past, the more we are shocked into the awareness that we need to make new types of choices. We are often surprised by the nonsensical ways we adopted these personality patterns. Sometimes we ignored them and checked out, others we pre-emptively attempted to mitigate by controlling outcomes, while others we played with like unwanted food. Unfortunately, these layers of conflicting mandates confused us and increased the likelihood that we operated with mixed Motives, Attractions and limited problem-solving capabilities. This can change now, when we purify and uplift our personality framework to accept our Creative Being.

Many individuals from many different traditions go through this long, dark night of the soul. This is where we reorient ourselves to our higher nature by distancing ourselves from our personality reactions. This becomes our adjustment process for seeing the world as it actually is, without all of our defensive rationalizations. From this perspective, the world could seem stark, unforgiving, barbaric and emotionally draining. These perceptions, while accurate in the world of men and women, do not persist when we engage the inner resourcefulness and creativity of our authentic nature. We discover we have tools and techniques that can deal with the chaos of the dark ones that show up in our world. We do this by creating our own inner light. Sometimes that light is enough to provide some clarity to those around us. We make choices that allow us to negotiate and manifest our destiny. Most of all, we realize that we possess the strength of purpose and power to climb the mountain in front of us. We all have our mountain to climb and it is a blessing when we find others climbing the same path.

One of the most important understandings to have about the chaos of this level is how to not inadvertently amplify the negative emotional states of others by not buying into their emotional states and reacting to their negative emotions. Using a CNG and the techniques learned in the Owning Our Experience class, we create and interpret our perceptions in ways that serve us. This means we need to learn how to select a path that will bring out the best in others and ourselves simultaneously. This is called Skillful Means. Skillful Means is the capacity to organize ourselves to take advantage of our own strengths to find creative ways to bring out the best in others. What makes this powerful is that it builds upon our natural strengths and mostly ignores our weaknesses. By finding the path less traveled we break out of our defensive conditioning.

The purpose of labor, refinement and striving is to regenerate our internal Creative Nature. By reducing our Attachments, Positions and Projections about who we are, we create space within us so that what is important becomes clear. We call this process Transmutation. Our happiness is the result of the progress we make about overcoming adversity. Our contribution creates a space or energy that is now available to invest in various areas of our life. This space and energy is something we can share with others, greatly expanding our CNG. This space supports us when we realize that our Attachments, Positions and Projections are only placeholders until we consciously make a stand for who we are and where we are going. This could be the result of choosing a life partner or choosing an Authentic Life Expression. The more we consciously commit to either one of these paths (or both) the result will be greater happiness. Happiness is the result of accepting who we are and being committed to some course of action that uplifts us. Happiness occurs by finding our most useful way to serve and then doing it.

The more we consciously we commit to this path and make progress doing it the more sustainable our happiness.

One of the gifts of this path is that we become more peaceful, calm and connected to life. This increases our ability to influence others as long as we do not misuse this gift to compromise them. What we do is to connect others to their own resources so they can be autonomous with us. The more they embody their autonomy, the more effectively we can share ourselves without being concerned that it will lead to compromise. Until others are creatively connected to themselves, they experience pressure to perform that will generate mixed or compromised results. It is usually an Idealization of them or us that causes these breakdowns. The solution is to connect individuals to their own needs and resources so they can take care of themselves first before suggesting larger commitments that may not be sustainable. We need to learn to crawl before we can learn to walk. With a CNG we can move from walking to running with partners to fulfill some mutual destiny. To run we need to be able to translate our inner experiences into experiences that can be shared with others. CNG is an optimum design to create distinctions between our experience and the experience of others while simultaneously in the CNG space having both together.

In the CNG we experience three distinct connections to ourselves. Life energy (which is about Intent) motivates our body so we can be congruent in our actions. When we place life energy in the CNG we are able to synchronize with the actions of others. When others are conscious about these actions they can be engaged to discuss the meaning of their Sensations and Feelings and reflect this back to us. Creating this bond, where we are seen for our fears and accepted anyway, supports us in releasing our own fears of safety. We see inner beauty in them when they act consciously. When we are unconscious, or doing Objectification, we are judgmental and critical of their appearance because it is related to our own issues about our appearance. Affirming Life energy creates physical bonding and affection, which is demonstrated through touch.

Light energy (which is about Content) helps us to assimilate what is going on around us so we can respond rather than react. When we place light energy in the CNG we are able to synchronize our truth with the truth of another. This means that we can share our full Thoughts and Emotions and they will respond in kind. We feel intellectually bonded with them when we know they are our biggest advocates. This is not what we experience when partners have opposite defenses. With the same Defense or a Pioneering partner, our security becomes their security because it is clear we need to work together to manifest mutual security. We bond intellectually and emotionally and we will cooperate rather than compete with them. When we bond with them, it creates a timeless experience where we believe we can overcome any obstacle. Common vision is the sense that is most stimulated at this level.

Love energy (which is about Context) motivates us to honor our own spaciousness. First we need to honor the independence of our space and then we need to create the common space so we can share that with partners. This is all about Passion and the sharing of Co-Creative experiences that refine our own ability to create Goodness between both of us. Otherwise, our personal aspirations of Goodness can come into conflict and end up working against our mutual interests. As long as we are in conflict between our Feelings (in the moment) and our Emotions (dealing with the interpretations of our Feelings through Time), we are operating from one or the other and projecting what is uncomfortable upon others. By ending projections we unify our experiences in our hearts and empower the Co-Measurement between our body and mind. This results in a heart-to-heart bonding process where the CNG itself becomes stronger and more resilient. Listening and hearing are emphasized on this level.

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