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The Compassion position is usually the most sentimental of the siblings. We consistently use our passion to bring out the best in a situation. We are usually optimistic, preferring to see goodness in the people around us. We are typically easy-going and promote a sense of trust and faith in our capabilities. Compassion is the position usually assumed by the fourth child. Individuals born in compassion are typically caretakers for mankind in some way. We are good neighbors in times of crisis, support others without expectations of support in return. We are emphatic, open and want to be needed.

• Intellectual Strategies— Spiritualist is our favorite attitude, followed by Idealist. If we become disillusioned growing up, typically we will migrate to Stoic or Skeptic.
Emotional Strategies— Our typical goal is Acceptance, although Relaxation, Re-Evaluation and Submission (to a higher goal) are also favorites. Emotionally, we are connected to everyone around us, making life difficult and distracting when our friends are in crisis.
Action Strategies— Passion and Observation are our most effective Modes of operating. When we are overwhelmed, we can also be found in Reserve and Caution.
Body Type Preferences— We are most effective with feminine or receptive body types such as Safe & Supportive or Group Anchor. Radiant Healer is also common. Occasionally we may be Speed Communicator and Inner Brilliance combinations.
Clues to Recognizing a Fourth-born— Compassion types are easy going, patient and make others feel accepted wherever they are. (Note: The more evolved we are, the less we try to take care of people from a sense of duty or obligation.)

Examples of Fourth-borns: Pope John XXIII, Florence Nightingale, Mahatma Gandhi, Ralph Nader, Thomas Jefferson, Helen Deutch, Melanie Klein, K.D. Lang, Bing Crosby and Emile de Chatelet.

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