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Coaches have to develop an inner awareness of all of their own creative patterns to effectively be able to see and respond to different or similar patterns in others. They also have to have extremely good Common Neutral Ground skills and not be caught up in Attachment, Positions and Projections. Their commitment to engaging this process produces self-transformation, which helps them to be the most amazing people they can be.

Naomi Bauer has been coaching for the last two years. Naomi has pioneered a healing practice and is working on creating the Temple Beautiful experience where we feel fulfilled and radiant in our expression in the world.

Tom Faggiano has become the go-to person for college students in Santa Cruz, talking about which partners would be the most appropriate for them.

Steve Hudek has done a lot of coaching with Inventor Creative Expressions and spends a lot of time helping individuals with Defensive healing.

Karen Thorson is a chiropractor working with clients in energetic and personal healing work.  She is also a Higher Alignment coach helping people resolve their issues in their relationships and family dynamics.

Certified Coaches are currently led by Luke Addington, who also is a therapist. Luke has a large, independent psychotherapy practice that includes many Higher Alignment clients. Luke has been doing relationship and family coaching for over the last ten years.

Michael Catalano has been focusing on Authentic Life Expression coaching for the last seven years.

Holly Froeschner, Brian Young, Rebecca Finoff, Diane Whiddon, Nola McDonald, Mihaly Bartalos, Aimee Denette, Kathy Kehe, Dale Hicks, Daniel Frangos, Beryl Gulya, Julia Sherman, Bodi Mack, Julia Tara, Ronda Loredo, Sandy Jaquith, Alex Osipowich, Chris Maldonado, Anna Karin, JoAnne Mann are Coaches in Training.

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